Strange Creature Or How To Understand A Man


In the previous posts published on the best academic writing paper site called we have studied various subjects and presented essays on health, history, food, technology, relationships and others. Today we are going to discuss another urgent subject, which concerns women the most, how to understand a man.

Psychologist’s advice

How to feel a partner and read his secret signs? Specialists and professionals of our site along with qualified psychologists will help our readers to figure out how it works.

Ability to understand the feelings of other person (in psychology they call it empathy) is something given to a woman by nature. The main obstacle is fear. The fear that we can make a mistake and the fear to lose a man. In such cases there can be given several recommendations.

Recommendation #1. Relax! The more flexible and perfect our body is the better receiver of signals from men and the world in general it becomes. If we are tensed and too shy, the sign about the feeling of someone else will not manage to come through the thick wall of our body and psychological protection.

Recommendation #2. Look a man into the eyes. They say that “a woman loves with the ears”. Do not be on the hook. When a man speaks, follow his sight. There are so-called keys of the eye access, when it becomes possible to guess when the words “do not go from the heart” or when a man makes something up. Specialists in neuro-linguistic programming claim that a typical “pick-up artist” looks from right up to left down. He thinks up while speaking trying to make his words sound realistically (, and after that he selects nice phrases.

Recommendation #3. Men love kind of insinuations. Let him doubt a little bit in your endless love and loyalty.

Recommendation #4. Read gestures. It is easy to tumble to man “pickup”. To attract attention of a girl in a noisy company a guy has only two tools. He will either become noisier than others, or will try to look mysteriously detached. He may start tearing the button on the shirt, crunching his fingers, making nervous intrusive movements. All this means he is nervous. He rubs his hands, shakes off dust particles from his jacket, fingers over small items. It also the obvious signs of a lie.

Recommendation #5. Listen to yourself. Suddenly it tickles in the throat, the heart shrinks, you have got bored or something like this. What feelings do his words provoke in you? Sometimes even the scarcely noticed signals of our own body appear to be more reliable than any fortune teller. It is forbidden to ignore such transparent hints of our own “I”, which tries to warn us about the real intentions of a speaker.

Recommendation #6. Pay attention to certain actions. Men, fortunately, are much more direct than women. If a man suddenly disappears for a couple of days, does not answer the text messages, turns off his phone, it is high time to think about your own conduct. Maybe you play too long “a hunter”. And besides, the role of a “caring mommy” and the role of a bellowed woman are written for different performers. Men appreciate when something is left unsaid. Let him have some doubts in your readiness to do anything possible for love.

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How to hold a man

Is it possible to bind a man to you and hold him for the entire life? Let us discourse a little bit this issue. How to hold a man? If one makes a question like this, it means there is something wrong with that person. Does any person have the right to deny a partner’s freedom? It is mot humanely, not modern and “smells” like Middle Ages. Let us look at the situation from another angle. “To hold” is a word of fear and limitation. You probably have met women, who are literally surrounded by men. Meanwhile, such women may not have unearthly beauty and philosophical manner of thinking. Their secret is different. These women do not provoke fear and worries at a man.

Recommendation #7. Say no to obsession thought. Always keep in mind the words of a great poet: “The less we love a woman, the more she loves us”. However, it also works absolutely in opposite way. A man in his essence is a hunter. An easy prey, which is additionally tries to hold him, very soon becomes not interesting. A man goes away and a couple breaks up.

Recommendation #8. New era. There is one very important influence of a new era, the era of Aquarius, which has begun at about the junction of the second and third millenniums. We are talking about the search and filling of life with sense. The sense, which does not have any relation to presence or absence of a particular person next to you. It may be anything: art, favourite work, hobby, traveling and so on. Only the sense of our life makes us free. And only then we can be an equal, interesting, inspiring partner for a man. The partner and not a heavy burden and duty. The duty to carry responsibility for a person, which considers you the only sense of its life!

Recommendation #9. Mind your words. The lovers often say such a phrase: “You are my life”. But what a burden it becomes when the flame of first passion fades away and when the real family routine begins ( And at this time calm family life may become quiet bay of joy, when two persons return form their businesses, from their personal reality to a common territory. They are glad to meet, they enjoy talking. They bring something new all the time because they do not spend in a family twenty four hours, because their development happens not only in a family context and they get energy and inspiration from outside.

This is the paradox. A person can be held only by freedom, his own and yours personal. The practice shows that firm and positive marital relations can be preserved if a woman keeps interest to life, which is not only about her husband and children. Even when she does not work officially. But when she is open to something new and fills family environment with positive condition all the time (and this is the major woman mission – to fill with energy her man, children and house), when a woman renews the atmosphere and at the same time preserves and maintains rituals that make the family bonds tighter.

Recommendation #10. Men have changed for the last half of the century. Now a lot of them willingly sit at home with children and do not mind when a woman earns more money. However, the nature of the opposite sex remains the same.

The general theory, on the base of which the common interest has appeared, should not absorb partners completely. Woman and man always have their own zones of interests. If spouses are absolutely absorbed by each other, and due to this fact they have lost their friends, then more likely soon they will face certain problems.

There is another magical phrase like “I trust you…” Pronouncing it, a woman appeals to inner perfection of a man. This perfection is a knight full of generosity and honor. If you manage to convince a man that he is the most noble and dignified for you, then probably he will try to meet your expectations. So, use this little trick.

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