Spare Lemons Left In Fridge? Use Them Wisely


Spare Lemons Left In Fridge?I like eating out and my experience in this is very big. Am I a gourmand? I think my answer will be more yes than no. I can’t help trying new and new dishes, the recipes of which are stored in my sacred box. I write down them and cook for my family on return. I visited so many restaurants during the last years that it is hard for me to remember each of them. I travelled a lot and the most interesting thing, which I found was… Lemons! They are used wherever I was! Salads, desserts, meat, fish, and just water – all the food is perked up with lemon juice. None of the countries is able to pass this marvelous aromatic citrus by and not to add in any of the dishes of their national cuisine. French, Moroccan, Asian, Italian, Hungarian and English cuisines use lemons more often than we think.

This yellow fruit is a real treasure, which is able to make any food twice as tastier and fresher. If you are waiting for the guests and don’t know what to cook for them, don’t worry! Just take some of my lemon recipes, which are very easy even for a not super skilled cook.

Lemon is able to do wonders! Don’t believe me? Put one slice of lemon into your cup with tea. Its flavor will drive you crazy!

Kitchen or Fridge: Which One to Choose?

My fridge is not always filled with products, though a couple of lemons are always here. Unlike a lot of people, who are sure that lemons should be kept in the kitchen at the room temperature, I came to the conclusion that such conditions are not too good for this fruit. High temperature makes it become harder and harder daily. How much time can it stay fresh if it lies on the table and the sun beans reach it? A week or so? Just listen to me and follow my advice: put your lemons into the plastic bag and leave them in the refrigerator. Even if you remember about them in a month, they will be fresh and juicy. Keep your citrus fresh and it will rescue you one fine day.

If you open your fridge and find some lemons here, you have a lot of variants how to use them and stay content. Lemon juice is multi-purpose sauce. Look through the next recipes and you’ll understand everything yourself. One more moment, please! ‘How to squeeze a lemon till the last drop of its juice’ is the question, which is stayed unanswered for millions. Just take a lemon and put it on the table. Start rolling it and pressing it with your hand. This easy manipulation will help a lemon to give all its juice to you. I have one more method and it is easy too. Put your fruit in the microwave oven for 10 seconds. Choosing this variant should make you be alert: too heated lemon is a small bomb in your kitchen!

Best Recipes for Gourmand

I am pretty sure that the next tips will make you fall in love with lemons and you’ll become as big fan of them as me.

  1. Apple butter, which is made of lemons and apples, is super delicious thing! Just spread it on the toast or try it with cheese. You’ll go crazy over this taste!
  2. Frozen lemon juice, which is kept in your fridge, is able to help you to overcome a feeling of overindulgence. Put one of you lemon ice cubes on any light dish and you are saved!
  3. If you like Spanish olives, lemon will help you to make them even tastier and more piquant. Make the marinade from lemon juice, orange peels, herbs and ginger and cover the olives with it. Soon you’ll get super delicious thing!
  4. If you have some lemon leftovers in the fridge, don’t hasten to get rid of them. It is possible to make a perfect marmalade of it.
  5. Add lemon peels and juice in your cake. If you find recipe with cheese and put some lemon here, you’ll get the incredible result with killing scent!
  6. The mixture of breadcrumbs, parsley, garlic and lemon will become an ideal topping for grilled vegetables or potato.
  7.  Do you want me to share a perfect salad recipe with you? Write down: take fried bacon, fried pieces of chicken with onion, mix this with bacon, add some lemon juice, spices and serve it until it is warm. It’s so yummy!
  8. Lemon muffins are the most adorable dessert of all the members of my family! I follow the traditional recipe but put some lemon peels in the dough. Powder some sugar on the muffins and service them with the slices of lemon then.
  9. Cupcakes with nettle and lemon will drive your children crazy. Cupcakes smell so marvelously and have such a surprising green color.
  10. Prawns with lemon sauce are bombastic! You need: mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, cream, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce and tabasco. Serve this dish in a glass!
  11. Broad beans with lemon will be enough to prepare hummus spread, which is very useful and tasty. It will be a perfect snack for your lunch.

I tried to cook each of these dishes and they all are great. Apple butter, which I mentioned at the beginning, is among my favorite desserts. Just take 2 Granny Smith apples (slice them into small pieces), get some juice and peels of one lemon, and take a cup of sugar and water. Mix the ingredients together and boil this cocktail for 30 minutes until it gets thick and becomes of a dark gold color. It will look like jam, which you should blend when it is cooled down. Put the mixture into the cake tin, spread it then, cover with parchment and press it with the heavy things. Rest it for 24 hours. Then cut it into the cubes. I know you’ll like it! This marmalade has such a summer taste!

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