Essay On Poverty. How To Survive And Not Give Up


Every day we hear the word poverty, we know about its existence, highlight its consequences, but hardly any of the successful and wealthy people thought about the true meaning of this word. I first thought about it deeply when I sat down to write an essay on this topic. Poverty is a simple word, but how many meanings it includes.

Practically every person, if he has to ask what poverty means to him, will answer - lack of money or material trouble or something like that. Why is it that money is the first thing that comes to our mind. But today, writing academic essays company in this poverty essay decided to deal with the types of poverty and give them some characteristics.

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What is poverty essay and can I get rid of it?

Poverty was, is and will always be. Unfortunately, this unpleasant phenomenon is being pursued by society from the creation of the world. Yes, the Lord created the world perfect, but Adam and Eve made their adjustments and changes. Thus, suffering and pain came to the Earth, and poverty was with them. Most people, associated poverty with a lack of the most necessary and therefore causes negative emotions, such as fear, disgust, etc.

But not all poverty should be feared. There is material poverty, but there is spiritual poverty and it is a very big difference between them. Often people think that if they have a large and cozy house, several cars and own large firms, then poverty is not terrible for them. But why is it that such people suffer from spiritual emptiness, they do not know how to sincerely love and rejoice in simple things. Often money kills people. And many writers raised the theme of poverty in their writings. Most of them were sure that it was better to die of hunger than to make up one's fortune by untruth. Wise people knew that happiness is hidden in other things.

Types of poverty

1) Spiritual poverty. If we talk about this type of poverty, then I can safely say that most of the inhabitants of the planet Earth are very poor and unhappy now. It was not always so. But the modern world is very cruel and much has changed. Notice how people relate to each other. Most people began to live by the principle of everything is for themselves and they are ready to kill those who will be on their way. Virtually no one remembers already about tolerance, respect, decency or some kind of moral norms.

Often in life, it happens that financially independent people are very poor spiritually. They are so focused on increasing their capital that they forget about humanity. They do not have time for their children and grandchildren, there is no desire to just sit with family and chat about life. Making money, they slowly die of longing, of nerves, of constant dissatisfaction, stress and so on. You can not make money the center of your life. Think what will remain of you as an inheritance? Yes, grandchildren will share the multimillion-dollar capital, but will they remember you? Hardly, as you were hardly ever acquainted, because you are always busy. After all, you did not see the tears and joys of your children, did not notice the tender kiss of the wife in the morning, did not hear the first quarrels and reconciliation. Here is the best service to proofread your essay.

And sometimes you meet a man in not fashionable clothes, but with sincerity in his eyes, with a kind smile on his lips, with pleasant words. And somehow in a couple of minutes you forget that a person does not have a cool car and prestigious work that is dressed not in branded clothes, but in a normal second hand. And at such moments you think that the essence of life is in another things. Spiritually rich people do not need a lot of money, because they have learned to be happy with what they have. They are happy that their family can sit together and talk in the evening, that all the children are healthy, that the blue sky is above them, that birds are beautifully singing in the forest, and the best bouquet of flowers is the one you grabbed in the meadow. Spiritually rich people are always kind, polite, intelligent, disinterested, cheerful.

2) Material poverty. Undoubtedly, money in our lives is everything. And often without them it is very, very difficult. But, believe me, you can be happy even if you have a regular job, a minimum salary and a big family. It's difficult, but a person gets used to everything.

Look at how people live in poor countries. They do not have a new washing machine or a gadget of the latest model, they do not even have a washing powder and a bowl. These people are ready to give much for a glass of pure tasty water and for a kilogram of corn kernels! But they continue to live in such conditions, they also laugh and have fun. This is a paradox, but this is reality.

