Main Reason Why Kids Can’t Sit Still During the Lesson


All kids seem to be on the move all the time and can’t sit still in the classroom or while doing homework. This is a rather common and widespread concern that most parents are faced with. Parents are worried that such a tendency can negatively affect the ability of children to pay attention to what their teachers are telling them during the lesson. It might also prevent them from playing quiet and appropriate games with other kids and do homework without stirring. Many parents also ...Continue reading

How Will School Of The Future Look Like


It is interesting to imagine how the school of the future will look like. We can not say that today school is absolutely bad. No. But in many years or maybe even centuries studying process at school will change completely. It is hard to imagine what our future will look like in general. So the only thing we can do is to dream about what future school will be when humanity discovers new unknown secrets of the science, secrets of the world. In future, I believe, pupils will spend less time in the ...Continue reading

Bipolar Disorder: Signs and Symptoms


All of us have ups and downs, but those who suffer from bipolar disorder have more serious grounds to think about their health and state of mind. The symptoms of bipolar disorder might cause harm to one’s career and educational performance, spoil relationships with people and bring disruption to one’s everyday life. The following bipolar disorder essay will discuss the signs and symptoms of this condition to make it clear why bipolar disorder is so hard to treat and overcome. ...Continue reading

Tips for Students: How to Beat Stress


It is evident that young people are the future of the society. Therefore, youth should have everything to feel happy and be in good mood. However, according to survey, 65% of college students are affected by stress. This is because most students do not only study in the college or university, but also have to work part time apart from doing multiple assignments in order to scrape for living and deal with educational expenses. They are also under stress because they do not know what awaits them ...Continue reading

Using online essay checker services


Once you complete your assignment you always need someoneelse to check it after you. Because you can miss important points or make several typos. You cannot be sure to write your paper perfectly. The best way is to ask online essay paper checker to have a close look on your paper. Professional and effective solution in this case. Checking your essay online is fast and simple. In our website it takes just several minutes to place your order. You can relax and wait when professional will complete ...Continue reading

Amelia Earhart: mysteries of a flight


American aviator Amelia Earhart as a child dreamed of being a doctor. She worked as a nurse in a military hospital, which was located not far from the airport. Type of aircraft taking off charmed 19-year-old nurse, and she was determined to become a female pilot. Amelia took no more than a year to learn to fly. And how to fly! Record after record She established several women's records very soon: twice in the air crossed the territory of the United States from coast to coast, has made ...Continue reading

Can school destroy your creativity?


Nobody can predict what our world will look like in 10 or even 5 years time. It can be explained by the speed with which technologies advance, economy grows or population of our planet increases. According to Sir Ken Robinson, our task is to be prepared and prepare our children to whatever that future can bring. That is why creativity has a great importance in education now. People come to this world with a variety of talents and have enormous abilities to innovations in childhood. However, Sir ...Continue reading