Stupid Excuses That Turn You Into Weaklings


I think every person understands that there are people on the Earth, who are losers, and there are those who have achieved a lot in life and we call them successful people. I have no doubt that each of you wants to be successful. But, I’m going to give you a little secret, you will never succeed if you just lie on the couch, eat popcorn, watch cartoons. In that case, you will become too fat, you will suffocate from walking up to the fifth floor and so on. This essay will not be about your health, but about what turns you into real weaklings. In real weaklings, who cannot sit down 50 times, run one circle in the stadium and take a couple of pounds to the door of the house, so as not to get tired.

This academic paper writing offers you to read the list of the most popular excuses you often listen in life. And I'm afraid not only listen, but you tell them to others. Dear ones, there will not be written anything new here, but you will read something that has been familiar to you since childhood. But the purpose of this article is to make you think. Do you understand? If all these excuses are your favorite ones, then something in your life went wrong. Somewhere you showed laziness and this laziness completely defeated you. Before it's too late, pull yourself together and get rid of the stupid habit of justifying yourself. If you do not want to do something, then call things by their own names. Our website is able to provide you with the writing that you need. Our services are so multifaceted that it would be better for you to read about them in detail.

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Top 11 stupid excuses

So, let's start. I have a hope that after reading this essay, in your life something will change for the better.

1) I have no time. Of course, this phrase is probably number one among all idlers in the world. No time, but what are you talking about. All people have 24 hours in a day, no more and no less. And you want to tell me that you do not have five minutes of free time in these 24 hours? Do not lie to yourself, at least. And do not you dare say that in five minutes nothing useful can be done. Believe me, you can. You can start pushing from the floor, squat or do exercises for the eyes. And many other useful things. Do it regularly, spend five minutes, and the result will be amazing for you. Believe me, dear friend, it's not a matter of time. Everything is much worse.

2) But I have a family and children. Great, can children be a problem or an excuse? On the contrary, with children everything becomes even easier and more fun. Take the children with you for walks. It's fun, to carry them in your arms, to lift, toss into the air, to run, to play with the ball, to swim and so on. Believe, your child, weighing 15-20 kg is much better than dumbbells. Just think about what a wonderful fitness these walks with kids are. You spend time with use and do not pay any money. In addition, you are the coolest example for your children. Believe me, after such regular walks, they will want to be like you in the future. And it is unlikely that you will suffer from the fact that a beloved son or daughter at the age of 13 smoke cigarettes and actively abuse sprinkled drinks. Family sports is the best decision.

3) I'm constantly at work. And this is also not true. My friend said something like that, if a person is forced to work hard all the time, how does he differ from a horse? Think about it. Yes, I understand money and all that. But still, start to wake up earlier and you will realize that in the day there will be a couple of hours that will not be superfluous. Combine work with training. This is not difficult at all. Adjust to your schedule, it is probably better to make a jog in the morning, or maybe it will be more convenient for you to relieve stress in the gym after a day's work. The main thing is the correct motivation and desire. And to work 24 hours a day is also not an option. You cannot stand this long and become a weakling, and besides you can lose your job.

4) I'm sick or it hurts. Well, this excuse is more serious. If you really have problems with health, then quickly go to the doctor and get treatment. If you just spend too much time sitting or lying down, then I will disappoint you - it will be hurt and very painful. But this pain is healing and not killing. At first, it hurts to run, crouch, squeeze from the floor, practice on the horizontal bars. Everything hurts: back, legs, hands, every muscle (

But do not forget that sport is really a panacea. Find yourself a clever friend, coach or doctor advisor and follow all the recommendations. And you can also look at old people. Do you want to have the same body in the future? No? Then do not waste time in vain, while you are still young and full of strength and energy. It will not always be so, so maximally extend this time.

5) My family does not approve of sports. I know families where people are willing to give away a lot of money for a new tracksuit or running sneakers. And they do not mind this money. Often wives do not prevent their husbands from doing sports, sometimes they themselves support men in this. If earlier you and your wife could sit for hours and eat sandwiches, sweets, popcorn, and then someone of you decided to take care of yourself, then practically nothing happens if you do it alone. Family routine will tighten you back. Better try to draw your wife (husband) to your side. Together, it's much more fun and effective.

