Albert Einstein: Biography and Major Accomplishments


You’ve probably heard that some children at school are called “Einstein” meaning that they are brainy and possess outstanding skills and abilities. Indeed, Albert Einstein was a prominent figure who made a great contribution in various scientific fields. The following short essay on Albert Einstein provides a few interesting biographical facts from the life of this remarkable scientist. Just like all Albert Einstein essays, the current paper will examine the biography of Albert Einstein from the perspective of his outstanding accomplishments in the scientific field. The essay on Albert Einstein presented below also includes a few interesting facts from the life of the scientist that not many people are aware of. Finally, the current Albert Einstein essay will explain why this famous figure is considered the most influential and authoritative physicist of the previous century. Let us first discuss the contribution of Albert Einstein in the field of sciences in order to understand why he has occupied a rightful place at the heights of scientific world.

Albert Einstein is considered a genius of the 20th century. The 19th century did not only see the birth of this remarkable figure, but also witnessed the foundation of contemporary physics. Albert Einstein is widely known as the founder of modern physics. Without any doubt, he was the most authoritative physicist of the previous century due to the scope of the research and findings he had made. Einstein practically revolutionized the scientific field. Some of his most widely known works include the theory of relativity that described the phenomenon of gravity as a property of time and space, and the photoelectric effect that brought to life the quantum theory. These were the most outstanding achievements of Albert Einstein, which revolutionized the world of modern science. Albert Einstein published over 300 papers on scientific phenomena along with numerous non-scientific academic works. He also received multiple awards, including the Nobel Prize, Max Planck award and many others. Besides, he has been acknowledged as the greatest figure of the century by the Times magazine. All this made the name of Einstein synonymous to “genius”.

Albert Einstein was born in the Kingdom of Wurttemberg, but later moved to Munich together with his family where his father founded a company producing electrical equipment. Albert Einstein showed extremely remarkable abilities at school and was quickly transferred to a reputable gymnasium. After completing the primary and secondary education, Einstein left his homeland. From the early childhood, the future scientist had a great talent for mathematics. In his early years of life, he built models and constructed various mechanical devices, although this was done simply for the entertainment purposes. In 1890, Einstein passed examinations to enter the Swiss Federal Polytechnic situated in Zurich. His results showed his exceptional knowledge and abilities in mathematics and physics. Fearing the possibility of getting enrolled in the army, Einstein decided to leave the country and soon acquired Swiss citizenship.

In later years, specifically in the early 1900s, Einstein was acknowledged as a creator and innovator for his ground-breaking publications in the scientific field. His works provided much valuable information on such phenomena as special relativity, photoelectric effect as well as equivalence of energy and matter. These publications have changed the way scientists perceived space, time and matter. Besides, they contributed to the foundation and development of contemporary physics. Furthermore, these publications helped Einstein to reach the heights of popularity and gain acknowledgement. After the papers had been published, Einstein turned into a famous and easily recognizable figure. He started to give lectures in various universities not only in his homeland, but across the world. He conducted a voyage to the USA where he was welcomed as a remarkable scientist in the mid-1900s. He also traveled to Japan and Belgium where he met with various authorities and gave lectures on his scientific achievements. This is how Albert Einstein became a truly famous and prominent figure who greatly contributed to the establishment and development of physics and related sciences.

Here are a few interesting facts that you probably do not know about Albert Einstein:

  • Unlike the common belief that Albert Einstein was an atheist, he considered himself to be agnostic.
  • Albert Einstein enjoyed the extramarital affairs with numerous ladies who admired him as a prominent figure and were flattered with his attention.
  • Albert Einstein’s mother was a piano player. She instilled in her son a lifelong love and passion for music. Besides, Albert Einstein used to play violin with much skill and talent.
  • It can seem surprising, but Albert Einstein was a slow learner in his childhood. Besides, he had problems with speech in the early years of life.
  • It is considered that he had great expectations regarding his first wife and used to make up various odd rules for her to adhere to them.
  • Einstein was also known for his untidy appearance. It especially refers to his hair, which was hard to bring to normal state. His neglect for his appearance could probably be explained by his hard work as a scientist.
  • Albert Einstein was once proposed to become a president of Israel, but he politely refused to do so.
  • It is a fact that the money obtained for the Nobel Prize by Albert Einstein was transferred to his ex-wife in the form of a settlement after divorce.
  • Einstein was also famous for his absent-mindedness. He had problems with remembering dates, names and telephone numbers.
  • Einstein enjoyed sailing and for his 50th anniversary he was presented with a boat. However, he used to be a poor sailor and was frequently rescued during various voyages.

To conclude, Albert Einstein was definitely a great personality and an admirable scientist of the previous century. He has made a great contribution into the scientific world. He also seems to have had a life full of great prospects and has left a significant trace in the field of modern physics. Albert Einstein can be rightfully called the most renowned figure of the 20th century.

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