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What to do if you want to sleep all the time

To tell the truth, this topic is very relevant among students. Today we are going to discuss the constant drowsiness. I was a student and I remember that times perfectly. You have a lot of ideas, plans, tasks, meetings, but you have only 24 hours a day. Some students waste the time every day ( and they are always in a hurry at the end. So, many students sacrifice their sleep and try to do everything in time. I am going to tell you how to overcome your drowsiness. There are some simple tips which can be useful for you. Stop thinking about your pillow all the time! Read this post and cheer up a little.

1) Take a break! You know that people always want to sleep if they are tired, bored or have a monotonous job. Believe me, doing home tasks can be very boring. So, you can go for a walk for half an hour, change the activities. You will notice that your drowsiness has disappeared for a while.

Boredom often leads to drowsiness. We often fall asleep during the boring film. You always can take short breaks during the whole day.

Also in this section:

2) Eat an apple. And it is not a joke. Sometimes a perfect lunch can help you overcome your fatigue and drowsiness. You can eat an apple, spinach and ginger, bitter chocolate, different carbohydrates (oatmeal or buckwheat, green beans, zucchini). Forget about fatty food and overeating. You will feel better if you decide to observe a special diet.

3) Take a nap. A good nap can increase your working capacity. You can sleep a little after your classes. After that, you can start doing all the home tasks. The scientists proved that while a person is napping, the left brain which is responsible for memory and logical thinking is less active. In other words, it is being restored. Therefore, after a nap we become more active and absorb information easily. But pay attention that a nap should be short.  It is enough 15-20 minutes to regain your strength. The result will be better if you drink a cup of coffee before the nap. And the last advice connected with the nap: it is better to go to bed in the afternoon, not in the darkness.

4) Turn on the light. With the onset of darkness we are producing melatonin. This substance is responsible for deep sleep. Therefore, to cheer up, extend the curtains. And if it is dark outside, turn on the light.

5) Open the window.  And the weather or the season is not important now. Of course, if there is summer or warm spring you can have the open window all the time. But during the frosty weather open the window for half an hour and leave the room for this time. The fresh air always helps us work better. Lack of oxygen is the main cause of drowsiness. We feel tired if there is nothing to breathe in the room.

6) Wash your face with cold water. It will be a great stress for your body, but cold water can cheer you up for some time. You can repeat this procedure during the day.

7) Drink a cup of coffee. I decided to tell you about this drink at the end. I am sure that all of us know about the different properties of coffee. This magic drink can help you feel yourself better for some time. For some people it is the best medicine against drowsiness. Of course, you can also make a perfect tea. Sometimes this drink is also magic.

Sometimes all these tips can’t help you. You are tired every day and what to do in such cases? First of all you need to get enough sleep. It is very important to have a good rest at night. 7-8 hours is quite okay for the adults. Think what can be the main reason for your drowsiness. Maybe you have enough sleep only on weekend. Pay attention to your bed, pillow, mattress, bedroom itself, air temperature, humidity, air freshness, etc. Everything is very important.

You should know how to relax, from time to time. It is impossible to spend all the time with textbooks. I do not mean that you must go to the night party in the middle of the week. But you can listen to your favorite music, have a bath, etc. And check the food you eat every day. It is better to have breakfast, dinner and supper at the same time every day. Read the list of products which can be useful for everyone - Never overeat, drink a lot of water, and eat many fruits and vegetables. Everything is very simple.

If everything is very bad and you can’t help yourself then it is high time to visit the doctor. Maybe some medicine can help you. The services of our company are always here for you. It does not matter, why you asked us for a help, we just try to do all the best for you. We are happy when our clients are satisfied with the results. Make the order, trust our thesis website and forget forever about writing tasks. There is positive feedback about our company on the Internet. People recommend our services to their friends, and we are glad to each new customer, and we are the best site to order essay.

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