What Students Want And Don't Want To Hear From Teacher


What Students Want To Hear From TeacherI still remember the incident, which happened to me when I was a small and green schoolchild, who had known no bad treatment before this. When I suddenly flicked away all the copy-books from my teacher’s table, this careless movement of mine made her really furious. I thought she didn’t think for too long. She gave a slap upside my head and pronounced the phrase, which hurt me even more than her palm. ‘Hey, open your eyes! You are moving like a hippo!’ Even now, when so many years separate me from that day, the memories about this situation make me feel troubled. It really left a gall in my mind for years.

Did the real professional, who had to deal with such oversensitive childish souls, have any right to be so rude? Are the teachers allowed to give way to their emotions even if their pupils commit any wrong steps?

My own experience and a lot of memories of my friends made me come to the conclusion that teaching is not just a profession. It is a vocation, which is mixed with everyday hard work. Not every assistant that comes to school will become a great teacher then. The biggest part of them stays mediocre. If some students, who have chosen teaching as their future profession, are sure that it is enough to pass all the exams and get a diploma to be allowed to get close to children, they will be disillusioned: diploma gives you no guarantees that you will be successful in this field.

Every teacher must know: his words and actions are of extreme importance for children, whom they are preparing for the further life. Even if a small kid or a bit older student is hurt by his teacher, he may never be able to restore his confidence and vice versa. When a child is encouraged and supported by his teacher, the results of such warm relationship will be great.

What a Teacher Must Say                               

Hardly a person can be taught to behave in this or that way. The words, the actions and the motives to do this or that thing should come from the heart. If the heart is empty, no counsels are able to fill it with kindness, motivation and love. Sometimes it may happen so that the teachers just forget that they step over the line and their behavior and words begin to hurt those, who are in their care.

We propose you to look through the next phrases, which every student wants to hear from his teacher even if he is not ready to admit the fact that he needs to be encouraged.

  • ‘I believe in you and I know that you have enough powers to achieve this! My inner voice tells me that you will become successful very soon and, you know, my sixth sense has never betrayed me!’ Oh, how such a monologue is pleasant for the students’ ears! It may encourage even the most desperate child! When somebody believes in your powers, it is twice as easier to pursue your ambition.
  • ‘You have your goal in life! I know this and I see it in your eyes. Can’t you formulate it? Don’t worry! Let’s do this together!’ The firmness, with which a teacher says such words, really helps a student to find his way in life and set the right goals. Any teacher should respect his students and be interested in their lives. It shouldn’t be a problem for him to help a child to sort out his feelings and leave just the best ideas inside his head. It is a teacher who influences the children’ lives more than seriously.
  • ‘Don’t be afraid to ask me when you are puzzled. I am always ready to help you and find the right solution, my dear!’ If you are a teacher, it is one of your main tasks to make a student understand that he should never shrink into himself. Mutual aid, emotional exchange, serving another are the main postulates, which every person should keep to.

What a Teacher Must Never Say

The quiz, which was conducted among the students, showed what phrases children don’t like to hear from their teachers.

  • ‘You are so talented but you don’t use your potential!’ Such a phrase gives no motivation to children do something better. It makes them lose any motivation at all.
  • ‘I’m disappointed in you!’ Such words are able to kill the student’s desire to study and make him become unsure of himself.
  • ‘I can’t help you because if I do this for you, I will be obliged to do the same for everybody’. Every teacher should remember that he must help his student in time of need and even if he doesn’t sure whether it is possible to do this or not, he should say something like this, ‘I will do my best to help you’.
  • ‘Your older brother/sister was much smarter and assiduous than you’. This is nothing but the manipulation of a teacher, which is forbidden to be used.
  • ‘I’m busy now, let’s talk the next time’. Never show a child that his problems mean nothing to you. Even if you have no time to dedicate to him, tell a kid about this in a milder way, ‘If your question may wait, let’s discuss it a bit later. If no, I am all attention’.

A Word Warmly Said

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