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Why do you feel unhappy?

To feel better, it is not necessary to develop positive thinking. It is enough to recognize and control wrong thoughts. Today we will tell you about some reasons why people feel unhappy all the time. Check each of them and analyze everything, maybe these thoughts are the same, you have. You need to change your lifestyle, your communication skills and your attitude to different things. Those people who think in this way are wrong.

Also in this section:

1) Everybody should love me. Of course, not. It is impossible. And there will always be people who can criticize you, insult you or resent your actions. But do not think about them. Find those, who will support you and help you. In this way, it will be easier for you to live and work. Not everyone should love you, but only some people. You just need to be a member of a certain group.

2) You must be competent in everything. Some years ago my mother told me that I am bad at cooking and housekeeping. I was not offended as I understand that I am not competent in these things. And I am quite okay with it. I can give it to someone else and I will spend time on useful things, which I know how to do and it brings me the satisfaction. I like delicious food, I like clean rooms, but I prefer to write posts in my blog, take pictures and teach foreign languages. It is your life and you can choose what to do. You do not need to know everything and be perfect in all things. It is okay, when you can tell: sorry, I do not understand it.  And try not to justify yourself to others (

3) It is awful when things go wrong. Life will not always follow your plan.  Just in case, try to prepare for all possible options. Sometimes something good can happen when things go wrong. Never give up and never ask: why? Some of the best things in my life have happened because my plans fell through. I did not receive the job in a great company, but I became a traveler.

4) You are worrying all the time.  Do not worry about the future. Many people are afraid to lose a job, to fall sick, not to be able to finish the project in time. Stop doing this and start to live day to day. Be happy and enjoy everything you have at this moment and never think “maybe”.

5) Your past influences you. How can the person be happy today if she is not able to forget the previous failures? Forget about your past, the life goes on. You made mistakes and drew the right conclusions. Try to avoid your mistakes in the future and let the past be always in the past. You should know how to forgive people and yourself.

6) You are happy when you are messing around. Of course, happiness is simple, but those people, who are lazy and prefer to do nothing – can’t be happy. You need to do something and the result will bring you happiness. I hope you understand what I mean. You can help others, and it will also bring happiness in your life (

8) Always avoid responsibility and difficulties. Believe me, it is easier to cope with difficulties than to try to avoid them. For example, you have a terrible toothache and you are afraid of dentists. But after visiting the doctor, the problem can disappear forever. Try to be responsible today and you will simplify your life in the future.

All these points demonstrate why people can’t be happy. Change your thoughts and lifestyle right now. I know it is difficult to change everything at once. I know that it is possible to be successful.

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