Future Goals Essay: How Not To Become A Loser


Future Goals EssayI can’t say that I was a very industrious kid at school. I preferred to spend time at the computer and do nothing rather than to preoccupy my head with various school tasks, which were not always very interesting for me. Was I lazy? It is difficult to say whether it was my inborn laziness or just a childish unwillingness to rack the brains, though my parents were not satisfied with my growing desire to play the computer games and sitting all day long in my room.

My mom’s upbringing methods seem to be funny now, though they influenced me greatly when I was not mature enough to find sarcasm in her words and when the world around me seemed to be too big and cruel. My mom used to say that if I had no positive changes in my life and my unwillingness to come to my senses didn’t decrease, I would gain an opportunity to become just a cleaning manager.

I replay these words very often now and they really make me laugh. Although now I am able to understand that it was just a joke, several years ago I worried over such a perspective greatly. I remember that when I heard about such a profession for the first time, I was surprised. I didn’t know what these people were and what tasks they had to execute daily. I went online and googled it. The sum of money, which the cleaning manager could earn per month, was super low! I was a kid, though I could distinguish whether it was enough for an adult to lead a comfortable life or not. I was frightened with such a perspective. My mom outsmarted me and made my brains get into action.

Never Late to Change the Life

As soon as I understood the seriousness of the situation, my education became the main issue in my life, to which I was ready to dedicate all my time. The understanding of how my education was important for me came very suddenly but left a lasting impression on me. I was only 12 and I cried as if a terrible catastrophe happened to me. My mom just smiled and said that it wasn’t late to start working harder and change my future. She tried to explain me that without good education my career was impossible and if it was impossible for me to find a well-paid job, my life had no sense, in fact.

Now I try to understand what magic power this dialogue had that it influenced the whole way of my living, though I can’t give any explanations. The day, when I decided that I would never let myself become a loser, made me become the best pupil at my class and graduate from school with excellent marks at all the subjects.

Is It Necessary to Study at College?

If several years ago I could decide that I didn’t need to get any further education, after my school was finished, I was sure that without entering college I wouldn’t be able to make my dreams come true. I told about this golden time in my college goals essay and I hope that my story will help somebody to set the right goals for the future.

It may sound a bit strange, though I meet people from time to time, who ask me the questions, which may seem to be too provoking to those, who have no ready-made answers. As I am always prepared to any unexpectedness and such a question as ‘Why is it necessary to study at college?’ doesn’t sound shocking, I am able to present my educational goals, which made me take a decision not only to enter a college, but also to be sure in the effectiveness and positiveness of this important step.

Spending time at college is a huge experience for every student and it opens the really great opportunities in front of him. The main goal, which I pursued, was formulated long before the entrance examinations. I knew that I was able to make my knowledge deeper with the help of the professors, who were usually super educated and interesting people. They were really able to help me to sort out my feelings and decide what I wanted to be in the future. I wanted them to share their experience with me and I knew that this goal wasn’t very difficult in accomplishing.

The second goal, which I planned to achieve, sounded not very pompously. I wanted to develop my communicative skills and stop being afraid of talking to people in public or feeling ashamed to make friends. I tried to be sociable because this skill would be important for me when I made a career of a successful businessman.

Moreover, I wanted to develop my talents and acquire some new skills, which I really lacked. I had to get know how to be a deep and interesting person, who would attract people as a magnet. College was the best place for making this dream come true.

I was sure that college was able to teach me how to respect people, take care of the weaker comrades, and be the irreplaceable element in the long chain. I believed that experience, which I could attain at college, was super important and that’s why I tried to absorb all the new impressions, which I was given here.

Come On!

Unlike a lot of my peers, I know that I don’t waste my time at college. All the knowledge, which I get here, will help me in the future and those people, who laugh at me now, will bite their nail when the news about my crashing success come to their ears.

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