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Writing assignments on social media etiquetteWhat social networks do you prefer? Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram?  An average American student spends about two hours on social media. However, some users just don’t know how to behave on the Internet. Common decency is often ignored, let alone kindness, generosity, or compassion. Being a socially responsible company, Livecustomwriting.com feels obliged to remind etiquette on the Internet. Compliance with these rules will make your online activities safer and more exciting.  

One of the best assignment writing websites in the USA shares tips on social media etiquette

It happens that while running our business on the Internet, we face some unpleasant cases. Our experts regularly investigate online information: posts, news, statistics reports, scientific studies, academic papers, etc. Looking through network pages, we encounter offensive words, grammatical mistakes, and even cyberbullying.  Some social accounts look shameful, as they are full of rudeness, bad taste, and illiteracy. Eventually, this situation made a copywriter of our popular custom research paper service write this post.

Any social network is a sort of society. Thus, it has a certain cultural level. Compliance with the terms of behavior is a key to pleasant communication between its members.

Have you ever thought, why some people have thousands of followers and others complain about a lack of friends? It’s not always because of the person’s popularity in reality. The point is that social media etiquette guide really works.

First, choose the purpose of your social media account. It’s like in the airport: “business or pleasure?” Advice from our pro expert: “Don’t mix private and business life in one account. Your customers don’t want to know the details of your family life. And, on the contrary, your friends don’t want to get advertisement albeit hidden.”

Tips on social media etiquette

  1. Be honest. Social media often turns into a sort of font for people. Hiding behind it, they often lose sincerity. Yet, it’s needless to write disingenuous compliments following certain fashion trends or copying popular bloggers.
  2. Stay a humane individual online. It happens that people forget about universal values on the web. They try new roles ignoring bounds of decency. However, social media isn’t a reason to lose humanity. Watch your words writing comments and messages. Will you say the same to a person in reality eye to eye?
  3. Send friends requests properly. It’s ok if you want to become a friend with a person you know in reality. Yet imagine you get a request from a stranger. You will have to spend the time to examine the profile of this guy before adding him/her to your friends list. Thus, respect people’s time and attach a short message to your invitation. Describe yourself and point out the reason why you want to be among his/her friends.  
  4. No late-night messages. It’s evident that there are morning and evening people. However, don’t disturb anyone at night, especially if it’s your colleague.  Respect the borders of the private and working life.
  5. Keep a good mood on your social page. At least, stay neutral. Avoid publishing anything when you are furious, upset, or hurt. Your attitude will change soon, yet your posts will remain on the newsfeeds of other users. Someone can make screenshots of your desperate texts and depictions before you decide to delete them. Thus, do not leave somber traces online. Humor and common sense will make your page informative, helpful, and impressive.
  6. No plagiarism. Don’t forget to mention the author of the material you publish on your social media page. The first thing is that one should respect copyright. Secondly, your account can be banned if you regularly steal others’ materials.
  7. Respect the personality. Don’t post pictures against the will of people who are depicted on them. The same rule is true for videos. Think twice before discussing any private conflicts. You can change your mind in the course of times, yet your publication will remain online.
  8. Literacy. Use grammar applications to check your posts. It’s a perfect way to eliminate funny mistakes and form the reputation of an intelligent student https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/grammar-proofreader-describes-an-intelligent-student.
  9. Be interactive. It is considered impolite to be dormant on social media. Don’t forget to answer messages, share content, and react to pictures of your friends.
  10. Avoid gossiping. Don’t repost news if you doubt its veracity. The virtual life is a lot like the real one. Meanwhile, the speed of news distribution is faster in the online world. Consider this fact if you don’t want to participate in spreading questionable information.

Good US custom assignment writers reveal bad manners on social media

What irritates people on social media? Our agency specialized in all types of writing and editing services analyzed the most common factors.

