Reflective Essay: Useful Recommendations


Reflective Essay: Useful Recommendations‘Compose a reflection essay, please. You have several weeks for the accomplishment of this task’. Who of you has never heard something like this from your teacher? Frankly speaking, when I heard this phrase for the first time, my heart sank into my boots. I couldn’t imagine how I would cope with this strange task, though my perseverance helped me to find the best solution. You want to know how I solved this trouble, don’t you? Keep on reading, please.

What is a reflection essay and what are the peculiarities that are inherent to the full and meaty reflective essays? How to satisfy your teacher and write a paper, which will become the best example among the other essays of your group mates? If you are a person, who is always afraid of making any serious steps and you are trembling before typing even the first phrase of your future self reflective essay, if you are afraid that you may make any mistakes and your thoughts can distract you from the main line of your paper, the following recommendations will help you to feel more confident after you read them up to the end. Are you ready to join a battle for the leadership? We know that you’ll win!

Define Reflective Essay

It is a reflective essay that let the students find time to reflect about life, look deeper into their souls and make the conclusions about how they have been changed by the influence of the definite life circumstances.

Everybody knows that the beginning of your text determines the whole structure of it and your person success. To start writing a reflective essay properly is the main task of any student, who wants to get the maximum set of grade points for his efforts, which are put into the process of essay creating.

Despite the topic, which you are going to cover, a reflective essay should present your own experience and tells about the influence, which was made on you. What were you asked to reflect on? Were you told to compose a reflective essay on English class or you had a task to tell about your own experience, which you got while doing your best to become a student? Pay attention to all the requirements, which you were given by your teacher, focus your attention on the length of the essay, which you should make. More often, such type of essays are just of two or three pages long and it should be concentrated on the short overview of the events rather than on the long and boring description.

Don’t forget that your personal reflection essay is an academic paper, which should contain the special phrases that will help your teacher to understand that you are able to give a reflective essay definition instead of to give all the info you have in your head absolutely unsystematically. Such a phrase as, ‘Although my experience helped me to understand better the nature of…, my knowledge are not still so deep to be able to say that I am a guru in this sphere’.  Several more phrases of such a style will contribute to your getting of a high enough mark.

Like all the other types of academic papers, your reflective essay can’t be considered full without having the introduction, your response to the introduction and some conclusions.


The introduction is a part, which should consist of two or three paragraphs. Your main problem, which you are going to discuss then, should be presented here clearly. It is one of the main parts of your text, which may either to capture attention of the readers or to make them close your file at all. There are usually a lot of debates about whether the introduction should be direct or some amount of water is allowed to be included here. The guides, which help students to cope with their academic tasks, insist that everything depends on the audience, to which this paper will be presented. If it is a college paper, the amount of water in introduction should be minimal. Try not to let your thoughts be too abstract.  


When you described your experience in details, start composing your response, in which try to talk about the ways of solution, their effectiveness and your own feelings about this issue. This part is called the body of a paper. Try not to be too emotional even if your topic is thrilling for you. Your excessive comments may spoil the standard form of your paper. Explain how you have been changed and why it happened so. Tell about the events, which made you become stronger, more confident and maybe even older.


The last part of your paper is your conclusions. They should finish the text logically. Tell about how you arrived to them, explained your observations in details. Every new idea should be shaped in a separate paragraph.

Such paper writing can’t be considered a very difficult task. Nearly all the students are fond of reflecting about their past experience, their lives, and the changes of their nature. Despite this, a necessity to take on such a task scares a pretty amount of teens. Not everybody is ready to be scrupulous and open-minded, logical enough and have a coldness of head at that. To be free from the excessive emotions and not to make your text extra hot is the main target of those, who are given a task to create a reflective essay.

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