Top 20 The Most Anticipated Books Of 2017


Top 20 The Most Anticipated BooksBooks play an important role in our life. And it is really very difficult to imagine the world without books. Thanks to them, we become wiser and more educated. They always expand our horizons. So, if you really like reading, you know that it is impossible to have enough books. We have our favorite modern writers and always are waiting for the new masterpieces from them. Today we are going to introduce you the most anticipated books of 2017.

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Top 20 Most Expected Books

I am sure that this list will be useful and interesting for the real lovers of books. I know that many of you cannot wait the time when you will be able to buy some of these books. But be patient.

1) A Separation, by Katie Kitamura

It will be the third novel by Kitamura but the plot is still interesting and exciting. The main character is a woman and she is going to divorce her husband. But suddenly she has lost her helpmate. The man just disappeared when they had a rest on one of the Greek island resorts. Of course, the wife is ready to search her husband. The story is rather mysterious but the Katie’s type of storytelling is perfect. Everybody will be intrigued until the very end.

2) Lincoln in the Bardo, by George Saunders

People, who like the Saunders’ books, know that he is perfect in short stories dystopias. According to the name of this story you can guess that it will be about the historical person.  It is a real fantasy. And in reality the story is about the Lincoln’s son who is only ten years old. The events take place during the Civil War.

3) All Grown Up, by Jami Attenberg

I don’t know why we get used to think that every love story should have a happy end like wedding. This book is not like the others as it is nonstandard. The plot is very interesting, funny and almost unusual. You are going to read about the woman who celebrates her 40th birthday and her happy future is not like you can imagine at once. Her life does not correspond to the human templates but it does not mean that the character is unhappy.

4) Ill Will, by Dan Chaon

You know that Dan Chaon is one of the best in modern short stories. His reputation as a perfect writer was even before the publishing of famous Await Your Reply. The book we are talking about is like a thriller and for the first time it seems too long. But I am sure you will read it in a few days as the plot is very exciting.

5) Exit West, by Mohsin Hamid

This book will be interesting for you if you are fond of adventures. The events take place in the unknown country (but you can guess that it is Pakistan). We read about the violence and about the destiny of two young people. They want to change their future in not as dangerous country. But the things are not always like we think about them.

6) The Idiot, by Elif Batuman

This writer is very talented but she has her own style of writing. When her last novel was published it looked like the ancient Russian epic stories. But the new one will be also very interesting, the main character is very clever and he knows a lot of information about the world’s ways. Maybe the book’s title is a little bit sarcastic.

7) Sorry to Disrupt the Peace, by Patty Yumi Cottrell

The detective stories are always unusual and include surprises. This story is one of them. The main character is like a crazy but readers will still sympathize with her. Her brother was a felo-de-se and the character decided immediately to come back to their native house and get to know everything, including the reasons.

8) Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

Yes, this book is going to be published. It is the sequel to Six of Crows! Team member has disappeared and all the forces from all over the world were gathered to find the secret. In the book you will meet the new enemies and a lot of mysterious situations.

9) Too Much and Not in the Mood, by Durga Chew-Bose

This writer is has a unique type of storytelling. She combines in her story different subjects such as literature, art and even pop culture. As a result you can read something new – the real literary masterpiece.

10) Killers of the Flower Moon, by David Grann

This book was written in the crime style. It is difficult to read but the plot is interesting. If you like such kind of stories, then read this novel about a lot of murders of the Osage Indians.

11) Startup, by Doree Shafrir

I think that in this case the title of the book speaks for itself. The author tells us about the modern life in NY which is based on new tech world opportunities. I think that your main task (while you are reading this book) is to guess which parts we can see in the reality and which were created by the author’s imagination. But even if it does not matter for you, you will like the story. If you are really interested in startup ideas, read this essay on our website -

12) Borne: A Novel, by Jeff VanderMeer

This book was written for the science fiction lovers. The events take place in the near future. So the story you are going to read includes many events are intertwined with each other and, of course, the love is among of them. The plot is not easy but interesting. On our website we have a lot of essays about books and one of them you can check here -

13) Into the Water, by Paula Hawkins

The story is very intriguing. Once in the summer in the river people found the two women’s bodies. One of them was a young mom, another – a young girl. IS it interesting for you what had happened to them? Whether it was suicide or just an accident?

14) Priestdaddy, by Patricia Lockwood

You know that Patricia is one of the most popular poets on Twitter. At last she decided to print something really worth reading. The events take place for the eight month. The woman and her hubby are going to come back to Lockwood. They are faced with a crisis but the end of their life story you will know only at the end of the book.

15) The Fever Code by James Dashner

This book will answer all your questions and the readers at last will learn the truth. It is known everything about the Gladers, Group B and who supports Thomas and Teresa. This book is full of answers and no secrets and lie at all.

16) Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

Don’t miss the opportunity to read this book. It is full of fantastic adventures. In the royal family were born three beautiful daughters and each of them wants to be the Queen. But to receive the crown is not enough just to be born in royal family. The sisters are going to fight and it is not like a game, no, the result will give the death or the life. The one of them received the crown. Who was she the last queen and how she became the winner?

17) House of Names, by Colm Tóibín

This author is well known for the historical novels. And this one is not an exception. The fantastic myth about the death and revenge is in front of you. Looking ahead I can tell that the story describes the crimes of Clytemnestra.

18) We Are Never Meeting in Real Life, by Samantha Irby

It seems to me the name of this book is very unusual. It is difficult to guess what it will be about. Those readers, who prefer Samantha’s masterpieces, get used to cry with laughter. Soon her new book of essays will be published.

19) Theft by Finding: Diaries (1977–2002), by David Sedaris

You are going to read some pages from the author’s diary. Maybe you have read his previous memoirs? I think that every reader at first laughed at such stupid details and later think was it true or not.

20) Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body, by Roxane Gay

Gay made the fans to wait for the book almost a year. So I think that this book is very expected and readers cannot wait get to know all the details of the plot. So let be patient and keep everything in secret till that moment you will take the book in your hands. I am sure you want be disappointment.

Sometimes it seems that in modern world book is losing its position in relation to other high-tech means of communication. But, in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with that. E-books that can be found online greatly facilitate and accelerate access to the necessary information. But I am sure that always be a lot of lovers of the traditional reading of books, because communication with the printed book is a special feeling like communication with the real person.

All the modern writers have the individual outlook on our life. They use new methods in writing and their ideas are very close to the modern reader. Maybe that is why all these books are more interesting for us than the books of ancient writers. Remember that our expert custom essay writing service can write any kind of essay for you. We promise that your paper will be original and very qualitative (without plagiarism). The most competent writer will do all the best for you. We are concerned that you received the highest mark for the paper. The paper will meet all your requirements, so don’t worry about that.

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