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Disappeared ProfessionsSooner or later each person should choose one profession. There are different professions in modern world, some of them are known for many years while others have appeared recently. Today our best custom essay writing service is going to introduce you list of very interesting professions which have disappeared forever. I won’t be surprise if you did not even guess about their existence. Be ready to read about funny jobs which people do in ancient times. And if you will have some problems with your studying especially with writing tasks, you can always use all our services. All writers are very happy to help you, so just tell us the task. Detail information about the company and system of ordering you can read on our website. Every day many students ask us for help. You can be one of them. This online cheap essay editor is very popular for many years.

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10 Funny And Very Old Professions

We live in a modern world which is quite comfortable. Thanks to digital revolution and different technical inventions our life became easier and to find a job is not a problem ( Today if you want enjoy all modern opportunities you just need to have own smartphone or tablet. But in ancient times people had slaves.  So, let’s start this list of really funny professions. All these jobs took place in different centuries and it is not a joke.

1) Alarm clock (knocker up). If you hear word “alarm” I think you imagine how you set your alarm on your smartphone. Maybe some of you remembered a small clock which always stood on the table and it was used as a desk alarm clock. Personally, I have memories from childhood, and I remember the loud piercing sound of this clock. But I want to tell you about the time when alarm clocks were not clocks but people. Don’t be surprise.

In Great Britain during the industrial revolution knockers up were popular. Sometimes they were young boys or old man, or even woman. Their task was knocking at the windows of those people who worked at the plant, so they did not oversleep their shift. Sometimes they used special stick or just threw small stones at the window. The salary was very small – just a few pence per week. The knocker up could be or workers or even the plant owners. This profession disappeared when the mechanical alarm clocks were invented.

2) Reader or lecturer. It was the cigar worker who had to read an interesting information or to tell something to other workers. Their job was boring and monotonous and such man entertained them a little. This profession appeared on Cuba but became very popular in New York. Soon such readers were replaced by radio as all plant owners did not like the fact that readers always told about the communist political manifestos and texts on benefits of the trade union movement.

3) Catcher of rats. You know that was such period when rats were everywhere in cities and towns. Since there were a lot of rats, they harmed inhabitants of the city - they spoiled food and were carriers of a variety of diseases. For example, rats brought plague to Europe. That’s why in large European cities such as Paris, London, Prague etc. appeared catchers of rats. These people had the special system of killing rats. They earned much money but to tell the truth the job was awful and even dangerous. Catchers had to spend a lot of time to in sewers and garbage cans, besides the rats could easily bite them.

4) Pin boys. People always worked a lot so they needed good rest. The bowling was popular many years ago. The idea of the game was the same but its system was rather different. In the bowling clubs there were no special automatic machines which had to collect and set the pins back. This job was for \ boys. They could earn about 5 pence for the game. To be a pin boy was even prestigious.

5) Calculator. How do you think when there were no computers, who had done all the calculations and typing? Of course, it was a woman. She was sitting at the office and calculating everything. I think we do not envy these women.

6) Ice crusher. I hope you do not think that refrigerators have always existed.  Before the refrigerators were special lockers with ice. And it was important to change the ice all the time. The ice was transported from the river or lake. The ice crusher chopped ice, and the carrier on bicycle delivered it to the houses. People always had the tables on the door where they wrote how many ice they need. This profession disappeared in 1940s as refrigerators became accessible to all families.

7) Telephone operator. The first phones were quite specific and all the system when you want to call somebody was not simple. At first you talked with the telephone operator and she (as they were usually girls) connected you to the desired number. Later the telephone operators were needed only for long-distance calls.

8) Daguerreotype. It seems to me that we can’t imagine modern life without selfie. But many years ago people had no such opportunity, though they also liked to have their own portraits. At that time it was not difficult as the pictures were transferred to a silvered copper plate. It was the long and painstaking process but there were no photos for that time.

9) Lamplighter. The first street lights appeared in 1417 in London. These lights were not electrical and one hundred people had to service them. The task was to light and extinguish lamps, and also fill them with a flammable liquid. As for me it was little bit romantic profession. In the XIX century, gas lanterns appeared and they were ignited and rotted automatically.

10) Mouthpiece. I think you now that press did not always exist in our world. About mouthpieces we have read in different fairy tales. The rider rode into the city, stopped at the square and began his speech. The citizens gathered together when they saw this guest. It was understandable that the man wanted to share important news or to report on the schedule of executions and public tortures. Today the mouthpiece is in England. His task is to tell the citizens when in royal family the child is born.

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