Bad manners on social media

  1. Profile without a real photo. It’s not convenient to communicate with a person whose image is a moon, a sea, or just a black square. Who are you, a guy hiding behind this abstraction? Such social accounts may also be fake.
  2. Too many sophisticated quotations. There is a curious meme: portraits of famous scientists, philosophers, writers, and a phrase under them: “Stop citing us, we didn’t tell all that stuff!” In fact, don’t overload your readers and followers with others’ thoughts. Especially, if you are not sure about veracity or meaning of the written expression. You’d better share your observations, feelings, and emotions. If someone wants to know Nietzsche’s ideas, he/she will subscribe to a relevant page.
  3. Kids. In fact, children don’t realize the meaning of social media. Thus, it’s not honest to publish pictures with them. If a social account belongs to an adult person, what’s the point to post babies’ images only?
  4. Insolence. Striving to become braver, people often overreact. Particularly when it deals with social media. It looks like a new avatar lets change the image and behavior. Yet, it’s not like that.  Even a new image doesn’t give you a right to disrespect others.
  5. Bragging. It’s good when you share your positive emotions. Still, don’t boast of expensive things too much. All those posts with a bunch of the latest iPhones in front of the expensive villas irritate most of the people. “Does anyone know where to park a yacht in Cote d'Azur?” “I don’t like the color of my new Ferrari,” “Which watch to choose: Rolex or Audemars Piguet?” What feelings do you have reading such phrases? Envy, anger, bewilderment…?
  6. Constant complaints. “No one likes me,” “he broke up with me,” “a bad day,” don’t publish too many negative posts. Think about your followers; they hardly want to spoil their mood. The exception for such messages can be a thematic social group devoted to psychological help, for instance. You can also share private feelings with your close people. The humankind doesn’t need to know everything about your life. Especially about your sufferings.
  7. Too many emoji. It’s hard to understand your idea if the words hide among smiley faces and other signs.
  8. Food is often published on social media. It has become one of the favorite objects for bloggers. Yet, now everyone is sick of images with meals. We don’t mean professional chefs. It’s about ordinary users.
  9. Advertisement in private accounts. When you face this phenomenon, you often feel deluded. No one expects to see any commercial offers on the personal page.
  10. Poor grammar skills are evidence of illiteracy. The one, who writes with mistakes, can be misunderstood.  It results in bad reputation in a long-term perspective.
  11. Imposition. Invitations to play computer games or join particular groups are not always relevant. Indeed, imagine that you regularly get these requests from different people.  You reject them, but they continue to be received. Who wouldn’t be mad?
  12. Faceless postcards in messages. Is it pleasant for you to get a letter with universal holiday congratulations and popular images? It looks like a dull standard junk mail. You’d better write some warm, sincere words instead of sending usual pictures downloaded from the Internet.
  13. #Too#many#hashtags#. Actually, hashtags were invented to simplify Internet search. However, bloggers and common users often overuse them. One should highlight only worthy objects that can captivate somebody. Widespread reckless usage of these symbols results in a spammed news feed.
  14. Mysteriousness. Riddles and puzzles often attract followers. However, too many enigmatic posts can annoy people. Posts like “today my dream has come true,” “guess, what happened yesterday,” “finally, I’ve done it” without any details and explanations just irritate us. They seem to be instruments of manipulation.

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A page on social media is an excellent psychological portrait of its owner.  Specialists of our company, providing high-quality essays and research papers, prepared a helpful guide for you. Here are several points of a private profile that form your image among Internet users.

Before posting the next picture or video, check if it is

  • Nickname. Honey Bunny, Cutie, Babe, and other diminutive creatures attest to immaturity. Lord of the universe, Queen of the elves, Simply God, - such names are the evidence of megalomania. Those, who mention their degree or profession, are focused on careers. 
  • Avatar. According to psychologists, kittens, puppies, pandas, and other nice animals tell that a person lacks care and tenderness. A picture with a mate demonstrates an attachment to a particular person. Beware if you see a celebrity instead of the real face. One can have self-esteem problems in this case. We always feel something fishy looking at such profiles. Inanimate objects and landscapes symbolize the inner world of a man. It’s up to you what to choose: Alpine slopes, a churning sea, or a sunset over the city. Selfie near mountains or sights is proof of your mobility and a sense of adventure. And what is depicted on your avatar?
  • The content of the profile. Firstly, fill in the form containing general information carefully. Hobbies, interests, place of study, family status, job form a full image of your personality. Make reposts and save information on your page wisely. Your subscribers can monitor these activities. Don’t forget to accept invitations to groups sensibly. One can watch your membership in them too.
  • Friends. Your friends list can tell a lot about your personality too. A significant number of followers reflects a strong desire to become famous and a lack of attention from close people in reality.
  • The frequency of updates. The one, who posts a bunch of pictures every day, has a computer addiction definitely https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/computer-addiction-how-to-deal-with. Another suggestion is that such an excessive social network use is the result of narcissism.

Now you know which elements of your profile deserve special attention. Consider these aspects and make your page better.

Etiquette on social media isn’t so strict as in the Middle Ages. You don’t need to know curtsies or speak a flowery language compulsory. Still, one should look dignified in any case. Stay polite, tactful, and sincere. Before posting the next picture or video, check if it is true, kind, helpful, and inspiring. It’s impossible to make the world better in an instant. However, everyone could diminish the amount of negativity.  Start with your private page, for instance.

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