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The fact that people tend to feel hungry is not a secret for anyone. But you will agree, there are situations when you really want to eat, but there is no time for cooking, or you are simply too lazy to stand in the kitchen near the stove. Such situations, probably, are familiar even to the most diligent housewives. And here we are always helped out with restaurants, cafes, canteens. People pay money, but in return receive delicious food, a pleasant atmosphere. In such cases, you do not have to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen after dinner.

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Here, of course you have to pay a lot of money for dinner or breakfast, but the service and furnishings will be at the highest level. But in our essay, we will discuss not the cost of meals, but the unique features of a particular restaurant. Each restaurant is really worthy of receiving a reward for creativity. Many years ago they were the only one of its kind, but now you can get a lot of analogues in other cities and countries.

As it turns out, most people go to restaurants for dinner. It can be a romantic date, a business meeting or simply a desire to have a snack. Most often all have breakfast on the go, quickly drink a cup of coffee with a sandwich, many people also have lunch at work or in small office cafeterias or cafes nearby ( But for dinner you can already afford to visit a more or less decent restaurant and slowly, enjoy delicious food, quiet music, poor lighting, and nice company. Restaurants, which we will tell you about, are in different parts of the Earth, but they impress with their originality. I'm sure that dinner with your sweetheart in one of these places will be simply delicious.

1) Restaurant “In the Dark”. The name of the restaurant completely reflects its peculiarity. The very first “dark” restaurant was opened in America, but after huge success such establishments began to open all over the world. The bottom line is that you are in absolute darkness, and it is forbidden to use flashlights, lights, and so on. They say that the taste buds of a person get aggravated in the dark. By the way, waiters are usually real blind, or they can use night vision devices to avoid spilling or dropping plates with dishes. Dark dining is very popular nowadays.

The idea is very interesting, because sitting in the pitch darkness, you cannot care about that the lipstick on your lips was rubbed off, and your hair was disheveled. You can completely relax and enjoy your dinner.

But personally, I could not relax in the dark and at the same time have dinner. I was always tormented by an idea, but what if a spider crawls into my hand? How to eat without seeing the plates and appliances? It is not too romantic to get a fork on a tablecloth and not on a plate. But, everyone has his own tastes and ideas about romance. And so, in general, the idea is not bad. Our essay editor service can help you at any time.

2) Restaurant on the Ferris wheel. Such a restaurant is in Singapore and it's understandable that it's not for poor people. In fact, the situation is really amazing and romantic. You enjoy delicious dishes and at the same time your spirit captures from beautiful landscapes. The restaurant is located at an altitude of 165 meters. This is an excellent restaurant, but if you are afraid of heights, then you better not take chances, otherwise I doubt that you can swallow even a slice of expensive dishes. And your romantic date can turn into a psychological trauma.

3) The restaurant is under water. An interesting idea was realized in the Maldives. The beautiful world of underwater flora and fauna fascinates many people. But not everyone likes to dive or just do not know how to swim under the water. So some people came up with a great way to enjoy the underwater world. Everyone can book a table in the underwater restaurant. You will find yourself in the real kingdom of Neptune. The restaurant is at a depth of five meters, the ceiling and walls are made of glass. Thus, eating, you will observe the ordinary life of the marine world. I would be happy to be in such a place with my lover.

4) Lunch in the sky. This is one of the really most unusual restaurants. Even the dinner on the Ferris wheel compared to dinner in the sky will seem like a child's joke. But, if you decide to visit this restaurant, which is located in the capital of Belgium – Brussels, you need to be very self-confident. I could not even call this a restaurant.

Visitors sit at special tables and all people are fastened to their chairs. Now the restaurant is slowly rising into the air at a height of 50 meters. Together with the guests, the waiters, the cook and the musicians are also raised to the sky. All the food is prepared in front of you in the center of the hanging room. So while you are patiently waiting for the order, you can safely enjoy the beauties of Brussels from a height.

5) Bar-toilet (China). In the ingenuity of the Chinese no one doubts. But here they surpassed even themselves. They came up with a restaurant where the interior, the table layout, the appearance of the dishes will remind you of the toilet. Yes, but do not be surprised. Chairs, tables, plates - all this has the form of a toilet bowl, napkins - a usual toilet paper. And if you want to order a chocolate cake, then guess in the form of what it will be done. It seems, Chinese like this exotic. Well, I probably would have immediately vomited from unpleasant associations.

6) Erotic bar in the Czech Republic. I would say this is generally a place for perverts. But what can people to come up with in the modern world! This institution is not a full-fledged restaurant. It's probably just a buffet. But it is not quite an ordinary buffet. The tables are served not in plates. Are you interested in what then? Everything is very erotic, on the tables absolutely naked women lie, and on them there are varied meals. What to take and from which place - it's up to you.

7) Ice restaurant in Finland. As for me, so there is little unusual. Finland itself is a cold country, which is associated with deer. In this restaurant you can feel the culture of the fins. You will be served only national dishes, and you will have to sit on real deer skins. In general, this country is full of interesting places, where you can have dinner.

8) Restaurant Cannibal (Japan). So in the Czech Republic you can use women as plates, and in Japan you can eat a man (not alive of course). The “people” in this restaurant are prepared from dough, the chefs mold the real human body, the internal organs are sushi and sashimi, and the blood replaces the red sauce. Impressive idea, is not it? But in fact not everyone can eat a person, even if it is made from food.

9) “El Diablo Restaurant”. This restaurant is situated in Spain. I think you have heard or even visited restaurants where meals are cooked on open fire. But the peculiarity of this restaurant is that the dishes are prepared in the vents of the most real volcano. If you are going to visit this institution, then be ready for everyone. But curiosity often takes precedence over fear. After all, not everyone can boast of eating meat baked in a volcano. Remember, that writing an academic essay is very easy for us.

10) “Devil Island Prison” (China). Again, the Chinese excelled in intelligence and ingenuity. As soon as you go to prison restaurant - you will be handcuffed and brought to the table. Waiters are dressed in ugly clothes of prisoners. Bread similar to small coffins, the general interior resembles a prison (rusty grates). The creator of the restaurant wanted to demonstrate how uncomfortable it is to be a prisoner, and to warn people against making rash acts. But the customers quickly became enthusiastic about this idea and the restaurant became very popular. You never know what will really lead people into a wild rapture.

Well, after reading this essay, you probably wanted to eat, and take a bag (and money of course) and go on a trip to countries that are rich in such interesting restaurants ( I wish you goof luck, my friends. Travel, while young and have this opportunity. The money spent on traveling is never lost in vain.

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