Top Unbelievable Astronomical Events


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Solar system: top 10 unbelievable astronomical facts

Most of us during the school years learnt that there are differences in force of gravity on the surfaces of different planets. We also learnt about how much huge astronomical object are. We have been told that unusual storms often happen on the planets. However, modern astronomy science during the recent time has made a huge step and shown that Solar system is much more interesting than most people can even imagine.

10. Surface of red planet is “mad”

Mars is always observed from the wrong side. Usually in mass media ( astronomers discuss possibilities for the existence of life on Mars, that once there have been oceans filled with of water. Also scientists suppose that there were ancient species of bacteria. Some time ago it was discovered that the first microbes on our planet was originally from Mars. They came to us on the asteroids.

Unfortunately very seldom we can see great photos of one of the weirdest surfaces on Mars that amaze our imagination. These photos could revive our interest to Mars that is the planet with astonishing past. Since the moment when automatic interplanetary station flew to Mars orbit in 2006, its photo camera took the pictures of the amazing areas on Mars.

There is an incredible shoot that demonstrates the traces of huge dust whirlwinds, which are Martian tornado equivalents. Iron oxide (this is the substance that paints the planet’s surface with the red colour) is taken away, in particular its outer layer, and the dark gray basalt colour is bared.

9. The planet that is missed

Long time ago the specialists of astronomy field have noticed the difference in the orbits of outer gas planets. Their orbits contradict to most of the maquettes that scientists use to present the first periods of our Galaxy formation. Scientists suppose that our space system (called Solar) used to have another pretty big planet, the mass of which was about 12 times bigger than the mass of our planet.

The planet, which is sometimes called as Tycho, probably flew out our space system billions of years ago. And now it will surf the universe till the world end.

In theory this planet should have been situated in billions of kilometers behind Pluto in such an area that gets very little sun light. The planet’s orbit would have had shape of ellipse and it would have taken so many years to make at least one circle around the Sun that it is hard to imagine. Taking into consideration these facts, it is quite clear why we would hardly notice this planet.

8. It rains with diamonds on these two planets

Except the mysterious orbit shapes of Uranus and Neptune, the magnetic fields of the planets can differ from their geological fields, i.e. can be located in sixty degrees further. One of the explanations of this phenomenon is that some time ago the planets have clashed or swallowed another planet (which one we do not know). There is also a theory, which sounds pretty logical and tells a very interesting story.

Scientists have discovered significant carbon amounts on the above mentioned two planets. Also basing on the data about weird inclines of the planets, scientists suppose that there are giant oceans of carbon in liquid state on their surface, in which icebergs of diamond float. Very small diamond fragments can also appear on these planets in the form of precipitation.

7. Earth is surrounded by dark matter ring

What is the biggest mystery of modern cosmology? Probably, this is the dark matter issue. Astronomers realize that we do not have necessary equations to decrypt its qualities, but it is known that the dark matter is a great part of the Universe.

At the moment we know some characteristics of its behaviour. In particular, the dark matter serves as a kind of a anchor that holds the galaxies and planet systems together. In such a way, the dark matter plays an important role inside our Solar system as well, and it is especially noticeably when we observe its influence on the space equipment.

One of the interesting noticed phenomena is called gravity assist anomaly. Its essence is that space crafts and satellites without any reason change their speed when coming closer or further from Earth. According to the hypothesis, the disparity is explained in such a way that our planet is surrounded by the giant dark matter ring. If the ring were seen in optical waves, its size would have been equal to the size of Jupiter.

6. There is a celestial object where you could fasten the wings and fly

This celestial object is considered to be among the most beautiful places within the Galaxy ( We are talking about Titan, which is the satellite of Jupiter. There are not only rains of the substance that is similar to patrol, but also there are great liquid methane and ethane concentrations on the surface.

Would you like to visit Titan? Logical answer is probably not. However, there is a fact that would definitely persuade you to make such a trip. Gravity is very low there. And atmospheric pressure is lower than of our planet. It gives people possibility to fly on the satellite with the help of technically created wings. Of course, without necessary space suit a man can not survive there. But who thinks of breathing when there is an opportunity to fly on your own?

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5. Not only animals have a tail, but the Solar system as well

Recently NASA has promulgated pieces of news about the Solar system tail. It was announced that during one of the missions the tail was successfully described. They say it looks like four-leaf clover.

The tail, which is also called heliotail, consists of neutral elements that can not be seen in ordinary ways. So to see the elements it was necessary to create a special tool, with the help of which scientists managed to take several photos and created full tail image.

This image showed that heliotail has size of more than thirteen billion kilometers, it goes further the most distant planets, and spaces winds spread the elements into all the directions with the speed of 1,6 millions of kilometers per hour.

4. The Sun has magnetic field and it will be changed radically soon

In fact, the Sun is quite predictable. It passes the constant eleven years cycle, during which the sun activity reaches its maximum and after that it begins to reduce. When the cycle ends the Sun’s magnetic field changes its polarity. NASA says that all the signs show that this event will happen in the nearest future, probably during the next several months. Changes are already visible on the North Pole.

When the polarity will eventually change, do not expect that there will be rain of fire. The change of polarity is just a sign that our heavenly body has reached another half of its activity maximum, when sunspots process activity increases.

3. Black holes are everywhere around us

So, black holes are another space weird thing. There are several types of them. The most usual kind is stellar mass black holes, which appear in the result of massive stars “death”. It happens when a star expends hydrogen needed for thermonuclear reaction and start to use helium. As a result, this star becomes unstable and it turns into either neutron star or black hole.

With time a lot of suchlike black holes merge into one super massive black hole. Our Galaxy, as well as millions of other galaxies, revolves around super massive black hole.

Another type of black holes is so-called micro black holes, which probably clash with Earth all the time. These are tiny black holes in the size of an atom, which in theory in the particle accelerator can appear when proton beams collide at speed close to the speed of light. However, there is no reason for anxiety. In most cases such black holes disappear without causing any harm.

2. Huge magnetosphere of Jupiter

Who is the leader of our space system? Jupiter is. 1400 planets equal to Earth size could fit in it. Only the Sun is bigger than it. Its magnetosphere (the space, where the planet magnetic field acts) is the biggest one comparing with other planets and even our heavenly body. It can easily contain the Sun (and there even some space would be left) along with the visible solar corona.

1. There could be life on gas giants

We used to think that the number of components required for life creation was quite poor. Nowadays it is known that the things are not that easy. It has become known that scientists have discovered some species of bacteria that live in deep hydrothermal vents on the bottom of the oceans. By the way, the temperature there is higher than water boiling temperature. It has turned out that living beings are possible even on Jupiter. In case you still do not know, this planer is a giant mass of gas, in fact.

There was so-called the Miller – Urey experiment conducted. During which it was proved that it is possible to create organic substances, which are prerequisites for the development of life, using just light and some chemical elements. Taking into consideration this Jupiter already has some needed conditions, for example it has water (Jupiter has great amount of water on its surface), as well as methane, and some other substances and chemical elements. So it can be supposed that gas giant can be home for living beings.

On the other hand, on Jupiter there is the atmospheric pressure, which is the highest among all the planets. There are also very strong winds, which hypothetically could contribute to the spread of necessary substances. Such condition would create many difficulties for development, however, many people think that some living beings could live in the upper cloud layer of atmosphere – the space, where temperature and pressure allows water to stay in liquid state.

There was an ardent supporter of this theory. His name was Carl Sagan. According to his vision, living beings on Jupiter would have been very diverse. There could live predators, scavengers and other species of creatures that would create the food chain of Jupiter.

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