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In the world there are many religions, each of which has its own doctrines. Our country is completely Christian, but it seems to me, that not all people think about the foundations of faith and Christianity in general. How then it turns out that while we are young, we do not have time for church, religiosity and unfortunately for God. But with age people start to think about eternal things. Many are scared when they finally understand that, then life will end sooner or later. And what will happen next? Sometimes people remember about God, when it's hard for them, they have illnesses or other problems.

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From the very beginning I want to say that if you were born in a Christian country, in a Christian family and do not deny God, sometimes you visit the church - this does not mean that you are a Christian. One person said: a strange thing, as soon as I come to church so constantly the Easter is. The secret is that you need to visit the church not only once a year for Easter, when it is so customary in your country (

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Christians believe in God. I think this is clear to everyone. They are sure that God is a triune: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Once more than two thousand years ago God the Father sent to the world His beloved and only son Jesus. He became an ordinary baby, who was born in a stable, and his mother was a good and humble girl Mary ( Looking at this kid, who did not even have a comfortable crib, it was difficult to guess about the huge mission that He had to fulfill. But still there were people who knew that the little boy Jesus, the son of Mary and Joseph (as everyone thought) was a special child.

Jesus grew up as an ordinary child and only the closest people can notice strange things (escape to Jerusalem, the temple, the teaching of adult priests). Mary understood that her boy would not always be with her. Later Jesus start traveling and teaching, He chose 12 close friends to whom he told more than the rest.

Jesus became a public man, and of course He had many enemies. Many times people wanted to catch or kill Him. This man had not yet fulfilled his mission, so no one could prevent him from bringing the matter to the end. Jesus was like all of us, he wanted to eat and drink, he felt pain and joy, loved his friends and relatives. But one thing distinguished Him from the rest of the people - He did not sin and His love was special. He taught a lot about love, forgiveness, repentance, kindness. His teaching was always confirmed by actions.

He was called Jesus Christ, and all who followed His teachings were called Christians. Besides the fact that Jesus taught a lot, he still created miracles. This especially attracted people and made His enemies very angry. Jesus could feed 5,000 people with only 5 loaves and 2 fish. He could heal people and even rise from the dead. Thousands of people came to Him for help and some actually accepted Him as the Messiah. He warned that he would die for the sins of the whole world but the third day will rise again. His friends and disciples believed in Him and expected that He would save Israel. Jesus saved Israel (and not only), but not in such a way as people imagined it.

A few years later, they decided to kill Jesus. And how horrible it is to crucify on the cross for the crimes of which He never committed. Thus His mission was coming to its end. The scene of the crucifixion was accompanied by great signs. Many began to realize that this Man was really not like everyone else. Before his death, Jesus sincerely forgives everyone. He died for all people, thereby giving us forgiveness.

Because there are two worlds: material and spiritual. In the spiritual world there is hell and paradise. If a person sins he deserves hell, but because Jesus already paid a great price for the sins of all mankind, now each of us can ask for forgiveness from Him, correct mistakes and live the good, after death come to Paradise.

After the crucifixion of Jesus, all of His friends were terribly upset and disappointed. They accidentally forgot that their Friend was to be resurrected. Three days dragged slowly, the events of recent years did not go from memory, and they remembered the words of their Teacher and did not understand how they could be so mistaken. Maybe until the last everyone believed that Jesus would come down from the cross or another miracle would happen? But for the third day it's all over. If you have problems with studying, buy academic essays - and do not worry about it anymore.

Suddenly strange messages began to reach the students. All the news was of the one Jesus is alive and seen. Finally, everything cleared up and fell into place. Jesus really turned out to be the Messiah and Savior, even death could not hold Him. Now Jesus was returning to Heaven to His Father. All the difficulties were left behind, He said goodbye to his friends and went home. Jesus promised to return, and meanwhile He sent an assistant of the Holy Spirit to the Earth. The Holy Spirit did not come in the human person, but His help is simply invaluable to many Christians.

An essay on the development of Christian doctrine

The whole life of Jesus is described in the Bible in the New Testament. The Bible was written by different people, different professions (they were not writers), just God Himself said what to write down. Below we list the main Christian doctrines.

All Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah and that no one is able to be saved without Him. Only Jesus gives us a chance to correct, because He loves us, loves us as we are. For Christians, there is no higher reward than fulfilling the will of God. And God commanded all to love, to do good, to help the needy, to forgive the offenders, to preach the gospel and in everything to be an example. Jesus lived as he said.

Christians know for sure that:

1) All Scripture is inspired by God. God not only chose events that should be mentioned, but even words, because people were in the presence of God when they wrote the Bible. The Holy Scripture has no mistakes, it is the guide of the faith of Christians, God reveals himself to people in this book.

2) In the world there is only one God, He has always existed and will never disappear. Never.

3) The Lord Jesus Christ is the perfect God and man. He does not and cannot have flaws.

4) Man was created perfect, but he sinned. Since the time of the fall of Adam, every human being is sinful in nature.

5) God gave salvation to the people. Salvation is liberation from sin and the opportunity to live forever with God in paradise. Thus, the death of Jesus became the only hope of people all over the world and all times. This is a huge sacrifice that saved billions. It was Jesus who reconciled God and man through his death.

6) Christians who are members of different local churches carry out certain ordinances: water baptism and Holy Communion (the evening of love). Both decisions were left to us by Jesus, since He fulfilled them while He was on the Earth.

7) Baptism with the Holy Spirit. Christians who have accepted Jesus as their savior can receive the Holy Spirit.

8) Sanctification and dedication. People decide to dedicate their lives to God, fulfill his will (God's will is to live on earth we glorify Him, preach the Gospel and develop the congregation of believers) and try to avoid evil in every possible way.

9) Resurrection from the dead. Christians believe that Jesus will return for them, there will be admiration for the Church. Also, all the dead will rise from the graves and go to the great court. Christians will have a new body and a new soul. They will praise the Lord in heaven forever!

10) Jesus and his faithful followers will return to Earth and will reign for 1000 years. This will be a blessed time for humanity.

About the life of Jesus Christ, we can say a lot, because He really is a worthy example for imitation. I hope that from this short essay you have understood the most important essence of Christianity. This best essay writing service is perfect one.

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