Too Busy To Cook Breakfast? Useful Tips Just For You


Tips how to cook breakfastHardly a person can boast of having a plenty of time in the morning. Frankly speaking, I know nobody, who gets up easily, does his habitual morning manipulations quickly, iron his suits in a matter of seconds and is ready to spend at least a half an hour on his breakfast preparing.

My best friend is a mother of three kids. Like all the other people, she has just a pair of hands. You understand that it’s not enough to manage with three super active and curious children, who can’t sit still even for a minute. Should I say that she never cooks a breakfast to her husband and usually proposes him just an apple, a cup of instant coffee and a plastic tin of yoghurt? Such a meal doesn’t make him feel ecstatic. Once I saw his face, when his wife proposed him a cup with a tea bag in it, which was covered with cold water. Poor man!

My older sister is a freelancer. She shouldn’t come to office and spend all day here. In fact, she is free to plan her time as she wants. Despite the fact that she works distantly and spends all her time at home, she usually has a bite in the morning, which consists of several slices of bread and cheese. That’s all. Very rarely she may let herself wash them down with a glass of cold water. Phew! It looks disgustingly! One day I asked her why she didn’t want to cook a substantial breakfast, she had everything for this. She looked at me as if I had been mad and said that time was money. Her answer left me with a widely opened mouth.

When I started living alone and every morning one and the same thing happened to me (I never heard my alarm-clock and as the result I was always late), I absolutely forgot about such a term as breakfast. At the best case my organism got a couple of sweets, which I swallowed on the run. My lifestyle was able to kill my own organism. I understood this perfectly and decided to change my life dramatically.

Healthy Breakfast Should Contain…

Breakfast is the main meal of the day, which should give the organism ability to transform food into energy, which will make us move forward. The breakfast should be rich of proteins, fiber and consist of cereals, vegetables and fruits, oatmeal, nuts, milk, yogurt, eggs, avocados and some extra virgin olive oil. Don’t forget to drink more water, less coffee, minimize the amounts of sugar, which enter your organism and you will feel much better.

What can be proposed for breakfast as the alternative to the habitual fried eggs, bacon, biscuits and a cup of strong and sugary coffee? If you need something that is extra easy to cook and that is super useful at that, I am ready to share with you the recipes of very interesting dishes, which I found for myself some time ago. They really made me happier and healthier. I hope that you’ll find something to your taste too.

Om Nom Nom!

  1. No more cakes, pancakes and biscuits! Toast, nut butter, pieces of banana and sesame is exactly what your organism needs in the morning!
  2. Berries and yogurt is a perfect mixture! Make smoothie of frozen berries, banana, yoghurt and milk. Just spend 3 minutes and blend them together. This cocktail will make you feel on cloud nine throughout the day!
  3. Tomato toasts are the perfect alternative to the classic sandwiches. Take a slice of whole-grain bread, spread it with ricotta cheese, put a tomato slice on it and sprinkle it with salt, basil and pepper. It is more than delicious!
  4. Avocado toasts. If you are super busy and you are sure that there is no time even to make a gulp of water, find just 15 minutes and you will cook a healthy, tasty and extra quick substantial breakfast for yourself. Make a toast of bread, cover it with a smashed avocado, add some salt and pepper, put the fried egg on it and eat. Oh, it’s of transcendent taste!
  5. Make quinoa porridge, add some berries and pieces of chocolate into it and here is your breakfast.
  6. Do you find some yesterday’s leftovers in your fridge? Put the vegetables, potato or meat into a container, add an egg and put it into the microwave oven. Cover it with parmesan then and that’s all. Tasty and absolutely fat-free.
  7. Break several eggs, add the sliced tomato, vegetables and pore this mixture into the forms for baking muffins. No fat, no carbs!
  8. Banana smoothie is what you need during the long day. Take it with you and drink it in your office. How to prepare it? Nothing is impossible: take banana, peanuts, soy milk, yogurt and honey and blend them.
  9. Stuffed apple for breakfast is a quick solution for all those, who are in a hurry. Take an apple, cut it in 2 halves, remove its core and fill it with peanut butter.
  10. Berry parfait for those, who are too lazy to spend too much time on cooking in the morning. Take any fruits or berries, yoghurt and put them in layers. Super tasty and healthy!

Isn’t these recipes enough for you to start feeding your organism better? Just switch your imagination on and make it produce new and new recipes of healthy and quick dishes. Their number is really colossal and their preparation needs no time from you. If you are such a busy person, it doesn’t mean that you are obliged to suffer from hunger or fill your stomach with fast food. The solutions are always next to you; just make your brains work better!

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