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Academic essays writing companies can reveal an image of the modern student, as they have enough experience of working with the teenagers.

What do you know about the current generation of the students? It doesn’t look like the previous one at all. The contemporary world opens a lot of prospects in front of the teenagers. Our team has been working with the students for more than 10 years. We can definitely infer that the young people are not the same as they used to be at all. Living in the dynamic contemporary world, they have to cope with a lot of difficulties every day. Studying, work, self-development, relationships take so much time. The mission of our company is to solve the students’ problems by making their life carefree and vivid.  We want all the teenagers to realize their potentials. Dwelling on the routine tasks can distract from the important projects. Do you want to sacrifice your time and efforts to dull unnecessary assignments? Our company is specialized in professional essays, qualitative research papers, and first-rate dissertations. We know the standards of the American and European universities and colleges. All our authors have the highest academic levels of education. We will write any text for you. Our editors and proofreaders can make any papers excellent. Our support team has no breaks and days off. We understand that you can have urgent tasks, so we are always available. Think about the opportunities, which will be opened in front of you if you use our services. Determine the right priorities in your life. Concentrate your efforts on worthwhile things and delegate secondary tasks to our company.  

Having enough experience working with the teenagers our company decided to show an image of the modern student. Moreover, we walked around the campuses, asking people about their ways of life. Our company, providing competent academic writing and proofreading services, investigated this issue by reading the materials on the mass media and studying the scientific papers too. Our knowledge and skills helped us systematize the data and write this post for you.

The student movement has always been the most progressive part of the society. These young people are always in the loop of the latest events. They generate the greatest number of ideas all over the world. Sometimes, their concepts can be crazy, still, many of them successfully find the practical implementation. Are you lucky to study at the college or at the university at present? Do you realize that you belong to the most tech-savvy generation of students?

Perhaps, you have certain misunderstandings with your parents or grandparents. The reason for them is a gap between the generations. How do your relatives perceive you? Your grandmother thinks that you are a computer genius, doesn’t she? Your mother can suppose that you are a lazybones ignoring the studying and spending all your time with the gadgets. Yet, what does a modern teenager really look like?

As a rule, when we hear the word “student” we imagine a young person attending the university or college. How do we notice him or her in the crowd? We are looking for a teenager with a bag full of textbooks and books. In fact, the image of the modern student has changed over the last 20 years significantly. Our skillful online assignments company revealed that these changes result from the defined factors.

  • Access to information opens new learning opportunities.  Nowadays it’s not so difficult to find the data you need. The Internet has become an enormous library with millions of books, newspapers, magazines, scientific papers, etc. The students don’t spend hours in the traditional libraries, looking for the necessary materials anymore.
  • Modern technologies make the life of all people more comfortable. New devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and cameras simplify the studying process a lot.
  • Globalization processes blur the borders between different countries and nationalities, making the students more tolerant and intelligent.
  • Development of the fair competition. Nowadays the knowledge and the skills are the only important means to reach success. Democratic principles exclude such factors of the personal growth as nepotism, caste-based differentiation, and nationality.

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Opportunity to use companies for academic paper writing online and other features of the modern students

The authors of our popular academic essay writing service graduated the universities long ago. However, they continue studying, as they want to keep pace with the current trends in the education sphere. They attend additional courses, lectures, and workshops. Therefore, they meet teenagers not only on the Internet while writing assignments for them, but in the reality too. The task to reveal the main features of the modern student was very entertaining for them. They could compare themselves to the teenagers of the contemporary world.

Apparently, the students are the most vivid representatives of their generation. Nowadays they have the following characteristics.

