10 Great Losers Who Became Popular


10 Great Losers Who Became PopularToday our teaching academic writing service wants to introduce you some people which were not like the others. In their childhood they had great problems with their studying and people considered them to be the great losers. But soon everything has changed. Of losers, they became celebrities. So if you are not an excellent student now, don’t be upset. Who knows, maybe the great future is waiting. It is unreal to be perfect in everything. Maybe you will think that this essay is not pedagogical but here are some cases when to be a loser is not ashamed but even prestigious. Such kind of essays you can order at our company. For many years we write the papers for busy learners.

Top 10 Losers

1) Winston Churchill

This case looks like the ordinary and classical. Winston was the older son of aristocrats. He disliked studies after the first lesson. It was boring for him to do the home tasks, work at classes and to do nothing to receive good mark. He refused to be the excellent student at once and he did not change his mind. Unfortunately, at that time were not different academic writing services. But teachers couldn’t say that he was a stupid boy. From time to time the teachers found Winston in the corner where he was sitting silent and reading the book not for his age. Years later the loser Winston Churchill received the Nobel Prize for Literature. He said that the school has no relation to the education as it is just the control Institute. If you also have no desire to write different academic papers – don’t waste your time on it! At any time you can send us the message – write the essay for me, please.

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2) Vladimir Mayakovsky

He was a popular Russian poet. Mayakovsky was born at Soviet Union and was a loser at school. But he had a great talent and the poems quickly gained popularity. That’s why the government tried to make a secret about his school past. They did not want to set the bad example to the new generations as during that times to be the excellent students was the purpose for every child.

3) Sergei Korolev

He was another Soviet scientist. Korolev became popular thanks to his great contribution to the scope of rocket. He had a difficult childhood as his mother and father divorced. The boy spent some time in the village and later he moved to his mom and stepfather. Sergei was not interesting in school subjects and received the bad marks. Later he studied at home as his parents were the teachers. But the boy was interested only in space and in the creation of spaceships. Thanks God, parents did not forbid him not to be engaged in favorite business and at 17 he was famous as the author of non-motorized aircraft.

4) Richard Branson

If you want to know about the millionaires then you should know about the Richard Branson and his difficult school times.

We know tips which can help you – https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/useful-tips-how-to-reach-financial-stability. The perfect marks don’t tell about your mind and development. The multimillionaire Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group Corporation and the private space tourism is the real financial genius. But his school past was quite awful. At classes, he was a silent boy, he was afraid of answering and he always blushed and stuttered when he should go to the board.

5) Isaac Newton

You might not hear about this man. The world-known scientist was born in England and was well versed in many sciences such as physics, mathematics, astronomy and mechanics. But everything started in another way. At school Isaak was the worst student in the class. He was a clever boy but study was a stranger to him and that is why he always only bad marks had. But everything changed in one moment. Isaac Newton had a fight with a classmate and lost. After this case he decided to be better than his classmate in all the subjects. The boy had a strong will and in a few months became number one in his class. Have you ever thought how the usual fight can change the destiny?

6) Napoleon

Talking about this famous commander, we can’t say that he was a complete loser. He was also boring with the school subjects and had the bad marks in everything except the mathematics. Maybe his love for this science defined his future as a talented military leader.

7) Ludwig van Beethoven

If you are great in music it doesn’t mean that you can competently write, multiply and divide numbers. Such happened in the Beethoven’s life. Maybe the music and playing the piano absorbed all his free time. However, the world received the great composer and pianist and it doesn’t important for us was he successful in all school subjects. I disagree with the statement that talented person is talented in everything.

8) Albert Einstein

Of course, we can’t miss this nominee. The author of the theory of relativity another Nobel laureate he studied at school fifty-fifty. His parent decided that their son is a stupid and loser. And when they talked to the friends they don’t even think that Albert could become somebody. They just wanted him to receive the simple job and that’s all. But life is full of unexpected things. Who could think that loser Albert will be the great genius in future?

9) Alexander Pushkin

Oh, this poet is popular far beyond the borders of his country. But school time was not his best ones. He was the complete loser at lyceum and he cried at mathematics classes. Believe me or not but at that time the crying student was not a promising writer. After certification, at the presentation of diplomas, he was the second from the end. But bad marks did not prevent him to develop his writing skills. If you like literature read about the popular modern books which is going to be published - https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/top-20-the-most-anticipated-books-of-2017.

10) Anton Chekhov

The popular and the most intelligent Russian writer also had problems at school. Usually bad marks at school mean nothing in the future. The same situation is with the perfect and excellent students. The employers need your skills rather than your certificate

Take for example the destiny of great American man Christopher Langan who has the highest IQ in the USA. He started to speak at six months and was an excellent at school but he did not even graduate from the university. For that time he thought he was cleverer than his teachers and professors. At last, he became a forester and led a quiet life, and no one listened about him.

These cases are very interesting and once again confirms the fact that everyone has the own destiny. Study well, have a rest from time to time, and remember that we are always at your service.

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