A Few Interesting Facts About Advertising


It is difficult to imagine the modern world without all kinds of advertising. And this is not surprising, because the modern successful advertising is a good pledge of trade. And trade is everywhere, wherever you look. Advertising can be everywhere: on ordinary paper ads, in newspapers, magazines, Internet sites, on the radio, on TV and even in SMS-alerts. Wherever you go, colorful and bright advertising will always greet you on the streets.

Today writing an academic paper service decided to talk a little more about such a widespread phenomenon as advertising. We will examine in detail the history of its appearance and development, and also we will surprise you with several ridiculous but truthful facts about modern advertising. Do not be surprised, advertising and its creators also have their secrets, they just do not know how to keep them in silence. If you have questions or can’t cope with the writing tasks, please, contact us. I am sure, that among our services you will find something useful for you. We are always ready to help you.

20 amazing facts about advertising

1) I'm sure that everyone saw the advertising of cat food. Home pets are now very popular and cat food producers are trying to overtake their competitors. So, when you see the moment on the screen when the cat food is broken in half, be sure - you do not see the real food, but only pies from fast food. That's it, so do not even hope that the purchased food will look like as in the picture. The main and detailed information about our company you can find on the Internet.

2) Is there any person on the Earth, who has not seen how beautifully and aromatically beer is foaming on TV screens? You just want to try this drink at the same moment. But what do you say if you learn that a thick white foam is just the result of adding detergent or washing powder?

3) Today billboards are not new even in Africa. But it was not always so. The first billboard was installed in America. It was 1990, since then huge billboards began to spread instantly around the world. People quickly appreciated their functionality. After all, you can see the billboard at any time, you do not need to go to the store, be online, watch TV or listen to the radio. You just walk in the street, drive a car and advertising fulfills its mission.

4) Advertising of cold drinks can not do without beautiful crystal ice cubes. Be sure, they are not real, but made of acrylic. Bubbles by the way are done with the help of a detergent. A cutlet, which emits a delicious shine was pre-sprayed with ordinary hair spray. This is done in order to give the dish an appetite look, because real sunflower oil is very quickly absorbed into the product.

5) You are wrong if you think that creating an advertisement is not a very profitable business. Take for example Life magazine, it managed to earn about 100 million dollars on advertising. Sounds impressive, right? Read about the secrets of the successful ad campaigns.

6) Advertising is not a sign of the modern world. It was used many centuries ago. Rome has always been known for its development, so it is not surprising that in ancient Rome there was also advertising. It is true, it was very peculiar and absolutely illegal. In the city often there were gladiatorial fights, animal fairs or slaves fairs. It was very convenient to notify people about this, if you write important ads simply on the walls of houses. The city authorities tried to combat this phenomenon, but not always successfully.

Also in this section:

7) A very cunning publicity strategy was invented by a Mike Shustov. The man was engaged in an interesting industry and produced cognac. He hired several active students, their task was to visit different taverns and demand exactly Shustov’s cognac. And if it turned out that the tavern does not sell this drink - young people made scandals. All these stories were quickly published on the pages of newspapers and cognac became extremely popular. I think every gentleman wanted to try this scandalous drink (essay on alcoholism is here).

8) At one time “Harley Davidson” (motorcycle manufacturer) came up with its own system of discounts for those bikers who had a tattoo with his name.

9) This fact about advertising is very impressive. Once, in 1910, the real criminal was going to be executed. Of course, a huge crowd of curious people gathered in front of the scaffold. Before his death, the man shouted: buy Van Gutten's cocoa! Interesting words before the death, is not it? Of course, this case was colorfully described in the newspapers, and people like crazy rushed to buy Van Gutten cocoa. They say that the owner paid a considerable amount of money to the family of the murdered man, so that he shouted this phrase to the public. Sometimes students ask themselves where to proofread my essay. I recommend you this company.

10) Quentin Tarantino did not like those moments when the films showed a hidden advertisement. He did not think long and invented his own brand of goods (for example, Red Apple cigars), which quietly flashed in his movies.

11) Michael Jordan in 1992 during the awarding of the American team stood for some reason wrapped in an American flag. The reason for this strange outfit was the following: the sportsman had signed a contract with Nike long ago, but that day he was playing in shoes from Reebok. It was impossible that this fact became known to millions of fans.

12) Coco Chanel first thought of attracting celebrities to advertise her products. As you can see, this simple advertising strategy was very, very successful.