  • Peculiarities of the learning process. The students usually multitask today. They can write a college paper, discuss the last party with friends on Facebook, post pictures on Instagram, and watch a film on TV at the same time. Nevertheless, they have more difficulties with the concentration in comparison with their predecessors. The students are becoming less attentive. According to the scientific research, in 2000 the teenager could concentrate the attention during 12 seconds, in 2012 he or she could do it only for 8 seconds. In most cases, they don’t investigate the problem properly. They try to find ready answers asking Google, for instance. In fact, the modern students often compensate for the lack of the real experience with the unproven information from the Internet. In most cases, they get superficial data instead of the in-depth knowledge. In some cases, online services can really help. However, be careful while ordering them. For instance, if you want to buy a college research paper, trust only reliable companies. 
  • The average age of the student is not 18 - 20 years anymore. Many people come to the universities when they are 25, for instance. The teenagers don’t rush to enter the colleges right after the school graduation. They want to try their forces in different spheres or even work first.
  • Attitude to education. The students take the studying more serious than ever before. Understanding the necessity of the knowledge and skills in the contemporary world, teenagers pay attention to the self-education and additional specialized courses. Nevertheless, today students feel the gap between the theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Therefore, they pay more attention to their internships rather than to the studying process. The number of the excellent students' decreases. However, it doesn’t mean that the teenagers are becoming less intelligent.  The truth is that they don’t study to get good marks only. They want to develop their intellectual resources too.
  • Attitude to bad habits. It is a pleasant fact to know that the students are not so addicted to smoking, drugs, and alcohol as they were before. The traditional cigarettes are replaced by the electronic variants. Most of them don’t contain nicotine.  Nowadays the teenagers take a more serious approach to their health in comparison with other generations. For instance, the students have a more negative attitude towards drugs
  • Priority subjects and disciplines.  Nowadays the students prefer to study modern technologies and foreign languages. It’s obvious that these spheres are the future of our world. Choosing a profession, the teenagers make independent decisions.  The families don’t influence them a lot anymore.
  • The level of the students’ wealth. Today education is not a privilege of the rich people only anymore. The scholarships and the opportunity to combine work and studying make it available to the middle class too. Studying at the colleges most of the students don’t take money from their parents. They live independently and prefer to rent a flat rather than to live in a dormitory.
  • Tech-savvy generation. Nowadays the students use the Internet and electronic versions of the books instead of the traditional literature. In most cases, they don’t make notes by hand relying on their gadgets.  Virtual reality is capturing the minds of the modern students. It’s not about the communication only. The Internet enables remote jobs and distant studying. In addition, there are a lot of online services helping with writing tasks and academic papers, in particular.
  • Internal world of the modern student has changed over the last 20 years too.  The teenagers are becoming more pragmatic. They don’t think about families and children until they are 30 years old. They are mainly focused on their careers. The students have become more ambitious. They don’t only dream big but make real efforts to reach their goals.
  • Leisure time. The students still spend their free time in nightclubs, trade centers, cinemas, cafes, sports clubs. They also go abroad on vacations more often than before. The low-cost tickets and couch surfing make these trips possible.
  • Political views. Almost every student has a conscious citizen position today. The information concerning politics is available for everyone. Having analyzed the data from the open sources, the student can easily make up his or her mind. The liberal and democratic beliefs are becoming more popular among the teenagers.
  • Communication. The students spend less time with friends in reality, as they are more concentrated on their careers.  Still, the social media helps them compensate for the lack of these contacts. Approximately nine hours are devoted to social platforms every day. This figure is about the teenagers. It seems that they are constantly online, renewing their statuses practically every day. 
  • Romantic of the student time is not the same today.  The sororities and fraternities don’t make so many carefree pranks as they used to do before. The teenagers are becoming more serious. They are focused on the studying process but not on the entertainment.
  • Food trends. Nowadays the students pay much attention to their nutrition. They follow the healthy way of life trying new systems such as vegetarianism, for instance.

          As a result of our investigation, we have the following image of an average modern student. He or she is an unmarried teenager, combining work and studying. This person has a serious approach to life and great ambitions. The modern student lives independently, renting a flat. He or she is digitally literate and follows the modern trends. The gadget is an inherent attribute of the today’s teenager.

          Being a representative of the current generation, you can be a bright example of the student image too. Let it be a positive-thinking enthusiastic man with shining eyes, creative ideas, and strong will. For our part, we will make everything possible to help you in your student life.

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