Top 10 The Most Famous Voice And Motion Capture Actors


I think every third person nowadays plays computer games. This kind of pastime has become very popular. And the video games have their own developing. In computer games we can see the e-people but they speak real voices. Voicing the different characters is very popular job among actors but it has also some limitations. To be voice actor you need to have a great talent as it is not easy to follow the intonation and convey emotions of the nonexistent heroes. Today we are going to talk about the most popular voice and motion capture actors and also about the great strike which happened recently.

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10 Best Voice And Motion Capture Actors

As in every sphere of activity among voicing actors there are the most successful people. The list of the most popular of them is below. We apologize if you don’t find your favorite actor there. To be a voice actor is very pleasant job. The list of the most awful jobs you can read here -

1) Troy Baker

2013 was a happy year for this actor. His voice sounded in every video game hit. He is proud as all his roles are quite different from each other. He voiced the clown-psychopath, caring dad, nurse smuggler etc. At the beginning of his career Troy played at Silent Hill shows.

2) Tara Strong

If you see the pretty blond women with the thready voice, most likely that this character is voiced by talented Tara Strong. The actress had more than hundreds of the roles but the most successful was the voicing of hysterical girlfriend of Harley Quinn from the Batman: Arkham series.

3) Nolan North

I am sure that you have heard the voice of this man. He voiced every second male role in the video games. Maybe Nolan was not so popular but he can change his voice greatly. The perfect example is another game Naughty Dog, The Last of Us. There Nolan played the secondary character, David, but you would never even guess that it was Nolan, because in this case his voice sounds like soft baritone.

4) Jennifer Hale

Jennifer Hale is perhaps the most famous voice actress and an icon for all women aspiring to this profession. In addition to the savior of the galaxy, she has played more than a hundred other roles and even simulated non-native British accent in the role of Rosalind Lutece in BioShock.

5) Laura Bailey

This lady is still young but she voiced about 200 of video games, cartoons and Anime characters. She gave her voice to redheaded vampire from the slashers BloodRayne, to the charming Chun-Li from the Street Fighters. In addition, Bailey often invited as the dubbing director.

6) John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio was the voice of Bender from 'Futurama' and Marcus Fenix from Gears of War. After Bender, John DiMaggio voiced dozens of characters from the games and cartoons (including Jake Adventure Time), but we still will remain forever in our hearts the burp, swearing and working on the beer robot from "Futurama."

7) Steve Blum

This actor is very successful and he was even awarded for the largest number of voiced games. In the last year he voiced about the 260 games. But among his roles it is difficult to find the primary ones. He is the king of the secondary roles such as Grunt of Mass Effect or Ares from God of War. If the developer needs the man with the brutal and pathetic voice, Steve will be the most perfect one. Steve is a happy man and has the great collection of the figures of characters which were voiced by him.

8) David Hayter

This actor became very popular after the one successful role. He voiced Snake from Metal Gear Solid. After that he had no great roles but I think that he is worth to be in this list.

9) Johnny Yong Bosch

He is popular for the Adam Park (Power Rangers) and Nero in Devil May Cry 4. For his roles he received more than one awards. Once that part of the game which Johnny voiced was canceled and it was a great disappointment for the actor. Fortunately he continued to voice the Anime characters. His voice is just perfect for Anime. He had not made something special but his plays an important role in the every project.

10) James McCaffrey

This actor is well-known as Max Payne or Alan Wake. He worked at Remedy studio. James has a strong and determined voice that is why he is very appreciated in this job.

The Strike

Recently happened a great strike which was organized be a lot of voice actors. All of them were dissatisfied with their work conditions. For the last a year and half they have the bad experience of the unsuccessful negotiations. And that is why the huge strike was their last chance to change something in better way. The actors boycotted some huge companies.

The problem is that the game developers not required telling the actors what game they voiced. Often the name of the game is also unknown for the actors. It seems that it is not important what the game is. It seems that it is not important what the game is. But in reality actors could not even discuss their salary. You know that financial stability ( is important for everybody.

As well as in the world of cinema one game can be successful and bring a lot of money to the developers, while others are not. And it means that actor who voiced the successful characters in popular games should receive the higher salary. But it is not profitable for the developers. After the strike started all the game developers told that everything is legal and nobody of them violate the law. The developers promised to give the information if the voiced character will appear again in this game series. The actors will also know beforehand if their dialogs have the racism phrases or sexual content. But the titles of the games will be still in secret.

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