How To Survive A Freshman Year? Advice From Pro Writers


Our writing and editing company shares recommendations on the first year at college

Professional authors of remembered their college years and investigated new trends to prepare a full list of tips for freshmen.

This autumn a lot of teenagers will start a new crucial stage in their lives. School time is left in the past. New dreams, opportunities, and goals shine on the horizon. wants this first year at the university to become vivid, captivating, and easy for everyone.  That is why our authors share helpful tips with freshmen. Do not forget that you can also get cheap custom writings on our website in order to make the beginning of your study easier. 

1. Do not ignore orientation. It is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with your future college and campus. It happens that teens miss this stage, as they do not want to waste summer time. Yet, you’d better attend this event. It is not only about helpful guidance on how things work but about relationships and a college’s spirit. Meet future groupmates and feel yourself as a part of a new huge collective.

2. Live on campus. Apparently, nowadays, there are different housing options for students.  One can rent a room or the whole flat, live alone or together with group mates. However, our well-educated professional authors can say from personal experience that the best way is to stay in a dormitory. The main thing is that you will become closer to student life.

  • Talks about teachers and professors are very helpful. One can learn about peculiarities of their approach to pupils, and, thus, be prepared to eventualities.
  • Living on campus, you will not miss any important events. Your neighbors will not let you do that.
  • Obviously, the study is easier when you have friends. They are sort of allies in your fight against college issues. Two heads are better than one, yep.
  • And, finally, a financial issue is not so acute for students living in the dormitory.

3. Do not delay registration on classes. Some subjects may be so popular that you will have to wait until the next semester to become their participant.

4. Do not panic. You won’t have parents and old friends by your side anymore. Obviously, it is challenging to see only new faces. Yet, it will not always be like this. Just try to stay confident no matter what

5. University lecturers are waiting for you. You will face numerous temptations during the first year. Indeed, the new world brings freedom. Borders of a former lifestyle are ruined. Your mum won’t come to your room to check if your homework is done. And a principal won’t discuss schoolwork with your parents. However, this independence cannot become a reason for irresponsibility. It might sound so dull, yet classes are worth attending. Cheer up! They are not all so boring. For instance, check out the craziest courses. Bowling Industry Management and adventure lessons are among them.

6. Avoid snap judgment. Apparently, the quality of learning at college is higher in comparison with a school level. That is why some freshmen can be surprised by the first challenges. In addition, competition for the best ratings between students can be so strong. Especially when it deals with prestigious institutions. No matter what, do not give up. One setback means nothing. If you failed once, just analyze your mistakes. Do not jump into conclusions. We have good news for you — even losers managed to succeed Talking about the studentship, we highlight long-term perspectives. You do not need to be a sprinter and get exhausted during the first month. In fact, you have about four years to become a skillful specialist.

7. Do not be afraid to seem miserable asking for advice. New conditions imply particular issues. It is obvious you might not be aware of some nuances. Helpful tips from other guys can come in handy. Just do not forget that assistance should be mutual. In addition, some institutions offer special programs, aiding freshmen. For instance, UCLA provides various support centers for its students. Remember that teachers and professors have consultation hours. Attend them, if you do not understand something concerning learning materials,

8. Do not betray your ideals. A new stage in your life does not imply rejecting principles and dreams. We are sure that you are a self-sufficient person. Therefore, do not leave your principal goals, beliefs, and priorities. A college is not about changing someone fundamentally but about personal growth and progress.

Buy high-quality essays online and use other benefits of technological advances

Technological devices, applications, Internet services can become your best helpers at college. Communication is getting easier with social media. Colleges provide personal accounts on their websites. Having registered there, one can get all the necessary information there. Electronic documents are easy and pleasant to use. Confused about your lessons? Download your class schedule. Have no sense of direction? Open a Google map of the territory. Group chats help to share tasks and discuss projects informally. Dictaphone and video functions are helpful for recording essential data. Do not be shy to ask your professor if he/she has video lectures. Maybe you will become the next follower of your teacher’s YouTube channel. In doing so, you will kill two birds with one stone: get a convenient version of learning materials and please your professor being one of the subscribers. Do not ignore online writing assistance too.

The first year at the university is time for the serious steps in a new adult life. It is up to you whether it will be thriving or failing. Unfortunately, it can be even your last year as a student. Pull yourself together and take it all seriously. Let this period be memorable. And, providing top-notch writing services is always ready to come to the rescue.

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