Be Never Afraid Of Responsibility. Response Essay


Have you ever thought about what responsibility is? We probably hear this word every day in our life, but sometimes we just do not pay attention to it. Today we decided to talk on a very important topic that concerns every person on Earth. This essay about responsibility will be interesting and useful for everyone. If you can not cope with writing, then write to us and we will gladly help. The website provides all information about our company and the terms of cooperation.

In everyday life we have to hear this phrase very often: You must be responsible! And why should I? To whom? What for? What is responsibility in general? How to get rid of it? Writing academic English service will try to give full answers to all these questions.

Responsibility in everyday life (essay response)

So, most people talking about responsibility, think about such a definition: it is the when person is responsible for his actions, this is reliability and honesty towards others. Sooner or later we face responsibility and should be ready to take it upon ourselves. There are several types of responsibility and we will try to briefly characterize each of them.

Little kids are almost irresponsible and it's normal, because parents are responsible for them. Until a person reaches a certain age, parents take care of his life, health, safety, education, food. But when a child grows up and gets the first duties, learning to make the first decisions then comes the responsibility for one's own words, actions and thoughts. Irresponsible people are often lonely (

At first everything is easy and simple, we have no problems understanding what is good and what is bad and are ready to answer for our mistakes. But eventually the person becomes completely adult and independent and then the parents say: well, my dear daughter (son), now you will be responsible for your actions and decisions. You are already an adult and must understand everything yourself.

There is a responsibility which is fixed by the legislation of the country, there is criminal, administrative responsibility. Every citizen of different countries has specific rights and duties that are written in the Constitution or other documents, and if a person violates them he should be responsible for it. In such cases, people pay fines, can be punished, stay in prison and so on.

People always try to remember about the responsibility. For example, I think in swimming pools, gyms, large shopping centers, you often saw signs next to the storage cameras that the administration is not responsible for the safety of the personal things of the customers. Thus, people in advance warn that if something bad will happen they won’t be able to help you. And this is very correct position.

But there is another great kind of responsibility, called ethical or social. It is the responsibility that a person has exclusively for his actions in everyday life, in communicating with other people. Also, if you want to determine the types of responsibility then just put a simple question before you: responsibility to whom or what? Responsibility is individual (before oneself), parental, before friends, before the team.

As you can see, responsibility can not exist by itself, it is always considered in a certain context. Sometimes people so differently perceive responsibility, that it is very difficult to clearly define the right behavior for a person. If a person has a great responsibility for something, he can not really change anything. But people are very clever now, sometimes they often increase the scale of this or that activity and as a result it is very difficult to determine who is responsible for what. Sometimes custom writings online service is the best way to avoid writing your difficult tasks.

Responsibility is a very important feature if you occupy a high position at work and you have a group of people who subordinate to you. In this case, you are responsible for each of them. If we are talking about working in large enterprises, then being a team leader or a manager means take an enormous responsibility for the lives of your subordinates.

Also in this section:

To be a responsible person

To be honest, I have always respected and will respect those people who are ready to take responsibility for their own actions. I understand that it is very difficult to answer for oneself and especially for your loved ones. People tend to make mistakes, get into troubles and do stupid things. But this is how the world works that you have to answer for everything. Believe me, responsibility can change your life.

If we had a choice, we would always be friends only with responsible people. I understand that each person is unique and individual, but still we choose the best.

Now I want to tell you what in my understanding it means to be a responsible person. Firstly, responsible people are always serious when they need to solve various problems. They stay calm even in difficult situations, do not panic and never shirk their own obligations on to other people. Such people are always ready to go to the end and will never stop halfway. They will do everything that they promised to do and will not let their friends down. Responsible people are very careful about their behavior and try never to be late, to do their job qualitatively. After all, they understand that if they are late one time, then it will be more difficult to arrive on time, if they fail someone once, then it will be very difficult to restore confidence. Responsible people are responsible both for their actions, initiative, and for inaction. Often students ask us: proofread my essay for money. Remember, we are always online to help you.

You can say that I described an absolutely perfect person. But this is not exactly true, I know that being responsible is very difficult. Many people rely on you, believe in your honesty, conscientiousness and devotion. But people tend to make mistakes and it is normal. But ordinary people can always live in mistakes, and a responsible person if he makes a mistake, he will change everything, find the strength to analyze what happened, make the right conclusions and will be smarter. Sometimes it is useful to learn by your mistakes, although it is better to learn by the mistakes of others.

Responsible people are always independent, confident, executive, reliable, they know their vocation and achieve their goals. Believe me you can’t born a responsible person, but you can become responsible throughout the life. I wish you constantly develop, with every day to become better and better and be in any situation responsible person. Let’s always and with all do as we would have dreamed to do with us. There is no need for nice slogans about how the mankind has deteriorated now, how people have become irresponsible and selfish. Let us start to change ourselves, and then you will be already talking about global changings in the world. Use the services of our company to solve problems with written homework. Our talented writers will do for you all the best.

Friends, we are called to live and create for the good of happiness on Earth, we are responsible for our actions not only for ourselves, but for all those we love, who love you. In order to feel always like a person, you need to bring as much joy and light into the lives of others as in your life ( Hope this responsibility essay was useful and interesting for you. I don’t think that you have read a new information but I hope that you at least thought about your behavior and responsibility.

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