Tour To The Greatest Museums Around The World


Greatest Museums Around The WorldI am sure that everybody of you entered the museum at last once. Such kind of the places where and will be famous despite everything. Read this list and if you have an opportunity, enter them and do not pass by.  

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What museums to visit

People can travel wherever they want and in each country they can see something wonferful. Today we are going to introduce the biggest and the most famous ones. Read this list of museums and choose the most interesting for you.

1) State Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia

Russia is not among the European countries but it is one of the biggest countries with the rich history. In St. Petersburg is wonderful, huge, important art museum – Hermitage. It is not difficult to find it and if you go for the city excursion you will certainly notice this fantastic and large building. In the summer and on weekends I advise you to come earlier, or half an hour before the opening. You can stand in a queue for several hours, or just do not get into the museum at all, if not come to the opening. This museum started to work in 1764 when the Catherine II bought a lot of new masterpieces.

2) The British Museum

I think that everybody who have heard about the capital of England know something about this popular museum. Every year thousands of tourists visit it and others just dream to do it. Here you can find a lot of ancient things from the Egypt. Only in Egypt there are more things because there's their homeland. The British Museum is definitely worth to be visited.

3) The National Gallery

As we started to talk about London it is unreal not to add to our list the National Gallery. People always come to this wonderful place. About the 2300 original paintings take the place in this gallery. Some of them were created in the 13th century. This Gallery takes the fifth place among most visited museums.

4) The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

And now let us move to the other huge city but in the United States. If you think that modern NY is famous just for its center, shops and parks you are wrong. This place is really the huge one and it includes about the 2 millions of exhibits. It is one of the places (, which you can visit in the USA.

5) The Louvre

We just cannot tell you about the magnificent Louvre, one of the greatest attractions of Paris. Those people, who have read the book The Da Vinci Code then you know many interesting facts about this gallery. I don’t think that I can surprise you or please with something new but I am sure that next time when you visit Paris you certainly came to the Louvre.

6) The Vatican Museums, Italy

This museum consists of the 22 different collections. I think that the most known is Museo Pio-Clementino. You can see the whole halls which were painted by Raphael and a lot of his other works. Here is also the famous Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. I am sure that you understand what I am talking about. It is impossible to describe everything. Come here if you will have such a chance.

7) The Museum del Prado

The Madrid is also famous for its wonderful places for sightseeing. The place we are talking about is always updated with new collections. There are more than 2300 paintings. Among paintings there are a lot of sculptures, drawings and other art exhibits.

8) Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

This place consists of several parts and is very huge and you will never find like it in the whole Netherlands. Its collection is really huge as it consists of the 900 thousands of exhibits. The Rijksmuseum was created in the 1800 but it includes the exhibits from the 17th century. The biggest part of this place was renewed in 2013 year.

9) Tate Modern

Tate Modern is another gallery situated in London. As you guess this capital is full of interesting cultural objects. Nowadays everything new is very popular that’s why more than four million of tourists came to Tate Modern. In front of you there will be the huge collection from 1900 till nowadays.

10) The Anne Frank House

Anne Frank was one of the people of Israel and had the difficult destiny. When the Second World War started she was hidden as the Nazis chased all the Jews. She was hidden successfully for the two years but then the soldiers found her and sent to the concentration camps. The girl died but her daddy was the only one who survived. The great popularity to this girl brought her day bool. The girl wrote it during the difficult times when they were hiding. Later people created the museum called Anna Frank House.

Hope now you have decided what museums you will certainly visit. Find the time for the culture objects as you know that knowledge is never too much. I think you agree that even if you look at popular "Mona Lisa" on the monitor screen - it will not make such an impression as if you can see the masterpiece in the museum. Such places can be different but I think that all of them have the one purpose to keep some things forever, so that people from all over the world could admire them. If you have difficulties with the home tasks you can always choose among the academic essay editing services. We are able to do the home work instead of you, don’t worry and read the text here -

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