A Complete Guide To The History Of Emoticons


The history of emotionsCan you imagine the modern life without Internet? I am sure you can’t. Internet helps in studying as it offers a lot of useful online services. Internet plays a great role in our life and we get used to search the information on the Internet and share this information using different online social networks. Millions of people start using the Internet with the main aim – to find friends, partners, followers and confederates. And wherever the people are - there are also emotions. And the question is how you can demonstrate your feelings through the computer screen? The answer is simple – use the different emoticons. We use emoticons when we don’t want to say something, sometimes they better than words can convey our thoughts.

Emoticons – it is funny “faces” that shows emotions with the help of symbols of the alphabet, numbers and punctuation marks. Modern emoticons or smiles can be sad, stern, harsh, artful, whiny, etc. But the very first emoticon is just a schematic representation of a smile. Today emoticons are not only “faces”, it can be other body parts or even human figures and hearts, snowflakes, pictures of animals and others. The human’s fantasy in this case has no limits. But the secret is that to express the most popular emotions you just need two or three emoticons. The person who created the emoticons deserves praise. But in reality there is no single version of the one who first used emoticons.

Frankly speaking, to admit for someone such a great invention before mankind is simply impossible. As often happens, the idea developed gradually, passing from person to person, and anyone who was involved in its distribution did his/her bit in this case. However, in our essay we discuss the most popular versions of the history of emoticons.

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Harvey Ball – The Emoticons Creator

And now forget about the Internet and different Information Technologies and let’s come back to the past. Firstly emoticon was a simple smiley face. At the beginning of the 1960s in United States of America the process when large insurance companies began to merge started. This fact had a negative impact on employees as people don’t want what will be tomorrow with them and their job. That is why a lot of employees looked sad and depressed and this in turn has a great influence on the customers.

Representatives of the company State Mutual Life Assurance Cos. of America decided to change something among their employees. They tried to cheer all the coworkers and make them smile whenever they meet with clients, answer the phone or work with documents. But it was not as easy as you think. They needed a simple advertising campaign but with an unordinary symbol. And these insurers ask for the help Harvey Ball who was a talented artist. It was on the December 1963. Harvey told that it takes him about 10 minutes to create the symbol and he received 45$ for it. It was a yellow circle with two black points as eyes and a smiling mouth. The money was not important for Harvey but he was a successful person. If you want to know the secrets of the successful people check the information - https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/secrets-of-successful-people.

The first emoticon was like an icon on the pin and all the employees and customers could have it. The company ordered about 10 thousands of such icons as they have delighted everybody.

Have A Happy Day

But only in 1970s the emoticons became well-known all over the world. Two brothers from the Spain took the happy emoticon and wrote the phrase Have a Happy Day. Immediately this idea had a great success. The smile with such a motto became a hit and it was printed on everything (T-shirts, cards, caps, emblems). Of course, the copyright did not exist for emoticons. There was even a postage stamp with a Ball’s smiley.

Franklin Loufrani

In 1971 the Frenchman Franklin Loufrani suddenly registered the smiling face as a trademark in more than 80 countries. He said that he created this symbol in 1968 in Paris (Ball painted the emoticon in 1963). Soon he founded the corporation Smiley Licensing and became very rich person. Ball did not want to prove his superiority. If he wanted he could register this emblem many years ago. But soon other “inventors” appeared and Ball was so tired of these discussions that at last he registered his version of a smile, which included his initials.

The years later Harvey Ball understood that his mission was to be a happiness Ambassador. And he even created the special holiday on the 1st of October – the World Smile Day. He asked everybody to devote this day to the good mood and good deeds. Do good and give a smile!

I think that Ball was really happy man and he knew how to forgive others. His children said that he never was angry with those people who shared his emblem without permission. He also founded the corporation called World Smile Corporation and now his son is headed it. But what's really interesting - all profits produced by World Smile Corporation after taxes, goes to charity. This smile corporation is the only one which decided to help poor children all over the world. Do good for others, and it is sure will come back to you!

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