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How to be successful in learning new things

To be well-educated person every student needs to learn something new. I don't mean every day, but from time to time it is necessary. There are different predictions for the future education. You know, that if you do not repeat the material and do not get to know something new, you begin to degrade. Today I want to give you some tips which will be useful for you if you want to know a lot. And also I will tell you some interesting reasons, why speaking foreign languages are very important in our life. To learn new languages is not only interesting but very useful.

1) Do not be distracted! If you decided to sit down and start learning the material, nothing should distract you. It is very important to concentrate on what you are doing. If you read the new lecture or important book, put aside everything which can distract you, close all the websites which are not connected with it, sign out of your social networks accounts, turn on a silent phone. If for two or three hours you are learning new material and never do something else, the result will be fantastic.

2) Practice all the time. It is impossible to learn the foreign language if you spend only a few hours per week for studying. You need to have some useful habits ( The key to success is to have practiced all the time. It all depends on your free time and self-organization. But if you want to become good in some things, you need to do them every day or as often as possible. For example, you can decide for yourself to learn a foreign language for 30 minutes every day. Use different types of studying and from time to time increase the time for classes. But you need to do it every day and if you have an opportunity do it at the same time. Soon you will have the perfect habit – to study at 10 a.m., for example.

3) Make plans. To learn new material, foreign language, writing the term paper etc. – is not an easy task and you need to be wise to fulfill it. That is why I always recommend to make plans and to divide the great task for several smaller tasks. It is easier to do the tasks one by one and in a result to receive something great. For example, on Monday you will go to the library and find the necessary material, on Tuesday and Wednesday you will analyze all the material, on Thursday you will write the first page, etc. I hope you know what I mean. By the way, you can order the writing papers at our company, if you are sure that this task is too difficult for you. We understand, if you hate writing, no plans and smaller tasks can’t help you to cope with it. But the professional writers can always help.

4) Work in groups. Group work is very useful and it helps to learn the material better and quicker. You can always find the adherents and study together. Believe me, even if you are studying Chinese, there will always be such crazy people, who will be ready to do it with you. Working in groups, you can discuss new topics together, listen to different opinions and check the knowledge. If you are preparing for the exam, it is also better to do with someone else. You will be like a motivator for one another and you will have more chances to pass everything successfully.

You see, to follow these tips is very easy, and they will make you successful. Your task is just never to give up and if you start doing something, be sure to finish it.

Pros of studying a foreign language

Those people, who think that only in childhood is possible to learn foreign language, are wrong. You can do it wherever you want and the main thing is your great desire and free time. And the different Internet sites will only help you (more about the first site you can find here - Motivation is also very important and if you have not enough motivation, read these facts. Each of the facts was officially proved by scientific research.

1) Knowledge of the native language is improved. When a person starts studying the foreign language, he starts to appreciate his native language and understands different rules, structures to which he had never paid attention before. According to different research, the scientists say that learning a second language, you can improve the grammar, vocabulary and conversational skills of your native language.

2) You improve your concentration. Even if you speak the second language only a little, it gives you many advantages in your life. In the United States were organized some research, when people were asked to do the tasks which demonstrate their understanding of different words. Those, who knew foreign language, were more successful, they were able to concentrate on one task and filter out similar words.

3) You can prevent some brain diseases. It is one of the advantages of learning the new language. Nobody wants to get old but it is impossible to avoid this process. Those people, who studied foreign languages during their life, are more health while they are getting older and older. I do not know why, but the learning of new language can stop the developing of such diseases as dementia or Alzheimer's disease for four-five years. Even different medicines have no such effect. When a person communicates in different languages, it increases the number of nerve pathways in the brain.

Also in this section:

4) Your mathematics ability is improved. You can say that learning languages have nothing to do with mathematics. But in 2007 the scientists published interesting information. According to their research, those children who study mathematics together with foreign language had better results in mathematics exam, then those, who studied all the time only mathematics and no languages. It is quite clear and you should not be surprised, if you study a new language your logical thinking is improved and developed. Different technics children use to learn foreign words are very useful also in mathematics (when you need to remember a lot of difficult formula.

5) You study better and quicker. When a person studies a new language, the ability to remember a lot of new information is improved. And, of course, it shortens the period of studying. If earlier you needed two hours to understand and learn new topic, now you will need only an hour. It is wonderful, isn’t it? By the way, people who speak several languages have better multitasking skills.

6) You become more communicative. I think that people learn the foreign language with the main aim – to communicate with other people from different countries. It is better to improve your comprehensive skills, communicating with native speakers. It is like riding the bicycle: you are not enough just sit and watch thousands of videos; you need to try it yourself. That is why, people who know several languages communicate much better and more often than others. When I came to the Europe for the first time, I was afraid to speak to people in their native language. I saw how other people tried to use the translator or asked others to translate; it was so long and inconvenient. You will feel yourself much better when you will be able to communicate without someone’s help.

7) You become more creative. When we speak the foreign language, we can’t know all the words, that is why we always try to find the synonyms and build the sentences in that way we can. Our main task is to express the thoughts in the way, that our interlocutor will understand us. It helps us to develop the divergent thinking, as we try to find the different solutions for one problem. So, the scientists are sure, that people who speak several languages are more creative than those who know only a native language.

8) You become more self-confident. If you decided to do something and are successful in it, you become more self-confident, even if the victory is very small. But you did it and can be proud of it! For example, even if you speak several words with native speaker and understand everything, you can be proud and become more self-confident. Now you are better than you were yesterday, you did the things which were impossible for you earlier. Soon you will always believe in yourself and it will be easier for you to achieve another life goals.

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