Live Long And Prosper: Countries By Highest Life Expectancy


Live Long And ProsperI think that every person all over the world dream about the long and happy life. Of course, the length of our lives not always depends only on us. But sometimes we can do a lot of things to stay healthy, happy and live long. One of these things – is to move to the country, where life expectancy is very high. Today we are going to tell you about the countries in which the life is more comfortable and profitable. We will try to explain why all of these countries are the part of this wonderful and unusual list. Maybe you are a citizen of such a country and still do not know about it? Who knows maybe it is time to leave your job and start travelling?  Stay with us and you will find out a lot of new and interesting facts.

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The Lifetime

The life expectancy for each person is time interval between her/his birth and death. Due to significant differences in the duration of life of men and women their performance usually computed separately. The modern world is consists of the countries with different stages of economic development, but the general progress has been smoothed sharpness differences between the life expectancy. Despite the fact that for many centuries our civilization has changed a lot, people changed not so much (if we are talking about the physiology). We are the same creatures that were a century ago, but now at our disposal there are more tools and information than our ancestors had, who lived 500 years ago. Thanks to new opportunities and technologies the life expectancy has increased.

Today we are going to discuss the list of the countries where people can have the longest life. Such results were based on the general health status, quality of medicine, as well as the level of economic independence the citizens, thanks to which people can afford good nutrition and treatment.

TOP 10 Countries Where You Can Live Long And Happy

1) Luxembourg. This is one of the smallest countries on the Earth but people have a life expectancy about 81, 3 years. Despite this Luxembourg is famous for its alcohol selling. But I think that only tourists visit this country with the main aim – to buy a lot of alcohol for one person.

2) The Republic of Korea (South Korea). The average life expectancy in Korea is 81, 43 years. People in Korea take a great care of their health. But despite the fact of long life Koreans are suffering from a great pollution and urbanization. A half of the whole population lives in the Seoul area. In this country there are a lot of suicides. So no wonder that everybody here is worrying about the mental health of citizens.

3) In New Zealand in average people live 81 years. Visit this country if you are fond of the different advantages. There are many kinds of animal here and the unique climate – that is why this country is considered to be the most comfortable to live. Calm and dignified lifestyle in this country has become famous all around the world.

4) Canada is one of the most developed countries on the Earth. It is also very popular among immigrants. This country is also considered to be the most educated in the world. More than a half of all citizens have the higher education. A lot of scientists were born here. Check here the information about the human science

The life expectancy here is 81, 78 years.

5) France. People in this country are known for their good health. Here is one of the best health care systems in the world, good quality of life and French live to an average of 81, 84 years. The interesting fact about French people is that the average woman lives for six years longer than the man.

6) Sweden – is one of the healthiest regions all over the world. The water in this country has a good quality and the air pollution is very low. Swedes eat a lot of fish and berries that is why they have cardiovascular diseases very rarely. People in Sweden live more than 80 years.

7) Israel. Some scientists think that people live long in this country as they have genetically mixed population. But Jews always were the special nation. They deeply respect their families and relatives.

8) In Australia there is a special program the main aim of it is to reduce the level of smoking in the country. Australians are also people with high literacy. Although here is the world's highest prevalence of skin cancer, Australians live for 82 years.

9) In Spain people have high life expectancy thanks to their climate and dishes they eat every day. Also in this country different kinds of suicides are unpopular.

10) Iceland. Icelanders are very long-standing nation because every day they have a lot of fresh fish in their menu. The unique climate is also perfect for the human body. This country is the most clean. Do you know that hot water which people use every day stumbles from hot springs?

You have read the list of tenth the most profitable countries to live. If you have such an opportunity I recommend you to visit some of them. It is really worth of it.

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