13) I think each of you bought packaging of vegetable oil. Did you see the phrase “does not contain cholesterol”? I don’t know why it always impresses buyers, they think that they buy a high-quality and original products. But this is nothing more than an ordinary publicity stunt, because cholesterol is only found in animal fat.

14) Advertising of fast food products leads in the world of advertising.

15) Once in the advertising of chewing gum, they started eating two chewing gum at once. Surprisingly, sales of chewing gums doubled instantly. It's because people also started to use two chewing gums, as they saw on TV.

16) Please, pay attention to advertising watches (especially mechanical). Almost always the arrows show 10 hours and 10 minutes. This is all because in this position they are very similar to a smile, and still they do not close the brand name.

17) MARS  company watched the movie Aliens and categorically forbade the use of their M&M's sweets for baiting an alien. Owners of the company decided that the creature was too ugly and they were worried that sales of sweets would drop sharply. As a result, the film began to use sweets Reese's Pieces. I think you will not be too surprised if you find out that the sale of Reese's Pieces has increased by 65%. You never know where you will find your luck.

18) In the course of 65 years of life, an ordinary American manages to view about two million advertising videos.

19) The most expensive advertising in the world was advertising of Chanel. It costed 33 million dollars, 3 million received only Nicole Kidman, who was shot in the video.

20) Not the whole world today is obsessed with advertising. A small town in Brazil (Sao Paulo), since 2007 does not use advertising signs and banners. The mayor decided that it polluted the city and refused this kind of advertising.

How, where, why and when the first advertisement appeared

The fact that advertising now exists at every place does not mean that it has always been in this way. Everything in this world has its beginning. But the first advertising has appeared long before the existence of the present civilization.

In ancient Egypt people came up with the use of papyrus to report the sale of slaves. Ancient Greece and Rome (https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/coming-back-to-the-ancient-rome) did not lag behind the Egyptians, they came up with important messages on wax or wooden boards, sometimes on the walls of houses. Often people wrote something on the stones (graffiti), this can also be attributed to a kind of advertising. Now the main task of advertising is to make sure that the advertised goods people buy as often as possible, but at that times people just wanted to tell the others that soon there will be a certain event.

1472 brought the world's first print ads. It was in London, one of the churches printed an announcement that a prayer book was being sold. Printed typewriters at that time already existed for more than 20 years, it is unknown why no one had thought of printing ads before. But after the first printed announcement, the following quickly began to appear and the French king decided to limit this activity. The death penalty threatened those who dare to hang posters or other messages around the city.

The address bureau was established in 1629. Here, people brought their ad if they wanted to sell something, buy, exchange, hire employees or make a deal. Within a few months of existence the bureau became very popular and was allowed to distribute advertising information throughout the whole France. This was the first step that contributed to the appearance of a real newspaper, in which various kinds of reports were published.

The very first advertisement in France was the advertisement of mineral waters. By the way, already at that time people have known different modern marketing tricks. By the way, the newspaper did not oust the address bureau, it was still existed and printed its own bulletin.

This advertising edition appeared in the UK and was called simply Public Advertiser. Here advertising of a different kind was mixed (posters of theatrical performances, advertising of food products, drinks, announcements about people search, sales of animals and so on).

Five years later, England could already boast of the first advertising agency. Then advertising began to develop slowly but surely: the appearance of photo advertising was recorded in American magazines, these were photographs of cereals (1839); the first radio advertisement (1920), the appearance of advertising on television (1941). TV commercials were very primitive at first, but it was a huge step forward towards a profitable advertising business. Different academic writing services USA are one of the best.

Modern advertising

Today, advertising has surpassed itself. Marketers have learned a lot of secret tricks and for many years successfully influence the subconscious of people. About the skills and influence of advertising people talked and wrote a lot as it really has tremendous success. If you still watch TV shows on TV, then I think even half of the episode you will not be able to watch without a break on advertising. Whether you are in the city or driving along an abandoned highway - billboards will be everywhere.

Millions of shopping centers regularly send you sms alerts about sales, promotions and gifts. At the same time, where and how they received your number, if you have never been a buyer in their stores, no one knows (https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/money-is-not-everything-essay-great-role-of-money). The world of advertising is so huge and influential that it is almost impossible to destroy it. And there is no need, because modern man is a part of this world. No one forced you to buy this or that product, but if you still become a victim of advertising, then this is your personal problem.

So, now you've learned something interesting and funny about advertising. I really hope that this essay was useful to you. Pay attention to ads and advertising, but do not buy one which you do not need at that moment. Chosse our  if you want to order different types of papers.

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