Now let's talk about the part of the population that we call homeless. Such people are in every country, and in every city. They are forced to live in the streets, look for their food and clothes on trash. But one can not judge them, each has his own story. Many of them were successful people, had their own families, but due to some circumstances they lost everything. These people simply dropped their hands, gave up and let life go by itself. But there are some who are just too lazy to go and work. People get used to this way of life too. Getting in difficult situations, a person quickly forgets comfort and convenience, he wakes up the instinct of self-survival. So, do not be afraid to lose money and work, the main thing is to have a kind heart and faith in yourself, and with everything else you will cope with God's help (

10 habits that lead to the terrible poverty

In our essay about poverty, I would also like to tell you about what you should not do. If you have these habits, then know that sooner or later they will lead you to devastation or in other words to poverty.

1) Self-pity. People often feel sorry for themselves and blame fate for all failures. Someone complains because she was born a woman, and men have more opportunities. Someone blames his fat figure for all the troubles. Others are upset of their own growth, skin color, nationality, relatives. Some people cry because they did not marry, others because they married. Believe me, self-pity is an anchor that will always pull you to the bottom. You will be forever unhappy, eternally poor, if you do not stop looking for excuses.

2) Greed. Do you constantly buy goods only at discounts? Do you regret spending money on a normal education for your children? Your main argument is that nobody helped you. But if you think that total economy is a manifestation of wisdom, then you are wrong. Learn to reward the people's labor generously and pay the full cost for the things. Greed will necessarily lower you to the bottom (

3) Doing something that you hate terribly. Kate hates to wash dishes, John hates to make quarterly reports, and Bob generally cannot stand the work of a manager, but he must pay bills. Believe me, doing things that you hate will have a very bad effect on your well-being. You will feel unhappy all the time. But it is much better to live without a car than to hate your work for many years and pay a loan for a car. Do not only what you need, but what you really enjoy.

4) You measure success with money. There are such poor people who are sure that for example 1000 dollars will make them happy. So, these people are really poor. For money is not happiness and success. Big money still needs to be able to dispose of, because often they are a source of problems.

5) You spend more money than you earn. Be careful, because debts are the worst. Credit cards are designed specifically for people like you.

6) You prefer instant benefit. Only spiritually poor people want to get everything right away. Wise people understand that in order to achieve something you need time, patience and diligence. Understand that everyone starts his career from the first step. And it's better to get a job in a large enterprise and get an average salary, but in a few years you will be able to achieve a promotion.

7) You like to whine. Oh, life is so unfair. Is everything terrible? Are the people bad? Around discrimination, rudeness, corruption, and only you are a normal person lost in a huge crazy world. If you whine - you are doomed to poverty. Be creative and look for a way out of any dumb situation.

8) You constantly compare yourself to the rest. Kate is sure that she is better than her classmates, because she is an excellent student. And Bob is sure that he is the worst, because he has to work after school. Mary hates her colleague for having more beautiful fans. The desire to compare yourself to others is a habit of a loser.

9) Isolation from the family. There are people who renounce their relatives because they did not receive financial or moral support from them at the same moment. Other people are so busy while they provide their family that they do not leave time for communication. But in any case, the family is the very first source of internal support. This is the place where you will be happy to seen when all around would disown. Do not forget about your family and relatives.  For detailed information about our company, please visit our website or contact the customer support center.

10) You start saving on everything. This is a terrible trait of character. You buy cheap clothes, poor-quality food on sales, do not go on trips, and spend your vacation at your vacation home. Stop until it's too late. I'm not saying that spending money right and left is good, but you must be able to part with money easily. Excessive savings are not good at all.

Well, after reading essay poverty, you can draw an accurate conclusion, what exactly is poverty and how to avoid it. I think you realized that lack of money is not the worst thing, but the lack of humanity and kindness is really the greatest problem. Try always be optimistic. Do not let different life situations spoil your life. Do not turn into a greedy person who does nothing but save and save money. Learn to enjoy life and appreciate every moment. Do not spend money in vain, but do not save them excessively. Everything needs a measure. Our company is one of the best essay writing services.

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