Top 30 Cheap Travel Destinations For Students


Do you know that to be a student is the best part of your life? I am sure that yes, but very often students are so busy with the studies and sometimes a job that they have no time to appreciate this time. But everybody needs to have a rest. I know that students are always lack of money that is why we decided to give you the list of 30 cheap travel destinations. You can choose any of them and we guarantee you that it will be the fantastic holiday with a bunch of positive emotions and with pleasant memories for a lifetime. If you are reading this essay then you are ready to organize your holiday in an interesting way.

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Travel Fun And Cheap

I know that you are fond of traveling, like to have new impressions and experience. To visit new places is the best remedy for severe student's everyday life. I recommend you to read this list of cheap countries where you can have wonderful holidays. So pack your bags and let us go!

1) Mazatlan, Mexico

Mexico is very hospitable country. We advise you to choose the Mazatlan as here you fill find cheap hotels and restaurants. All the sightseeing is available also for the low prices. So if you like the hot holidays, Mexico is worth visiting.

2) Costa Rica

This wonderful country has a beautiful nature and interesting culture. And to leave here you don’t need a lot of money. For example the exotic restaurant cuisine costs about 4$. For a few dollars you can visit dozens of fantastic national park and just for the cent you can organize an interesting walk. The great advantage of this country is cheap public transport. Use it and for the short period of time you can visit a lot of places even if they are in front of each other. If you are going to visit this country don’t forget to see the Manual Antonio and Corcovado National Parks. Be sure they are worth to see.

3) Belize

You should visit this place if you are really fond of the miraculous beauty and diving. This country became independent just in 1981 year but it has everything for the fantastic holidays: the wonderful nature, subtropical climate, wonderful coastline. You can spend here only 200$ per month on food and entertainments. It is better to buy food on the market and prepare itself. Every year the tourists are attracted by the rich flora and fauna and coastal reefs.

4) South Africa

If you are not afraid of the son and dream to see the safari in its best – it is high time to go to the South Africa. Africans have been accustomed to tourists, and learned how to show the best places of the country. For the cheap prices you can find the nice service and excursions (especially during our summer). But you need to thing about the air tickets beforehand as very often the tickets for this destination are quickly sold. If you will be in this country you need to taste the wine. Believe me the best wine here costs less than soda. Everything about the popular Africa resorts is here -

5) San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you are going to enjoy all the charms of these cities we recommend you to visit them in the low season. It is since the April and till the middle of December. The hotels are not cheap at this time and the food is the same. You can visit all the most interesting sights and without spending a lot of money.

6) Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the fantastic city. It is full of the museums, different historic buildings and music. The nightlife in this city is very saturated. You will not be boring definitely here. And to visit this city and country you need much less money than on different European countries.

7) Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is a wonderful modern city. Here you will see the great amount of the fantastic skyscrapers and the infrastructure is great developed. The Korean food is very tasty and cheap. Believe me to visit this city is much more easy then you think.

8) Bucharest, Romania

The architecture it this city is very interesting as it combines a lot of centuries together. Here you can see the old and modern buildings which are located side by side. You can visit here a lot of museums and other historical places. The food in restaurant is also very cheap and the nightlife is great.

9) Grete, Greece

Now we are going to talk about the biggest island in Greece. If you are fond of parties then Grete is just for you. On this island you will find a lot of clubs with attractive prices. The same we can say about the restaurants. And the seaside and beaches are also wonderful.

10) Palawan, the Philippines

For the last years Philippines became very popular. But the Palawan is a quite island. Here you can see the beautiful landscapes, wonderful flora and fauna. We guarantee you the active holidays here. Every day you will have the opportunity to go diving, visit underground caves etc. Palawan is not famous for its parties and clubs. Here you can have the interesting and quite evenings, talking to each other and looking at the stars. By the way, beer is very cheap there.

11) Burleigh Heads, Australia

Don’t be surprised you see the Australia in our budget list. I know that this country is not the cheapest one but I want to describe you the Burleigh. It is the best place in this country and is situated on the sea shore. You don’t need a lot of money to enjoy the beach nature and wonderful national parks. The tasty coffee and beer are the main reasons why this place is visiting by young and older people. The subtropical climate presents you the 300 sunny days in a year so you can choose the date of your holiday as you want.

12) Trinidad and Tobago

This little island is situated in Caribbean. It is not the most cheap and famous one but if you have an opportunity then visit it. There are not a lot of tourists here. But you can visit a lot of restaurants here and every day goes diving.

