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Today the academic writing help service invite you to come back to the past. On the website are described all our services, there are a lot of them, so that everyone can choose something for themselves. We are going to visit the ancient Rome and get to know much interesting information about this place. I am sure that this essay will appeal to all those who love history, travel and hilarious adventures. Italy is a beautiful and romantic country, in which a cheerful people live, who loves to tell stories and at the same time gesticulate a lot. I think the Italians you will immediately recognize from thousands of foreigners. At once, I will say that if possible, visit this country obligatorily. Rome is really something magnificent. Our company helps to free time by writing written tasks for you.

Ancient Rome is one of the greatest states of Antiquity. The state was in the territory of modern Italy. Rome was named in honor of the founder - Romulus. He was known for his customs, gladiatorial fights, Colosseum, Emperors, etc. And it’s time to read 16 interesting facts about Ancient Rome.

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The Secrets Of Ancient Rome

1) I know that you probably heard about gladiators, arenas and battles. There is no sense in explaining what kind of people they were and what they were doing. Now I want to tell you a bit about Italian cosmetics, but not modern cosmetics. Did you know that near the gladiator arenas the gladiator's sweat was selling, as well as animal fat, in special flacons? Do you want to know why? And why I talked about cosmetics? In fact, sweat and fat were bought by Italian women and used as substances for cosmetics. I know, it does not sound very nice, but apparently the result was worth it.

2) The Romans were a good people and often they were very fond of the holidays and of course honored their traditions. So in ancient Rome there was such a holiday as the Saturnalia. This is a huge festival, which was organized in honor of the god Saturn. I think most of all this holiday was loved by slaves. Why? They received a number of special privileges. For example, they could dine at the same table with the hosts. It even happened that the owners themselves set the table for their slaves. Is not it an interesting custom? At least once a year the poor peasants were honored as true gentlemen.

3) I used to think that in ancient times it was considered to be abnormal men to have sexual intercourse with other men. But the Romans also distinguished themselves here, especially the poor Emperor Claudius. The poor fellow had to endure derision. And then for what reason! It turns out the Emperor only had sexual intercourse with women. And in those days it was believed that if you have connections only with girls, then you will become like a girl. Strange and stupid, but the fact remains.

4) You know about the good tradition, when after the marriage, the young couple kisses each other. This tradition came to us from ancient Rome. Then the kiss was not just a formality, it was a kind of sign that the marriage was concluded.

5) Have you ever heard that phrase back to your native penates? In general, it is necessary to understand it as to return to your home. This phrase also came to us from Ancient Rome. In those times, the Romans had gods who were considered guardians of the home. They were called Penates. Pious Romans kept the images in their houses as a god, so when they returned home, they often said I returned to my native Penates.

6) It's unlikely that you will guess where and why the money began to be called in this way. The fact is that in Rome there was a goddess Juno, you most likely know about her. In those days it was also called Moneta. And for them it meant a counselor. It happened that near the temple of Juno there were such workshops where people made metal money, which as a result was called coins. Then the word “money” appeared.

7) Unfortunately, debauchery took a special place in the life of the ancient Romans. It was such a popular and normal voyage that the Romans even issued a special monetary currency. Spineries are ancient Roman coins depicting sexual intercourse. These coins were made specifically to pay them in brothels.

8) I do not know why the Romans so loved the bloody spectacles. What interest or pleasure is to watch when a person really hurts and dies? But in reality, bloody actions could be seen not only in arenas with gladiators. True tortures and murders were also occurred in amateur theaters. If the play implied the murder, then everything happened in reality. Just an actor who played a man who must be killed, at the last moment was substituted for a man sentenced to death. And he really died in front of the public. Order the different papers at custom dissertation writing service.

9) The emperor Caligula was a rather oddball guy. Once, it occurred to him to declare war on the sea god Neptune. The war was that the soldiers threw the sea with their spears. Caligula also came up with the idea of introducing his own horse to the senate. Well, as they say, the rich have their quirks.

10) Well, this emperor also distinguished himself with a special mind and gumption. Emperor Vespasian came up with a tax on urine. In fact, the Romans were a cultural people even many centuries ago. The first toilets were invented in this city. The essence of the tax on urine consisted in the following: from the very beginning not all toilets were combined into one drain. Often, under the toilet in the ground, a container was buried, which sooner or later became full. The emperor also came up to sell urine to the laundresses and tannins. They used it for economic purposes. So nothing was lost. Soon appeared the phrase Money does not smell.

11) A leap year has also appeared thanks to the famous Roman Julius Caesar.

12) The Romans often took part in different wars and everything was worked out to the last details. For example, warriors were always under control, they even lived according to a special scheme. The army was usually housed in tents. Each tent housed only ten people. Among these ten was the chief, who was called Dean.

13) It was very difficult for doctors to live in ancient Rome. They carried terrible responsibility for the life of their patients. For example, if it came to surgery and the patient was dying, then the doctor was severely punished. Do you want to know how? ( He was simply cut off by both hands and this was his last operation. Yes, this world is completely unfair.

14) Slavery was very popular in ancient Rome. But the interesting will be the fact that the number of slaves was about 40% of the total population of the city. Most Romans could not do with one slave.

15) Probably there is no such person who would not have heard of the famous Colosseum and would not want to look at the ruins. Just imagine how much blood was spilled in this arena. The size of the arena is really impressive. At one time here could gather about 200 000 curious spectators. Thousands of people gathered here for one purpose - have fun. They watched with delight the battles of the gladiators, animal raids, sea battles. But of course, Colosseum is one of the most striking monuments of ancient architecture.

16) The Romans honored and respected their rulers. They cared even about the afterlife of the emperors. For example, when the emperor died, they needed to release the eagle to freedom. It was believed that the bird relates the soul of the deceased to heaven. It was the eagle that symbolized the god of Jupiter.

After reading this essay, you probably wanted to see Rome and Italy (  Of course, in the modern capital you will not find such traditions. And thank God. Let the past remain in the past. The world has changed significantly since then, but still the ruins and reflections of the past years continue to impress modern tourists. Believe me, this online trustful essay editor is one of the best.

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