Leonardo Da Vinci: A Mysterious Person


Leonardo Da VinciToday we are going to talk about famous but also mysterious person – Leonardo da Vinci. I am sure that everybody heard about this man. Of course, you can ask why he is mysterious person. He was a public man during his time. But I just want to say that his life was full of secrets, which is still unraveled. And we are going to tell you some secrets from his life. About 5 centuries people who studied everything about da Vinci still cannot give answers on some questions.

1452-1519, if you think that this is just simple days, you are wrong. During these years Leonardo da Vinci lived, worked, painted pictures etc. He had supernatural knowledge and abilities. It is understandable from his works, behavior and words. Some scientists even asked each other was Leonardo da Vinci an ordinary man, messenger of other civilizations, resident of a parallel world, or just a time traveler?

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Who was Leonardo da Vinci

If we are going to talk about this person, it is necessary to determine who he really was. So, Leonardo was born in Italy, not far from Florencia in a small city Vinci. His father was a prosperous notary and mother was ordinary peasant that’s why many people considered him as illegitimate son. His father wanted Leonardo to be like himself. But Leonardo became more then his father was. I am not going to tell you the whole biography, as today we are interested only in secrets of his life. But in conclusion it is necessary to say that Leonardo da Vinci was a great:

  • painter;
  • sculptor;
  • musician;
  • writer;
  • scientist;
  • architect;
  • engineer;
  • technician;
  • inventor.

Not bad as for one person, am I right?

10 Facts About Leonardo da Vinci

Now you are going to read ten interesting facts about the life of great Italian representative of the art.

1) Superman or Grand Master?         

His inventions people refer to the 50 types of knowledge and some of them people understood only in 400-600 years. Artistic masterpieces are still unclear and look like fantastic. Some people are sure that for the last 9 years da Vinci was a Great Master of a secret society in Europe. He had secret knowledges and he became a superman. But he had the beauty, elegance and incredible strength to the end of life.

2) A long white spot in three years.

When Leonardo was 30 years old a lot of people knew him as he was a talented painter. But suddenly he disappeared for three years. Nobody knows where he was and what did he do all this time. There are some versions and according to them he was in a prison or he was traveling. Some sketches of that time were found (how to escape) and the note in his diary - you cast me into prison.

3) The famous Mona Lisa – is wrong.

Everybody knows that da Vinci’s affection for Mona Lisa. This famous portrait is haunted by scientists as they cannot guess what the author wanted to say painting this woman. The picture is full of mysterious signs. There is a version that Mona Lisa killed him after the finishing of her picture. Recently, Italian scientists discovered the encrypted symbols in the eyes of Mona Lisa. It was unreal to see the secret codes and only nowadays thanks to different modern equipment, scientists saw them. But how could Leonardo encrypt something, which people can understand only 500 years later?

4) From Jesus to Judas

Lord's Supper – is monumental work about which have heard everybody. When Leonardo was painting this fresco he looked for special model for images of two main persons – Jesus and Judas. The image of Jesus he saw in one of the choristers but the person looked like Judas the painter found only in three years. It was drunk and dirty, sinful and unhappy man. But when this man saw the picture he said that he had seen it before, as three years later when he was in the choir, one unknown artist draw Jesus looking at him.

5) Leonardo and affairs of the heart

Everything started from the painting. To know more about the structure and capabilities of the human body, Leonardo started to use the corpses in anatomical school. His ideas used a lot of modern scientists in their academic papers. Leonardo’s anatomical drawings (16th century) helped the British surgeonto develop a new method of treatment of Mitral Heart Valve. At that time about 80 patients were saved thanks to these paintings.

6) Authority of beauty and elegance

Leonardo da Vinci was special in all cases. And his appearance was also great. He was tall, handsome, elegant, cheerful, polite and good talker. He dressed in red short cape and was fond of nice clothes. He even developed a model of handbags called Jewel. Nowadays this handbag is very fashionable.

7) Court Theatre Master

Theatre was popular forever. At that time Leonardo da Vinci was writer, director, artist and designer of the theatre. Once when the play was in Milan, he used the first handmade robot. This robot was like areal man.

8) Gen. da Vinci

On the 18th of August 1502 da Vinci became the General. He was the main above all the architects it that city and there main task was - fortificationurban fortresses. Leonardo drew new bombs, tank and machine gun. His fortificationswere very similar to modern silos. The General had an interesting plan - underwater army in diving suits. But this invention was too early for that century and it became real only in three centuries. But soon da Vinci was disappointed in the war and left that city.

9) Surprises for future generations

The picture called John the Baptist was the last and the most favorite Leonardo’s work. Modern scientists were shocked when they started to explore the painting with X-rays. As the canvas were absolutely clean. There was nothing, even traces of brush disappeared. Scientist said that the artist used the color illusion but his technique is still mysterious.

He knew a lot of secrets from the future. About future in writer’s point of view you can read at this essay on our website – https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/image-of-future-according-to-popular-writers.

In Windsor there is a painting with a person of extraterrestrial origin. The time ruined the picture, especially the face of the person. But the big eyes are still paralyzed everybody who looked at the picture.

What about the Shroud of Turin? Some scientists considered it is a fake and da Vinci made it as Duke of Savoy asked him. The image of artist is imprinted on the shroud. Nobody knows how da Vinci could put the image on a fabric.

10) The most mysterious fact of Leonardo da Vinci’s life

How could he formulate the law of conservation of energy, calculate the values of friction, to make scientific discoveries in various fields which are not connected with each other? He was talented in both astronomy and knew all the details of circulation.

Leonardo did not graduate the universities or some schools. But is it possible to be a genius in everything?He told everyone why birds fly, but we don’t know if he loved woman, what he was thinking about during long nights and was he happy or not. All the short encrypted writings in his diaries were written in such a way, as he knew that everybody would read them. All his secrets he took with himself in a misty Wonderland.

There was nobody like da Vinci in our civilization. He was great and immortal in everything. Maybe he was the mysterious being who will take the human’s place on the Earth. However, Leonardo was successful in all his actions. About success in life you can read here – https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/secrets-of-successful-people. If you liked our essay, you can order any other of writing papers. You know what is the best custom essay writing service.

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