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What was your first time when you felt a serious lack of money? For most of people, it is their student time. Our team knows these difficulties firsthand, as we all studied at prestigious colleges and faced this issue. Now we are a successful company of professionals and we don’t have these problems anymore.

We decided to create a project that could help students. Our company provides cheap essays online as well as useful advice for studying. High level quality, affordable prices, delivery before deadlines, professional rate. This is what we guarantee to our customers.  We realize that college assignments take too much time. And it’s very inconvenient for working students. 

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OMG! How to stop spending money?

Look around, this world belongs to marketers. Famous brands dictate fashion and lifestyle. Sometimes it is hard to stop chasing new clothes collections or modern gadgets. 

Yap, we have already heard about the harm of over-consumption.  It is bad for both the environment and personal happiness. Depression and anxiety often result from this habit. We consume more stuff than we produce. This fact contradicts the nature of a human being.  People are born to create. Meantime too much shopping destroys this vocation. 

The question is how to resist the pressure of advertisement and envy. Check out a method from our specialists.

livecustomwriting shares tips on shopping

Maybe, the best way to economize is to stay at home on weekends. (However, we haven’t yet tried)

#1 Make a shopping list

Chaotic shopping is detrimental to your financial position. You’d better make a list in advance. It is so easy to do it using modern gadgets. Luckily, times of paper notes are far in the past. 

You can create a file using a phone, synchronize it with IPad, laptop, whatever. Thus, you always have access to it. It is very convenient to update this information and share it with your friend or roommate. 

shopping list: do not forget about livecustomwriting

# 2 Set limits

You can determine the specific amount of money for every shop or category of goods. For instance:

  • On-campus dining - $ 200 

  • Target – $ 300 

  • Walmart - $ 200

  • Starbucks - $ 100

  • - $ 50

You can spend a certain budget in this store: less is possible, more is impossible. The same approach can be applied to groups of things: clothes, food, gadgets, gifts, etc. It happens that a student cannot decide what precisely he/she needs. In this case, a method of maximum costs is a way out. 

# 3 Use discounts carefully 

Watch out discounts, as they are not always favorable. Firstly, it is a marketing ploy. On the other hand, it helps shops to get rid of old collections and remaining items. The truth is somewhere in the middle. 

Students love sales. Some enterprises use this fact and provide special offers for them. 

Our advice: A discount cannot be an end itself. Take clearance sales wisely. Do not buy a thing simply because it is cheap. Usefulness and necessity must come to the fore. 

#4 Let yourself a gift card

It is a great way to control your spending in the store. Thus, you restrict yourself in a way. Apparently, you can always use your credit card and pay for something extra, beyond this gift card. Still, this method forms a habit to buy within a certain sum. 

Little hint: A gift card may become a helpful instrument for saving. Say, you buy a gift card ($ 100) in Aeropostale and buy clothes only within this limit. 

#5 Do not count on credit limits

Credit cards give the feeling that you have a lot of money. Yet, pay attention to your balance. Think twice before using credit. You must be fully confident that you can afford it. Otherwise, postpone the purchase.

# 6 Monitor prices

Practically every business presents its goods and services on the Internet. Therefore, it is easy to find and compare costs for analogous offers. 

Do not buy things in the first available place. Especially when it deals with something expensive. Have you just noticed an awesome smartphone in the window of the mall? Don’t rush to buy it immediately. Google its prices first. It will take only a couple of minutes. Meantime, you might save about 10 – 20% of its cost.

By the way, offers an optimal balance between affordable prices and adequate quality.

# 7 Reconsider your premium accounts

How many premium accounts do you have? Maybe, Netflix, Spotify, Apple ID, etc. Do you often use them? The cost for such subscriptions must be justified. There is no sense to pay so much if you listen to ten songs in a month and prefer to see films in the cinema.

# 8 Start saving for a big dream

It sounds weird, yet this piece of advice works. Saving distracts you from impulsive shopping. Choose a goal reflecting your dream. Let it be something like, “buy a car and make a trip to Mexico,” “establish a start-up,”  “buy a ring and propose.” You will avoid random purchases due to this thought. 

Wasting money: temporary euphoria or long-term effect?

Uncontrolled spending is not just about your financial position. It deals with the  psychological state. 

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 Why are we spending too much?

The most common cause of uncontrolled spending is a short-term pleasure. You buy a new, cool thing. What is happening then? You feel euphoria resulting from a new purchase during a day. Blame hormone dopamine — it is responsible for this sense of joy. It is very similar to procrastination. Instead of getting satisfaction from the result, people choose "have fun here and now." 

Spending money on our essay writing services, you get the real effect that contributes to your grades and reputation.

In favor of dopamine. This hormone is essential since it forms a strong desire and gives motivation. Meantime, it needs control.The problem is that dopamine arises from the feeling of the expectation. The purchase itself does not make people happy for a long time. In fact, people tend to buy spontaneously under the effect of a “hormone of happiness”. The first emotions overshadow common sense. 

Golden rule from experts: Impulsive purchases are not evil if they bring positive emotions and happiness. Still, if you feel disappointed and empty in a day after such shopping, it is a sign of your unhealthy addiction. 

