Facts About Cote d'Azur Vacation You Have Never Heard About


The Cote d'Azur is a dream of any romantic personality. However, do they know everything about this paradise piece? Best paper writing service Livecustomwriting always tries to do the best for its clients and visitors. That is why the greatest specialists of the site have worked hard and now they are going to share with you the secret places that you probably would not have found on your own. We have collected responses of people who have already visited this magical corner of the world, so check them out. You will definitely discover a lot of new and interesting facts that often remain unnoticed by many tourists.

Fact #1. Whatever number of times a lot of people visit the Riviera, due to their absentmindedness or nescience or something else, they do not notice that there are two islands located exactly on the opposite side of the coast of Cannes. Their names are St. Marguerite and Saint Honorat. The second one, which is smaller, is in possession of Lerins monastery and the monks who live there from the ancient times and till today. It is worth to visit it at least for a day to walk round the quiet island and its vineyards, to see an old fortress, to stop for the dinner with local wine in a restaurant on the beach. Sea transport departs from the port of Cannes each thirty minutes. And if your soul will demand “full detox”, it is possible to stay at the monastery for a couple of days. They allow to rent a room for some period of time. But one needs to be aware and ready that he / she will have to spend these days in complete silence and without any means of connection.

Fact #2. In a house right in front of the market Marche Provencal in Antibes there is a souvenir shop with “surprise”. The address of the building is Cours Massena, 25. The “surprise” is the fact that in the 19th century basement there is an absinthe bar, the owner of which produces with his own hand absinthe of any flavor and degree of strength. He will also let the visitors play piano or to try on any hat of his hat collection.

Fact #3. An obligatory point of a cultural program of any traveler of the Cote d'Azur is usually a city of artists called Saint-Paul de Vence. It takes the third place on attendance in France. However, not every person knows that right after its attendance on the sunset it would be great to stay for the dinner in the Alain Llorca’s restaurant, which is recommended by the Michelin guide, by the way. Here, except the a priori delicious food, is an excellent view of Saint-Paul de Vence and landscapes of Provence. If you are interested in good restaurants, then our essay on London Restaurant Festival will present you many useful and exciting facts. Next to the restaurant there is a self-titled hotel that consists of ten luxury class villas. In general, this place “demands” not only to stay there for a night, but also to celebrate there a wedding or an anniversary, for example.

Facts #4 and #5. Another two places not far away from Saint-Paul de Vence, about which everyone should know. They are La Fondation Maeght museum (https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/tour-to-the-greatest-museums-around-the-world) and next to it Les Messugues hotel. The hotel also belongs to already mentioned Alain Llorca. The museum is famous first of all for its complex of modernist buildings, park and placed there sculptures. And after all this, of course, it is popular with its exhibitions of modern art, which are presented there. The hotel Les Messugues, which is located right close to the museum, is good due to several reasons: it is comfortable to stay in for those, who travel along the Cote d'Azur or Provence by car and change the dislocation every day. Breakfast overlooking the vineyards and a couple of hours at the swimming pool in a peaceful garden is the most suitable place to take a breath (https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/summer-vacation-essay-or-have-a-good-rest).

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Fact #6. One of the historical hotels of French Riviera (as for example Negresco in Nice or Carlton in Cannes) is considered Belles Rives hotel in Juan-les-Pins. There used to live Pablo Picasso, Ramon Novarro, Umberto Eco, Edith Piaf, and Francis Scott Fitzgerald wrote there his works “Tender Is The Night” and “The Great Gatsby”. Live Custom Writing experts are not great masters as Francis Scott Fitzgerald, but with our help you can write and rewrite your essays online. As a more budget option there is a cozy hotel Juana not far away, where one can stay and this place is often visited for sunbath taking.

Fact #7. It is strongly recommended to all the lovers of classic sightseeing tours round the city to perform such a tour on segway when you are in Nice. There is a lot of space for the ride, the route is comfortable and includes everything the most important and essential, the tour will be unforgettable, especially if it is your first segway experience. By the way, if you previously take a longer training on segway use, you can ride all day long wherever you want and without a person, who usually should accompany beginners.

Fact #8. Usually one finds good bars in a city using method of numerous tries and faults. Some of them are too much pathos, others, vise versa are to too “close to ordinary people”. Le Hussard bar located in the city centre is a unique place with a wonderful correlation of the cost, quality, pleasant music and public around you.

Fact #9. Especially for the Cannes Film Festival in 2015 Uber presented so called “UberCopter”. This is a transportation of everyone who wants from the Nice airport to the foot of the Palace of Festivals and Congresses in Cannes. Everyone still talks about the fact that maybe soon Uber will provide this service on an ongoing basis. And it would be such a right step! It captures the spirit to look at the Cote d'Azur bird's-eye. Even the most not romantic person will “melt”. Read post on the Cannes Festival published on our site to get more information on this issue.

Fact #10. All this is just a small piece of everything that is not discovered yet and not banal what one can find on the Cote d'Azur. Also, in early September it is wonderful to spend there “Indian Summer”, when tourists are not so much numerous and the weather is still amazing.

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