13) Trencin, Slovakia

Just imagine: a wonderful little city with a huge castle which is situated in the formidable cliffs. Here there is always a cheerful atmosphere of the campus. You can spend several days here and you will not be bored. There is an interesting nightlife here, a few of little museums and many tours of the surrounding area.

14) Luang Prabang, Laos

In ancient times Laos had a different name – the country of a million elephants and white umbrella. It is very poor but interesting country. Tourists like to come here to see a lot of ancient temples, rich cultural traditions, large tropical forests and wonderful mountain landscapes. And it is interesting to visit the pitchers valley.

15) Cairo, Egypt

The political situation is very unstable here. That is the main reason why the exchange rate is constantly fluctuates. So use a moment to relax in the best hotels for the lowest prices. Here you can see the wonderful architecture, pyramids, sphinx, to visit the perfume factory. But in general the city is too noisy and you should be careful as there are thousands of street thieves.

16) Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Bolivia is very interesting (37 official languages) and I don’t know why tourists underestimated this place. The country is situated in the mountains and almost isolated from the world. You can enjoy the sunny desert of Uyuni, the tops of the Cordillera and the singing of exotic birds.

17) Moab, Utah

It is one of the most wonderful places in the United States. Here you can visit three of the most popular national parks in America. Use your car and live in the small hotels and you will save your budget.

18) Antigua, Guatemala

This place is the most amazing is the whole Central America. There are a lot of beaches here, so the resort vacation is provided to you. Lodging, transport and food are really very cheap here. The life is full of fun here and if you are lucky you can also participate in some of the celebrations. Check the information here if you don’t know where to go in America -

19) Brasov, Romania

It is better to visit this country in winter. A lot of people here speak English so you will have no problems in communicating. Good service for the low prices. You can rent a car and go to the mountains. The city central is like in medieval times with narrow streets and old houses.

20) Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is the welcoming city and full of joy. Everyone who is walking on local streets will inevitably feel the spirit of the ancient history: the city was founded in the 5th century. But the modern Tbilisi is continues to develop quickly and tried to save the ancients features. Tourists like the magnificent nature, the delicious cuisine and all the historic places.

21) Vietnam

Vietnam is unusual country. It takes a lot of time to describe all the advantages of this country. But if to be shortly, Vietnam is full of ancient temple complexes of unknown civilizations and the natural beauty of national parks, healthy, and delicious food, and here is the cheapest in the world diving.

22) India

If you are fond of new expressions, than I am sure that India is just for you. This huge country attracts tourists with its wonderful and long history and a lot of mysterious places. The country is not rich but full of life. The ancient temples, wonderful castles and noisy markets are situated here. It is better to see for yourself.

23) Hungary

Tourists are attracted to this country by the two purest lakes Heviz and Balaton, spa resorts Szeged and Debrecen, the picturesque Danube and exciting tours of three thousands of medieval castles.  Hungary is the dream of every traveler.

24) Bulgaria

This country is famous for the beautiful seaside and friendly people. The Black sea is very warm here and even people from the nearby countries prefer to have a rest here. The perfect service for the low prices will attract everyone. In winter a lot of people come have to ski. The country is perfect for the families with children.

25) Argentina

Argentina is the tango homeland, perfect steaks and a very beautiful and cheerful people. Visit this country if you like something unusual. We guarantee that you will receive the great experience. And the capital of the country Buenos Aires is also very interesting.

26) Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic includes a lot of fantastic beaches, coconut trees and the purest Caribbean Sea and excellent diving. There are many notable attractions here: architecture, national parks and a lot of entertainments. The republic is situated in one of the parts of the Haiti Island.

27) Ireland

Ireland is very popular among travelers thanks to its tasty beer, interesting history and a lot of excursions. A lot of students come here to learn or practice English. The nature here is really wonderful and pictures cannot describe it. The national character secret is simple: the Irishman fells comfortable only when all around are happy.

28) Ecuador

This country is the leader in the number of national parks and natural attractions. The most popular local entertainments are climbing the volcanoes and travels in the jungle, relaxing on stunning beaches of the Pacific Ocean, and tours to the Galapagos.

29) Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities not only in Europe but all over the world. If you are boring and tired, then go to Barcelona. A week in this city will give you a lot of fun, positive energy and pleasant memories.

30) Honduras

I know that a lot of people don’t even think to visit this country as it is very dangerous. But what we see in the media does not mean that the same is in reality. Of course, there are a lot of criminals here. But I think that nothing bad will happen if you will visit this country as a tourist. Here is the beautiful nature, fresh air and mountains.        

Hope this list of cheap destinations was useful for you. Be ready for the summer holidays and now if you have problems with the home tasks write the message with the text “write an excellent essay for me” and send us.

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