Universality matters

Narrow specialization is not a good idea for the economy. The diversity of goods in contemporary malls impresses. Take a look into a make-up bag that belongs to an average bell. A face cream, a moisturizer, lotion, serum, oil, toner, mask, lifter, peeling, etc. And all these cosmetics are for a face only. Sets for eyes, neck, body are not shorter. Meantime, the use of all these bottles and tubes is not always justified. 

Useful to know: In fact, too much diversity narrows the choice as it confuses the buyer. 

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Cases when you’d better choose cheap writing services

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Get some ideas from our authors’ articles

Use LiveCustomWriting discounts and other tips 

Student time is a sort of a transition period when you are not a teenager anymore but still, not an adult.  It is the start of your own serious life and financial independence. Who knows the greatest number of life hacks concerning saving money? It’s definitely a student. Check out some of them.

#1 Student status opens a lot of new prospects for money saving

The government tries to support this category of youth, so a lot of state theaters, museums, and other cultural places provide discounts to students. Tickets for buses, airplanes, and railway transport can also be lower for them. Many owners of private shops, cinemas, and sports clubs also provide discounts as they remember their own experience of being at college. Out team also sympathizes with youth and offers cheap essay writing service for students. If you often go abroad, make your International Student Identity Card. It will make the journeys cheaper reducing costs for transport, entertainments, hotels, cafes, and insurance. So never forget your student ID wherever you go.

#2 Plan your budget properly 

Analyze your incomes and outcomes.

Fast fact: Do you know who the youngest billionaire is? She is Alexandra Andresen with a net worth $1.4B.

#3 Choose appropriate banking systems and payment cards

Take into account cashback and credit terms.

#4 Learn to cook at least basic dishes and don’t go to cafes very often

Cooperate with your neighbors if you live in a dormitory or rent a room in a house. You can cook in turns or go to buy products together.  It is cheaper to eat cereal for breakfast than to go to a café every morning. It is not so difficult to grill meat or make salads, pasta, and sandwiches. When you cook your own food, you economize and, what’s more important, take care of your health. If you eat at home, you have no temptation to order one more portion of harmful hamburgers or Cola.

#5 Investigate shops and choose the cheapest one

Don’t throw away discount coupons as they help a lot while shopping.  Write lists before you go to the shop. Buy only those items that you need. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy products online.  Be sensible, forget about expensive brands, and try to find cheap analogs. Don’t buy clothes from new collections if you can’t afford them. As for online writing services, order only those you really need (#cheapessaysonline#). Thus, you can compose an essay yourself and then just buy cheaper editing services

#6 Refuse harmful habits

Alcohol and cigarettes cost too much. They shouldn’t be your priorities as they are bad for your health and life in general.

#7 Cut petrol costs

Don’t miss an opportunity to go on foot or to ride a bicycle.

#8 Take your studying seriously

If you fail examinations, you can be removed from the course. And you will have to pay money again to start the same semester from the very beginning. If you are stuck with your essay writing problems, find online assignment help companies. It’s cheaper to pay them for some tasks rather than to start the new course again. Just search for "cheapessaysonline" or contact our support agents.

Cheap essays for sale | ways to earn money 

Have you already prepared your curriculum vitae? Can you boast of any working experience? Don’t be afraid to start your career right now. Apparently, your first job won’t be ideal, but still, it will give you priceless experience. You can try your hand at different spheres; get acquainted with subordination, rules, and discipline. Approximately 70% of students combine work and studying at colleges. Check out these variants of students’ first jobs and pick up the one you like most.

#1 Freelancer jobs are very convenient for students

 You can work at home and have a flexible schedule. Even newcomers can earn money online being bloggers, social media managers, call-center operators, sales managers, etc. Nowadays a lot of professionals choose online positions too. So besides money, you can also get useful experience working with an academic essay writer, for instance.

#2 The service industry is also friendly to students

It provides a lot of part-time positions. Fast food restaurants, supermarkets, shops, banks, car parks always need assistants, so even non-qualified people can work there.

#3 Do you have a good camera? 

You could be a photographer if you have basic knowledge concerning this sphere.  Let your group mates be your first clients. You can take pictures of student events and even become a college photographer. One more variant is to sell your images on Internet platforms. Visual content is in demand among IT companies developing sites and applications. So such companies as Adobe Stoсk give an opportunity to sell original pictures online.

#4 Help for money

Do your group mates cope with all college assignments? It’s not so easy to study at college because of complicated tasks, papers, essays, etc. Intensive education programs and demanding professors make the student life stressful. A lot of people need assistance while studying at college. And what about you? If you are quite good at any disciplines, use your knowledge and skills to make money. In most cases, students want to get some home work help from specialists. They often google "cheapessaysonline". But this variant could be rather expensive for them. You can also write essays or research papers for your group mates. Make the prices for your services lower and you will get a lot of clients. 

# 5 Scholarship

Work is not the only way to earn money. For instance, you can get a grant for your distinguished projects or a scholarship for being a cool sportsman. But don’t get upset if you didn’t win it. 

#6 What about crowdfunding platforms? 

Create your projects and find financial support there. You will need to write an essay, that describes your idea. If you can’t do it yourself, ask professionals to help you

#7 Sell things that you do not need

If you need money immediately, think about selling your unnecessary stuff. Provide a garage sale on campus or just sell your things via the Internet. Use social media and online shopping platforms.

save money with e-bay

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