10 Amazing Facts About Mathematics


10 Amazing Facts About MathematicsUsually there are two kinds of people: those who have the mathematical mind or the humanities one. Those who prefer the sciences, of course, have no problem with them at school. But for those people who are fond of literature and languages mathematics can become the huge problem and object of hatred. To be honest, I belong to the second category of people. It is always easier for me to write the composition than to divide or multiply the numbers. Today our academic paper editing service is going to tell you about some facts about the mathematics. I am sure that it will be interesting for you to read them, even if you hate this science forever. If this essay will be useful for you, keep in mind that we have the writers who are always glad to help you with academic papers or essays.

Funny facts about maths

1) This interesting case happened with the great English mathematician Abraham de Moivre. When the scientist was in an old age he discovered the funny and interesting fact. He noticed that every day he sleeps for 15 minutes longer than yesterday. It became interesting for him and he quickly made an arithmetic progression. His purpose was to determine the date when he is going to sleep for the 24 hours. It was the 27th of November, 1754. It was the date of his death. It is strange but happened in reality. Thus, knowledge of mathematics helped to find out the exact date of death. As for me, it is horrible.

2) Jews are a very religious people. They have many laws that they are trying to stick to. But living with them you can notice the funny thing. Jews try to avoid using the Christian symbols and such symbols, which are related to the cross. It is not difficult to explain maybe they consider it is impossible to put the cross where it is inappropriate. For example, they avoid writing + in pupils' notebooks in Math. Don’t be surprised, there are some schools in Israel, where all the students instead of + put the symbol .

3) From time to time we come across fake banknotes. I can tell you the simple way how can you check if the euro is real or not. For this you don’t need the special machine or apparatus. Just take the euro and look at the serial number (letter and eleven numbers). Find the number of the letter in the alphabet and add up this number with the others, and add the result digit until we get a single digit. If the number will be eight, it means that the banknote is real (https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/useful-tips-how-to-reach-financial-stability).

The second method is the same, but without the letter. At last you receive the result with one letter and one number.  It must conform to a special country, as the euro is used in many European countries. If you want to check the essay on errors you can use one of the online checking services.

Also in this section:

4) Each of you knows about the Nobel Prize. It was created many years ago ne Alfred Nobel. But you can notice that to this prize he included a lot of achievements in many sciences except the mathematics. People have come up with a funny explanation why Alfred ignored the mathematical disciplines. They say that Nobel’s wife betrayed him with a mathematician. At last the injured husband was offended by all the mathematicians of the world. But the truth is that Nobel never had a wife. We can only guess about the real reasons of his act. Maybe he ignored this science as at that time was another Prize for mathematics from other people. Another assumption is that mathematicians are not useful for the mankind, as maths is just theoretical science.

5) Reuleaux triangle is not the simple triangle. The structure of this unique triangle is rather shockingly. About all the features of this figure you can read on the Internet. Using this unusual triangle, people created the drill. This drill is not usual as it can drill even square holes.

6) Previously, scientists could not come to a consensus about the number zero. Whether zero refers to positive integers or not? It seems to me the consensus has not appeared. That’s why in Russian mathematic literature zero in not the part of integers. But in the West is just the opposite. Zero is considered to the set of integers.

7) Another interesting fact will be about the George Dantzig. Once he was late for the class and when he entered he looked at the blackboard and saw the written equation. He thought the equation was the home task. The young man copied them to the exercise book and noticed that they are rather difficult and not like the previous homework was. But soon he was able to solve these equations. It was the miracle. As it turned out, Dantzig solved two difficult problems. The great scientists spent years solving them and were no results. But the clever student I dealt with this in a few days. He was not afraid of the difficulties (https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/face-your-fear-list-of-10-popular-fears). If he knew that the equations are unsolvable everything would have been different. George clearly saw the goal and did not see the obstacles. But we cannot say it for everybody. If you have any difficulties while studying you can shift the care of writing term papers and academic papers on us. The company has a lot of useful services.

8) Often men like to play roulette. It is a gambling and not all the people considered it acceptable. This fact will be interesting who like the roulette. If you count roulette’s numbers in casino you surely get the number of the beast – 666! I don’t surprised with this fact as I think in this kind of games is always present the evil. In the Bible or on the Internet you can read more about the enigmatic and mysterious number of the beast.

9) At the end one more funny fact from the life of great Russian mathematician Sofia Kovalevskaya. Firstly, the woman was introduced to mathematics when her family was doing home repairs. There were lack of wallpapers for the girl’s room and people used the sheets with lectures on maths. The young lady spent in her room a lot of time and was interested in her unusual wallpapers. In such a way appeared her love of mathematics and later the world received another talented scientist in this area.

10) In the state of Indiana was released the bill, people wanted to establish the pi of 3.2. Just the professor from the university intervened and prevented this bill to become a law. Remember that sometimes to choose the online essay help is the best decision.

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