Why Napping is So Important for Students


Many people have a habit of taking naps during the day. Some of them feel guilty about it as if they cannot function properly without a nap. However, there are no reasons to consider napping a bad habit. Napping was found to be beneficial for children and adults alike. The current essay will discuss why napping is of great benefit to school students and why it should become a part of every student’s daily life. The paper will examine the benefits of napping and give a few examples to prove the major idea of the author. It is a fact that such prominent and successful figures as Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein and Napoleon used to take naps frequently during the day. In particular, Albert Einstein had a habit of napping every day even though he had ten hours of sleep every night. These examples prove that there is nothing bad about napping, and probably the celebrities knew something we don’t know about the benefits of napping. Let us therefore discuss the major benefits of this habit. Here are top 5 reasons why napping is so important for students:

  1. Napping helps students to restore alertness. In the afternoon, our energy level usually decreases and we begin to feel a bit sleepy losing the ability to concentrate on the tasks and daily duties. This happens to the majority of people. A quick nap, however, quickly restores the energy level and brings us back to normal. This is especially beneficial for students who are tasked with a great number of assignments and should complete them to the best of their abilities. A quick nap in this case would be of great value because it helps to feel alert once again. Various researches on this issue recommend a short nap lasting from twenty to thirty minutes a day in order to raise the energy level and stimulate alertness, which will consequently improve the performance of students without interfering with their night sleep. It is also suggested by some experts that it is beneficial to drink coffee right before going to bed for a quick nap. This will ensure that upon waking up, you will not feel tired and exhausted. Instead, you will feel alert and ready to go.
  2. Another reason is that napping helps to prevent a burnout. The modern fast-moving world requires us to be on the move all the time, and this can negatively affect our state of mind. It can even lead to a burnout, which has become a problem not only for students, but for adults as well. We tend to go on without having a rest, and this leads to constant feeling of stress, exhaustion and frustration. Taking a nap is similar to system reboot. It alleviates stress and helps to feel better during the day. Research proves that napping results in better emotional resilience as well as enhanced cognitive abilities and much more. Around thirty minutes a day will do a trick and make you feel like you are ready to go on with the daily life. It is especially fruitful for students who seem to never have time to relax because of the pressure in the school environment. Therefore, students are recommended to take a quick nap during the day in order to avoid burnout and stress.
  3. Napping increases sensory perception. It has been proved by a number of researches that napping can restore one’s sensitivity of taste, hearing and sight. This is also important for students who need at least two of the above senses while studying at school. The improvement of hearing and sight will ensure that students pay enough attention to what their teachers are saying during the lesson. And this will consequently raise their productivity level and improve performance. Students will be able to memorize greater amount of information, which will positively influence their academic performance. Napping also enhances creativity because it helps to relax and leads to the formation of new associations in one’s mind. When it comes to making some new associations, it has been proved by the research that nappers show greater creative abilities. That is why, napping is highly beneficial for students who need to be creative in their daily educational tasks in order to show high level of performance and achieve academic success. 
  4. Another beneficial side of napping that is applicable not only to students but to adults as well is that frequent napping decreases the risk of developing heart disease. It is suggested by experts in this field that those who have a habit of napping a minimum of three times a week tend to be 40% less likely to develop heart disease. Students are constantly under pressure and are likely to suffer from various conditions, which include mental problems and physical dysfunctions. Taking a nap is therefore a great weapon against not only heart disease, but also mental deviations as it helps to restore the functions of the mind and body.
  5. Finally, napping has been found to help students become more productive as it stimulates brain activity and improves its functioning. The secret to increasing one’s level of productivity is time and energy management. Multiple studies have revealed that most students become less productive towards the end of the day. You might have noticed it from your own experience. However, the recent studies have shown that a thirty-minute nap can greatly boost the performance of students bringing the productivity level back to normal. This is a great benefit of napping that should be taken into account by every student who wants to excel his/her performance to ensure success in education.

To conclude, there are a few tips that might help students to regulate their napping habit. Typically, it is advisable to take a nap for around twenty minutes after lunch time. If it is not possible, you can have a quick nap before dawn. You should make sure that the nap is short; otherwise, you are likely to develop sleep inertia, which is a feeling of disorientation that every one of us experiences after a long and deep sleep. Long naps are also harmful for the quality of nighttime sleep. Therefore, reduce your naps to twenty or thirty minutes and try to take naps at the same time day after day. This will help to bring the biological rhythms in your body back to normal.

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