Broadchurch: Secrets Of Popularity


Secrets Of PopularityBroadchurch is popular and very interesting British detective television series. It became very popular since the 2013 and it does not lose its popularity even now. Those people, who are fans of amateur series, especially in the detective genre, always preferred the European shows. Unlike the US, they are more atmospheric and memorable. So the British series called Broadchurch became very popular from the first minute. The perfect team of popular and talented actors and their roles in it, and twirled plot provided the great success to this film.

There were two seasons of the Broadchurch and each of them had eight saturated and stunning episodes. People were interested in plot at once that is why the series collected many views and it inspired the director for next season. The main director planned just the one season from the very beginning.

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The Beginning

Chris Chibnall (the series creator) talked a lot about this project and he considered it the most sincere job. It was his dream to film the great drama where he could show how the death of innocent person will influence on the close society. The plot of the first episode was written many years ago in 2011. After that the talented the drama specialist approved the plot. And the filming started next year on August. From the very beginning the director and other people who helped to create these series were sure that only one season of 8 episodes will be. But at the end of the eights episode TV viewers saw a message which reported that “to be continued”. After the finishing of the second season people saw the message again. The last episode of the second season was rather intriguing. So now all the fans are looking forward for the third season which will appear in 2017.

The Secrets Of Popularity

When the film is created it is very difficult to say will it be successful or not. Of course, the actors and director hope for the success, they do all the best to make each episode fantastic. Sometimes the success exceeds all the expectations. This happened with the Broadchurch. It is difficult to explain all the reasons for great popularity but we choose the most important.

1) The perfect actors’ game. The director has a small secret and nobody of the actors knew who the real killer is till the last episodes. The actor who played the killer also did not know what the role is. Only before the filming the latest series he received such an information. That is why all the actors were really natural and played sincerely as the final was also very interesting for them.

Lorraine Kelly who played the role of killer told that nobody from the TV viewers offended him. But he was ready that someone can call him the killer in public places. That is why the actor explained to his children that sometimes he pretended to be somebody who he in reality not is. The actor wanted his children understand how difficult and unexpected his work can be sometimes.

2) The perfect place of filming. Of course, the actors were the first reason for such a success but the place of filming also played a great role. Only several series can boast of such fantastic nature and landscapes. England is wonderful country. The action takes place in Broadchurch (city in the county of Dorset in England) but in reality the city with the same name does not exist. The film was shot on two places - a small fishing village of West Bay in Dorset and the city of Clevedon (Somerset County). A giant rock on the beach played the main role in the film. Everybody can see thousands of pictures which actors made on the background of this fantastic rock.

3) The plot which was really interesting and close for the people. The detective stories attracted thousands of TV viewers. But this story was special. It was really difficult to guess who the killer was. I am sure that this information was unclear for almost viewers. But what we are talking about? The most part of actors could not even guess who the killer is, so what can we say about the audience. It was a fantastic drama and had nothing to do with the reality shows. Check the information here –

The Remake

It is not a secret that sometimes if the series or film became very popular, American directors decided to film remakes with the American actors. Sometimes the remake is with the same plot, sometimes with the other upshot or sometimes the directors just take the main idea. Soon the remake of Broadchurch appeared. The most part of the actors are Americans, but the main role played the British actor. Maybe you think that this remake was unnecessary but you are wrong. It collected a lot of views even from those people who have not seen the original version. The remake had only one season and that is all.

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