10 Kinds Of Fish That Is Better Not To Eat


Any food product ought to bring use to human body. This is food essence and main task. Unfortunately, it not always happens so. Very often even the most seemingly useful products get to “stop list”. It has relation to fish as well, which always was considered useful rather than harmful.

The increasing today pollution of sea promises not only problems to environment, but also to human health. Thus, ordinary fish may turn into “killer fish”, and seafood may start making harm to our health (https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/essay-about-helping-others-always-do-good).

Sometimes fish, which without hesitation is included to the food of healthy nutrition, contains metals, industrial chemicals, pesticides or parasites that can harm your health. It all can get in fish, as it is probably obvious, from its natural habitat, i.e. sea and ocean depths. Bacteria that appear in seafood while food processing and incorrect storage and packing conditions are also dangerous. Today specialists of our custom paper writing service are going to try to study the fish issue maximally and also the experts of our site will tell you what species of fish are better to be avoided or even excluded from your ration, in order not to become victim of infected sea inhabitants and dishonest producers.

Tips on buying

Buying food on the market or ordering it in a restaurant, do not be lazy to read labels and do not be ashamed of making questions, which can help to get full information on a product.

  • What country is fish from?
  • Was it caught in natural habitat or was it grown on a farm? Read essay on animal farm to learn more on this issue.
  • If it is a wild fish, then in what way was it caught?
  • If it was grown, did it happen in an open water / reservoir (risk of pollution) or in a close pool or pond?
  • If they offer you fish that is not typical for the season of year or it is too cheap, it is a warning sign. In order not to be forced to buy the cheapest goods, we advise to read financial stability tips essay published on our site. Deception, fraud, cheating like replacement of more expensive species of fish with cheaper ones is common phenomenon today. And there is one more advice: buying chilled fish pay attention to its shelf life. Remember that usually it is no more than fourteen days.

Wild Sea Perch

If one wants to taste this fish, it is necessary to get information on where it is brought from. Chilean Sea Perch is characterized by high content of mercury that is why a grown up should eat it no more than two times per month. Also, it is better not to buy perch that is caught close to the Crozet Islands, Prince Edward Island and in Chile (https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/summer-vacation-essay-or-have-a-good-rest). In these regions fish is caught without any control, and at the same time a lot of other sea creatures are being killed. Pay attention to perch brought from Falkland Islands and Macquarie, as well as fish caught and imported from the coast of Argentina and remote Antarctic waters. Always ask whether the product is certificated.

The Tilefish

Some of the experts say that this fish should be removed from the ration at all. The tilefish is another fish that has high mercury content in its meat, so its use should be limited. Besides, tilefish catching is often connected with the essential norms violation, which happens because of the exceeding of the permitted level of this kind of fish catching. It provokes the risk to get too roasted fish or spoiled one. If still one is going to serve the tilefish, then it would be better to prefer that fish, which is caught in the middle Atlantic. There they practice more gentle methods of fishing.

The Orange Roughy (Deep Sea Perch)

It is interesting that the age of the roughy can reach one hundred years, but in spite of the incredibly long life term the amount of this fish is very limited because of the long reproductive cycle and poaching. Although, fishing in the ocean is strictly regulated now, the population of the orange roughy has not restored after the “popularity explosion” of the fish a couple of dozens of years ago. People should refuse to buy deep sea perch due to environmental protection reasons at least. Besides, taking into consideration average age of caught fish individuals, it becomes possible to suppose what level of poisoning with toxic substances they have.

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Most of the fish and shellfish species accumulate in their tissues Mercury compounds, which can cause serious damage to human central nervous system. The number of these compounds is various depending on the fish kind and its place in the food chain. Mercury being among the compounds of precipitation pollutes natural waters, where it is absorbed by sea plants and later by small fish and further up the chain. In the transferring process from one fish to another mercury is accumulated, and that is why its maximum level is discovered in big predators. Shark is one of them. And there is more, today the population of this fish kind has reached the lowest level in history, because most of them are being killed while other fish catching.

The King Mackerel

It is believed that only grown in the wild mackerel is useful for health. However, this statement can be argued. By the way, check out our agree or disagree essay to be prof in this matter. The reason for hesitation is the same: already known process of the mercury accumulation in the tissues of fish. Wild mackerel is not recommended to be eaten by children and women, especially pregnant ones. What about men, they are allowed to eat no more than one portion per month. As the safest option the Atlantic mackerel can be chosen.


Swordfish is an important object of ocean fishery. It is highly appreciated by chefs all over the world because of its gentle taste and almost absolute absence of bones. Swordfish is often eaten raw. Its meat is being sliced and poured with sauce based on lemon juice. The biggest danger for ordinary consumers is the high cost of the fish. Due to this fact in the stores they often replace this fish with cheaper and not always caught according to norms other kinds of fish. For example, under the guise of swordfish they often sell palombo from shark family. They really have similar taste, but the harm of the last one is much higher. Why so, we have already explained in the previous paragraph about sharks.

The Oilfish

The fish is often called “white tuna” and it is extremely delicious, however if one eats it too much, it may cause uncontrolled diarrhea. The oilfish contains a substance called gempilotoxin that can not be digested by human stomach. This substance is wax ether that gives to the fish incredible oily flavor, however, at the same time it provokes problems with digestion.

The Bluefin Tuna

Almost all the kinds of tuna contain small doses of mercury. Besides, the eating of the bluefin tuna influences negatively the environment. More often the fish is caught using unsafe methods killing other sea animals in the meanwhile. Because of the high demand for the bluefin tuna, this specie was greatly damaged. Also, individuals are often caught before the onset of reproductive age.

Red Lutjanus

Since 1980 the population of this fish has been steadily declining due to excessive fishing, and today it has reached almost critical by its measures limit. Due to rapid reduce of the fish amount, on the markets they start to replace the lutjanus with more affordable fish kinds. Thus, they often use Tilapia and Sea bass. However, it is not as much horrible as overdue or transported with violations to our markets lutjanus.

Sushi Shops

Buying in a shop sushi or rolls, everyone should take into consideration that most of them are made of the fish that can be called of the highest quality. Tuna, for example, is often processed with carbon monoxide to make it have red tasty look and to prolong its shelf life. If being frozen tuna still has bright red colour, then chemical substances are used here for sure.

Freshness of fish can be seen by its outward look. Also, you need to think twice before buying rolls in a shop, because often such products are cooked in other places and then just delivered to the shops. Not always clients have opportunity to check the real expiration date, as well as conditions, in which the sushi is cooked.

We hope that this essay on kinds of fish that are better to avoid was useful and instructive for you. If you need help in essay creation, we strongly recommend to give preference to our highly qualified team of professionals. Get more information about us, our activity and services on our site in special sections.

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