6) Gym is expensive. Here I can agree with you, but there is still a way out. In warm and not rainy weather, you can practice at the stadium, run in parks, in the forest. In nature it is much more pleasant than in a stuffy fitness club. There are exercises that you can do at home. But always remember that many gyms and fitness clubs arrange grandiose sales of annual season tickets. Do not miss this time. If you want on the Internet, you will find people who sell their season ticket, which by virtue of circumstances they are no longer needed.

7) Everything is very difficult. Of course, the first time you cannot run 5 km, sit down 100 times, wring from the floor 50. Yes, you may have to start from the beginning (it all depends on your physical readiness). But do not be discouraged if today you can squeeze off the floor only three times, then in a week you can five, seven, ten times. Everything depends on you. And still very important: set yourself only realistic goals. If you set a goal a week after the start of training to run the cross in 10 km, then of course the newcomer does not succeed. You will be upset and decide that the sport is not for you. But, dear reader let us be always realistic in everything. Many students think: where to edit my essay and if you are one of them, let us know.

8) I do not know how to do anything, I do not know how to do it right. Honestly, this is the most ridiculous and ridiculous excuse that can be heard. Do not be lazy and do not come up with unnecessary problems. Do not know how to run properly, you need advice? So please, the internet is at your disposal. Millions of bloggers have written millions of articles about sports and training. Your task is simple, open the article, read and remember. And yes, there are still a lot of interesting books on the same topic. Are you too lazy to read something (  Then go to YouTube and watch the videos from the same bloggers.

9) Yes, I hate to run. But why did you think that running is the only sport? Yes, running is very popular, many people prefer it, so they say so much about it. But do not like to run, nobody forces you. There are a lot of other activities. For example, I will mention only a few of them: swimming, riding on skis, roller skates, skating, hiking, dancing, fitness, weightlifting, basketball, volleyball, American football, yoga. Well, that's not all, but in my choice it's already enough to choose. So your hatred of running does not mean that sport is not for you.

10) I'm not so strong, fast, and flexible. It's okay, not all at once. You cannot be strong and flexible if you always sit at the computer and eat a lot. Take and go to yoga classes. For this you need just sports pants and a T-shirt. And that's all. In yoga classes, you will see how people who are barely bending turn almost into rubber ones. Just a couple of classes and you are a completely different person.

Honestly, yoga is not so bad. No mysticism, but still there are secrets that are available to everyone. Do not give up yoga at once, if you have never tried it. It will help to normalize not only your body, but also significantly improve your mood.

11) Oh, there's always bad weather in my region. Wait a minute, did you forget that nature does not have bad weather? Bad weather is when you have a bad mood or you are lazy. Oh, of course I do not mean the flood and the hurricane. But I think that such natural disasters are very rare for you. And the rain, wind, snow, frost and puddles - all this can be experienced.

Firstly, different weather suits different sports. There are runners who like to run around in the snow, in the rain and so on. Of course, I am not one of them, but who knows maybe you are one of them. But even if the weather is bad and you are afraid that you will completely get wet from the rain, then use the services of fitness clubs. Again, my dear, it's all about your desire and motivation. And nothing. Try to live according to the principle: I see the goal but I see no obstacles.

Well, I really hope that this article will be useful to you. If you have finished reading it, it's already good, but it will be much better if you make the right output and start acting. Because we all understand when something goes wrong in life, the main thing is that this understanding turns into active actions and changes. Do not be afraid to start again, do not be afraid to lose and do not be afraid of defeats and failures. Day after day, training for training you will achieve results. The main thing is that everything should be a pleasure for you, not torment and tortures. Do not rush and give time to yourself and your body. During training, the main is stability. Not like that: I'm starting a new life on Monday. And what is the result? On Monday, a new life began and on Monday it ended. I wish you always keep fit. Remember that weakling is not about you! If you are not sure that your home task is quite okay - proofread your essay with the special program.

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