Top 10 Budget Places For Vacation


What a good season summer is! It proposes so many amusements, opens new opportunities and let people spend time as happy as never before. Despite all its advantages, which seem to be flawless, a lot of people spend colossal efforts on earning enough money during the year to organize a funny trip to the distant countries, desert islands, and exotic coasts for themselves and their families. Planning of the budget is a hard thing for everybody. Money are always lacked. Sometimes it seems impossible to lay aside even several dollars to luxuriate in the warm sunshine then.

If you want to spend your vacations greatly, switch off from concrete jungles, and make boast of cool photos then, we are ready to propose you a lot of places, where you may stay for your vacation and enjoy every hour of your lodging here.

Without Gap in Budget

Travelling is cool, though sometimes it may leave you with empty pockets. Even if you feel no sorry for money, which are spent on tickets, paid for accommodation and food at the beginning of your vacation, you will feel the gap in your soul and budget at the end of the trip. Even the brightest memories will hardly make you beat the stress, which filled your soul on your return.

Are you ready to set your mind on choosing the best variant for yourself? Ta-dah! The list of top 10 perfect and cheap ideas for your vacation has already been completed especially for you!

  1. Cambodia. Isn’t it a dream to pay just 2 dollar for a bed and even less for a good meal? Spending time in Cambodia is so cheap, that you may even start feeling guilty that you pay such small money for so comfortable living conditions. Cambodia has already become one of the most adorable places for the backpackers, who go crazy over spending time in Angkor Wat Archeological Park. Just 13 dollars and you are able to roam over this place, which is considered to be UNESCO heritage, for a long day. Cambodia is unique, picturesque, and unforgettable!
  2. Vietnam. Super beautiful and super cheap country, which you may visit this summer, is Vietnam. Its unspoiled nature will make you come back here again and again. Money, which you spend here, will contribute to your love for this place too. Just 8 dollars a day will be enough for you to rent a room, buy some food, and use the public transport. If you come to Vietnam, you may let yourself enjoy a calm life somewhere in the rural area with green and vast rice terraces. Isn’t it a perfect place for meditating? Flower farms and cashew plantations are worth seeing too.
  3. India. Don’t you have the heart to pay hundreds of dollars for a hotel room in Dubai? The living conditions, which you will be offered in India, are not worse than these in the United Arab Emirates. Even if you choose only the highest class hotels and you travel around India on the most comfortable trains, it will be hard to spend more than 20 dollars here. India is extra large country, so you should plan which of its regions to visit first. In fact, all of them have their own advantages, peculiarities, and sights.
  4. Bolivia. If you have never been to this part of the South America, it’s time to make a trip here and look at America from another side. Unique architecture, a number of museums, Bolivian folk carnivals will tell you everything about the history of this multicultural state. Don’t take too much money with you! The prices here are super low too!
  5. Hungary. Of course, you will need to pay a pretty sum for a flight, though all the other spending here won’t make you shocked. You may stay in Budapest, which is the capital of Hungary. You’ll find the prices for meals (nearly 5 dollars) and living (nearly 20 dollars) quiet affordable for such a beautiful European capital. The weather in this part of Europe is rather hot in summer, though a trip to the Lake Balaton will chill you a bit.
  6. Honduras. There are a lot of pretty places in America, though it’s better to choose Honduras!  Relaxing on the super white beaches and eating the super tasty food will cost you nearly 30 dollars a day. Beautiful buildings, numerous parks – it’s so pleasant to go picnicking here.
  7. Bulgaria. The capital of Bulgaria Sofia is waiting for the tourists to propose them comfortable rooms, delicious Bulgarian food, the Black Sea resorts, which will cost less than 35 dollars a day. Do you want to spend time intellectually? Go to any of the Sofia’s museums. Do you want to take the sun baths? The beach and the numerous swimming-pools are able to give you enough places for relaxation.
  8. The Dominican Republic. The Caribbean is not as expensive as you think if you come to the Dominican Republic. Just 18 dollars for a room, which is within 5 minutes from the extra beautiful beach with white sand and big palms, is not too much.
  9. Argentina. If you come to this large country, you will have no free time here. There are so many places you should visit and so many things you should try! Restaurants, bars, national parks – Argentina knows how to amaze its tourists and provide them with all the comforts just for 30 dollars a day.
  10. Greece. Hardly a person is able to resist a temptation to go to Greece! Marvelous country! The difficult economic situation, in which Greece got, cut down all the prices here. The luxurious resorts on Santorini are still of extra high prices, though all the other Greek places are absolutely affordable. If you come to Greece, you may be sure that you will have no time to feel bored. Greece is the place of merriment!

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