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Many students have difficulties with writing the home tasks (essays, compositions, term papers). To do this you need to know the topic perfectly and be able to express your thoughts on paper in the right way. If you can't do it, it does not matter that you are lazy student. We understand that this is not easy and such types of tasks were a problem for young people forever. If you are a future journalist and can't write the essay - it is a problem, but if you study mathematics or geography - it's quite okay. Choose our academic writers and they will quickly do it for you!

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Disadvantages of working at home for a student

I don’t know why but many people are sure that to work at home it is very easy and it is the same then doing nothing. But I can tell you that those people have never tried to work at home. Of course, this type of job has a lot of advantages and I am not going to list all of them now. I want to discuss the cons of working at home. If you are a student and are looking for such kind of job, then this post will be very useful for you. You should know what to expect and be ready to avoid all these disadvantages. If you know about the problem, it is much easier to solve it.

Remote work brings many positive moments and seems more psychologically comfortable but to be successful, working at home, you need to use all the secrets of time management and be very organized person. I work as a freelancer for many years and I know perfectly all the pros and cons of this activity. But I am sure that other freelances will understand and support me, because they faced with the same problems.

Also in this section:

1) The organization of your day time depends only on you. From the one hand, it is very good, as nobody dictates you your schedule but from the other hand it can be a great problem for you. If you are too lazy and it is difficult for you to pull yourself together and start working, you can waste all the day and your tasks won’t be fulfill. It is very dangerous as you can break the deadline and the customer will be dissatisfied.

What to do with it? At first, you need to have a certain schedule for each day. You should identify your working hours, leave time for breaks and stick to this routine day by day. Choose one of the time management techniques that suit you the most and use it all the time. Today you can find a lot of information about time management for student on the Internet. And remember the one important rule: while you are working online, never use the social networks! I guarantee you that you will not die if won’t communicate with friends during the working day, but chatting will take all your free time and you don’t even notice it.

2) Limited contacts “with the outside world”. It also happens when you work at home that you have no time for your real friends. There are two reasons why it happens: you spend most time online and have friends there or your working schedule is not the same as in your real friends. To solve this problem you need to decide if you lost communication with others because of your freelance activity or it was the other reason. If your work at home caused this situation then you had to promise yourself to have at least two or three real meetings with friends, relatives etc. If you plan your schedule for a week, do not forget about these meetings. Spending time in communicating with other people, you will find inspiration, you will relax; have a rest from the computer and the Internet. Maybe you will get the new ideas and opportunities, communication with others. You need to go out regularly not to turn into the homebody. Believe me, if the person spends much time at home with laptop and the Internet it can end badly. You can’t earn all the money so from time to time everybody needs to have a rest (https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/money-is-not-everything-essay-great-role-of-money).

3) You spend not enough time on the fresh air. And very often freelancers spend all the time sitting in front the monitor, they move a little just to take a cup of tea or to wash hands. It is very dangerous for your health and body. Read about top morning exercises and do them regularly, it will help feel better for the whole day. Earlier I talked you that it’s important to go out, to go for a walk etc. Your house is like your own office and it takes you just five seconds to go to the office and not an hour as it was earlier. You have many tasks and orders that is why you can sit all the day just printing and do not even know what is the weather outside, or is it midday or evening. Many freelancers fall into this trap and every day they feel themselves too tired and exhausted. And it does not surprise me, as I was in the same situation. Thanks God, my mom helped me to realize it and change everything.

Even if you always work at home, try once or twice a week take the laptop and work somewhere else (in the park, in the forest, at the restaurant etc.). You will see that this change of pace will have a positive influence on you and results of your job. It is wonderful to work outside if you can concentrate on necessary things. Of course, you will not be productive if birds singing or mothers with their kids will always distract you. But it is real to learn not to notice all these factors.

Besides, you have breaks during the working day and you hadn’t the free half an hour spend also on the Internet or watching videos. Go to the garden or yard, stay in open air and lets your eyes also have a rest. Take care of your eyes if you work a lot online. Don’t forget about physical exercise (at home you can do them at any time). Maybe you should visit the gym or swimming-pool several times a week. It will be very useful for your body.

4) Irregular nutrition. I am sure that this problem is well-known among those people, who spend most time at home. Working at home can theoretically benefit your health. But in reality we have the other result. Most people, staying at home, have no time to cook dishes or to control their own nutrition. As a rule, they have a snack (usually sandwiches) regularly but almost forget about dinner. To solve this problem is not as easy as you think but you can do it. For example, in your schedule leave time for dinner and never forget about this point. You should be sure that you have what to eat in the fridge (I mean porridge, soup, meat, salads etc.). Some dishes you can cook at the evening. And take care that you do not have at hand harmful food like chips, cookies, sweets and others. If you will see them you will want to eat something immediately and you will eat it. But put the fruits or berries near your working place and eat them wherever you want. At least from it will be at least some good.

5) You lose the difference between home and work. According to that fact you always work at home, you start thinking that being at home you are always at work. It is not normal, you need to feel the difference between work and rest. That is why I recommend you to turn off the computer and the Internet for that time when you have a rest. You had used to close your office in time. Otherwise, the messages from the customers or managers will always distract you at the most inopportune time. But our essay writing university service is online 24/7.

Moreover, you need to have the working space in your flat or house. Choose the place where you will be working all the day and also choose the clothes for you work which you can change into home wear later. You do not need to sit all day in the pajama and work online. It is not the best variant. Lying in the bed with the laptop on your knees, it is very difficult to concentrate on what you are doing or writing. Determine a certain ending of the working day will help time management. For example, after 7 p.m. you never check the messages and answer on them. You should close all the programs and come back to your family and home duties. Writers from our custom college essay writing service do the same.

Having read all these statements, you can pull yourself together and do everything to avoid them. It is a great opportunity to work at home, you can earn the money as people, who every day spend time going to the office. You can be successful if you just want. Remember that time management is your best friend for this time and your laziness is the greatest enemy. That’s up to you to decide. But if you are young and full of enthusiasm, and your studying takes a lot of time, I think working at home – is the best variant for you! Try it and you will succeed!

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