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Studying in another country. What to expect

There are many students who decided after school leave not their native city but the country. The reasons for this decision can be different: someone wants to travel and start a new life far from home, someone wants to be independent from his parents, someone can’t choose the perfect university in own country etc. However, moving to another country is not only exciting and interesting, it is very difficult and can cause many different problems. Today in this post we decided to talk about main of them.

You are young and full of energy, I know that you are sure that everything will be okay, you will pass all the tests successfully, buy a ticket on the plain and move to another country. But ready to face different problems which you did not even think about. To live in another country is more difficult than in another city. The prospects are great but there are many difficulties on the way and the students are not always happy and prosperous. But what are we talking about? Read the following list and it will help you to avoid many difficult situations or will help you not to give up and find the right solution.

1) The language barrier. I hope that if you decide to enter the university in another country you think about how you will communicate with people and in what language you will study. I am sure that you took this decision not at the last minute and had time to learn the foreign language. And soon you will practice everything you have learned. Even if you know the foreign language perfect, I guarantee you that you will have different colloquial difficulties in conversations. Believe me, you can’t learn the language in the best way if you did not live in that country or spend some time with native speakers.

Everything you read in the textbooks (rules, transcription, examples etc.) can be useless for you. In everyday life (at the shop, at university, at the cinema, in park etc.) you can have different funny situations connected with language. You can be sure that express your thoughts in the right way, but people will not understand you. Or the teacher will ask you to do something and you will not understand what exactly. Be ready for this, especially for the first months. You should understand, that you are a newcomer here and thanks to your worries you can forget a lot of foreign words and set expressions. But don’t be upset, it is real to overcome the language barrier and soon you will adapt, and this country become your second home.

2) Mentality. You know that there are different mentalities in different countries. For some students, it is not a problem but for others it will become a great surprise, You can check if changing the mentality is difficult for you only if you move to another country. New traditions and customs can seem strange for you. Not every student can accept them and become the part of the certain society. Lack of understanding and a feeling of deep loneliness can also have a bad effect on your studying of an international student. You are wrong if you think that it is so easy to live in a new society and that everyone will be happy to see you there. But it is much easier for young people to change the society than for the adults. Try it and show everyone what you are capable of.

3) Lack of relatives and friends. Student hostel abroad - this is one multinational family, but it is not easy to get used to it. I guarantee you that you will miss your family and friends very much. Even if now you get tired of them and want to go ways. You will miss your favorite jokes, memories and different funny situations when you were happy together.

Even if you are very communicative person, be ready that your new friends in a new country will be never the same as previous ones. New friends don’t know you perfectly, I mean your habits, strangeness and weakness. And it will be a long time before you will be able to understand and respect each other, you will have to go through many difficulties together and only then your friendship will become real. Be prepared for the fact that many things you will have to start from the very beginning.

4) Financial problems. Even if you are going to have a scholarship it does not mean that you will be almost financially independent. On our website you can read about financial stability ( Remember that you are not at home, where you know all the shops where the products or clothes are cheaper. It is important to understand that financial difficulties cannot be avoided, and there are two ways out of the current situation - material support from your favorite parents or part-time work. By the way, the second option is chosen by most students to somehow improve their financial situation.

And now you have another task - to combine work and study. It is not difficult in general but not for the newcomers. You need time to adapt in the society, to become a part of your student team and then find a perfect job for you.

We looked through the main difficulties students meet when they came to another country for studying. I know this list I can continue and continue for a long time. But now I want to say a few words to you in the encouragement.

Always remember, that if the fate gave you chance to study abroad - use it and you will never regret this decision. Of course, it will be difficult, but you are young and if you passed all the examinations, then you are one of the best! And you will do it! You can study abroad! Be ready for difficulties but also be ready to solve the problems yourself. Your friends and parents can’t be always with you and help you. But you will be always with yourself!

Summing up, it only remains to add that studying in another country has a lot of difficulties, but it does not mean that it is not worth to go there. Remember, that future of the higher education depends on you. If you are ready to face the problem, then you will be ready to find the right solution. The main thing is to discuss all the pros and cons and to look at things realistically. After studying abroad you will become a new person and you will never be the same. You will become morally stronger, you will be able to overcome different difficulties not asking for a help other people, learn how to live independently and earn money and study at the same time, you will become more appreciated by family and friends. Well tell me now, isn't it wonderful?

From my own experience, I can tell you, that I risked, left my friends and family and move to another country for some time. I can’t even explain how it was difficult for me for the first two months. Problems with languages, different misunderstandings, no friends just strangers around you. I cried in the evenings and asked myself what I am doing here. But I realized one thing - I can’t come back home now. I am not a loser and I will not give up. And thanks God, I did it! I overcame many problems, found new friends, became the part of friendly team. And I cried when it was time to come back home. I missed my family and friends, but a part of my heart was already taken by this another country.

Wherever you are, never give up. Remember there are no desperate situations, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Also do not forget about our company, we are always ready to help with the writing homework. Maybe you are a foreign student in our country, then our services are also perfect for you. Employees are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have a wide staff of employees, we can serve many students at the same time. Order term paper on the site and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you want to write a short paper, then our writers will do it in a few hours. The prices and quality of papers will definitely surprise you. Stay with our economical college essays helper and student life will become much easier and more fun!

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