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Almost all students attend lectures throughout the semester, try to do assignments on time but most of them are upset when they see their topic of academic or term paper for the first time. There is always no time to write a paper and not because you received this task late, but because these tasks are given beforehand. Most of the students are sure that there will be plenty of time, so they will all succeed. And then it turns out that it's necessary to hand in your paper on Monday and today it's Friday. So you have to ask our term paper services for a help, because you understand that once you have not written an essay for a month, then for two days you will not write exactly. And now the time of writers from our custom college essay writing service comes. They are like wizards from a fairy tale ready to fulfill any of your wishes, if it is connected with the writing papers.

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To write the term or academic paper themselves can only those students who absolutely understand their topic and also know how to express their thoughts on paper. The rest of the students will find someone who can write a paper for them. There are hundreds of proposals for writing papers. On the Internet the number of sites, providing these services, is continuously increasing every day. But not every resource can boast of good writers for this kind of tasks.

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How to stop being afraid to communicate with people

Often it's terrible for young people to talk to a stranger. In such awkward situations a person worries a lot, it's noticeably how pale he is, how his hands tremble, and he wants to turn around and leave as he does not know what to say and why. When I observe such situations, I feel sorry for young people and I also worry about them. Today we will talk about how to behave properly, so that your speech can be convincing and interesting. It is not enough just to know and understand what you are talking about. It is very important to speak correctly!

Also in this section:

Tips how to speak correctly

1) Before the conversation, write down  the main phrases of the forthcoming speech. You should be polite, but do not use a lot of unnecessary words in a conversation. Using them, you can demonstrate your excitement and confusion and also take other people's precious time.

2) Clearly formulate each of your thoughts. Note that a lot of background information reduces the credibility of your speech. It often happens that a person wants to say a lot of information or interesting facts and at last the conversation looks like a real mess. The person hurries to finish the thought, worrying about not forgetting to say something and so on. Therefore, it is difficult for others to perceive this kind of speech. Pull yourself together, keep calm and remember the sequence of your speech. I'm not saying that you will always have a sheet of paper with the items on the plan. It happens only when you make a report. But you need to learn how to quickly make a plan and keep it in mind. Then it will be much easier, you will talk about everything in order and do not confuse your listeners.

3) When you are speaking, you cannot stay, staring at one point. If there is a group of people in front of you, do not choose a “sacrifice” for yourself, at which you will stare all the time. So you can embarrass a person and both of you will feel bad about it. Try to look carefully at everybody who is present. Do not look at the ceiling, floor, surroundings during the conversation. If it is difficult for you to look at people, then at first look just ahead. But from time to time, take a look around the entire audience, because their behavior and expression of the eyes will tell you a lot about the reaction to your words. In this way you will be able to understand whether people listen to you or not.

4) Make pauses during a conversation but do not lose visual contact with the interlocutors. Pauses in your speech are important. When a person talks incessantly, it is noticeable that he is nervous or not sure about his words. Such people have one desire - to finish the speech as soon as possible and go away. But the listeners still have to understand the information that you are talking about. So do not rush. Speak clearly and only on the topic.

5) Activity and keeping the initiative in the conversation will help you come to the logical conclusion, even if someone from the interlocutors tries to interrupt you and change the topic of conversation. Do not pay attention to it. Listen to all the comments and politely continue your thought. You cannot let other people spoil your pleasure of speaking. They may or may not agree with you, but this does not give anyone the opportunity to change the subject of the conversation, if he did not start it. Be able to respect the opinion of other people but do not forget that you should also be respected by your interlocutors.

6) Try to speak out in understandable way and use as few terms as possible (only if it's not a scientific report). If you can’t avoid the different terms, then immediately explain the concepts used in your speech. This will show your respect for the interlocutors and indicate your literacy and designation in this matter. You will be able to explain everything if you really understand what you are talking about. Among your interlocutors there may be people who did not graduate Oxford and Harvard, so make sure that your speech will be clear to everyone. Otherwise, you will lose several listeners. You know, that cool tech gadgets that we use every day substitute the real communication with people.

7) Be an interactive person. Ask if everybody understands everything clearly, ask questions about the topic. In other words, talk with the audience from time to time. You are not a lecturer at last. And people will fall asleep during the conversation as it is too boring just listen and not take part in the conversation. Talking with the interlocutors, you will notice misunderstandings or other problems and will be able to eliminate them.

8) Smile to your interlocutors. Nothing brings people together like a smile. But remember that it must be sincere and real. Nobody will react to the standard smile, try to smile with eyes.

You cannot immediately learn how to properly talk with people around you. But practice constantly and you will become an interesting, persuasive and self-confident interlocutor. If it is possible, then try often communicate with strangers. It will be a great experience for you.

Fear of communication is easy to overcome if you really want to. Students when at first time find themselves into the environment of strangers begin to worry and fear. They are afraid of responsibility and I can understand it. Read also our response essay -  It is quite normal as you are for the first time far from parents and only begin to understand what an adult life is. Sometimes, to overcome the fear of communication, you need a certain situation. For example, it happened to me. By nature, I am a very sociable person, but when I am among strangers I can just sit and be silent, although there are thoughts in my mind that could be shared. When I moved to another country I did not know the language, I had to learn to live a new life. In my hometown, I rarely had to negotiate or resolve issues with strangers. I had always friends who did it for me and better than me. But now I was in a completely different society, I would be glad to ask something, but I did not know how to say it in another language. And it would seem a stupid situation, but I had to overcome my fear, I had to look for a job and to survive. So, if I wanted to or not, I had to talk to strangers in an unknown language. And I have to admit that I did well. I changed myself, I stopped being afraid and ashamed that they would not understand me. I often used an online translator until I learned a lot of phrases and words. Thus, life in a foreign country contributed to the fact that I quickly learned to communicate with strangers. When I returned to my country, I was genuinely surprised at how easy it is to talk to people when you know the language perfectly. And why didn’t I do this before? The answer is obvious, because I was afraid. I wish you to overcome your fears and embarrassment. Believe in yourself and you will succeed!

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