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Student FearsOur best academic writing service reveals students’ greatest fears

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Our academic research writers reveal the essence of the fears

You can deny your concerns, yet it doesn’t mean, you are afraid of nothing. It is the oldest and the brightest emotion. Its primary purpose is to activate inner forces in a critic situation and to make people remember critical moments. The fear is accompanied by an adrenaline rush that reduces pain and increases physical abilities. Therefore, it helps people to survive.

When a person faces fear, he or she has one of three reactions: to run away, freeze or act aggressively. Awareness of the fears helps us to understand our behavior and the nature of other people. Therefore, the team of our site that can write your essay for you urgently decided to write this post.

Looking back at our student time, we also remember our fears. Now some of them seem to be so funny and unreal. Check out our list of the most significant concerns regarding our university life.

Fears of loss

  • Fear of losing your files. This suggestion may seem not serious. Yet, have you ever lost an electronic version of your thesis the day before you should pass it? Virtual clouds and reserve copies can help you in this case.
  • Fear of losing a smartphone, a laptop or any other gadget is closely connected with the previous one. Nowadays any personal device is an essential part of everyday life. It contains all the necessary contacts, files, pictures, confidential information.

Fears of the worst unlucky events

  • Fear to sleep through an exam. Went to sleep at dawn again? It’s an actual issue for students, as they often have insomnia before important midterms. One can be so exhausted that even doesn’t notice that the morning has come.
  • Fear to be dropped out from the university. Even being a good student, you can have this thought. What if I fail an exam? How often do you ask yourself this question? In fact, we put so many efforts to enter the university that we are afraid to let go of our dream to get an education.
  • Fear to make a mistake can be a real obstacle on your route to the goal. Apparently, one should go out of the comfort zone to get success. No one is safe from mistakes in this case.   
  • Fear of death. In most cases, teenagers rarely think about global things such as life and eternity. Yet, it happens, that they are also afraid to die. This feeling underlies such emotions as fear of flights, for instance. Sometimes, it’s hard to trust one’s life to a vast machine flying in the sky. A lot of films and TV-series enhance this feeling showing appalling pictures of such disasters. Yet, in fact, every year less than 600 people die in air crashes.

Social fears

  • Public shaming. Do you recollect funny episodes from comedies about students? In most cases, they are concerned with humiliation in front of a crowd. Obviously, no one wants to be in the shoes of these heroes.
  • Fear of public speaking is considered to be a common problem for humble people. Yet, experts suppose that about 95% of teenagers experience this feeling.
  • Fear of changes. Do you remember Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory”? His fear of change is the most vivid example of this concept. Being a genius scientist, he appreciated only his current lifestyle and didn’t want to reverse anything.  
  • Fear to get acquainted. Sometimes, it seems so hard to make the first step towards new relationships. Shyness and negative experience reinforce this feeling. The pathological degree of this anxiety is heterophobia. Students often suffer from the contradiction between loneliness and a fear of new relationships.
  •  Fear of the language barrier is common for foreign students. What if nobody understands me? What if I don’t understand anybody? These are the most common questions for people who are going to study abroad. Think about our services whenever you face this situation. Even if you need an essay rewriter for tomorrow, place your order. We can successfully fulfill the shortest terms.

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Our professional academic writing company gives tips on how to cope with fears successfully

The fear is a particular reaction of our organism. There are four main reasons for this phenomenon. One should know them to avoid this anxiety.

  1. Experience. If you face a stress situation, you get a particular experience. For instance, if you had a car accident, you can be afraid to drive an automobile in the future.
  2. Upbringing. Childhood is a period when we get the first psychological issues and fears, in particular. Thus, kids are often afraid to make any mistakes because of their strict parents.  
  3. External environment. We can get a lot of fears from social media Sometimes negative news and pessimistic posts are so scary.
  4. Diseases. As a rule, people who have problems with a heart, hormones or a nervous system, have a lot of fears too.

The fear can be a necessary part of our life. It restricts our behavior according to specific frames and helps to adapt to the surrounding environment. Still, when this feeling becomes pathological, it can shackle student’s possibilities. Therefore, the team of our essay custom writing website offers practical ways to fight fears.

  • Radical measures. Face your fear, and you’ll see that the problem is not so crucial. For instance, try to speak in public, take the initiative and ask someone out. Sometimes fears exist only in our conscious and imagination. The only way to destroy them is to get a new positive experience.  
  • Change your way of thinking. The way to stare fear straight in the face doesn’t always work. Mainly, when it deals with death or any fatal accidents. In this case, you’d better reconsider your life perception. Don’t let your negative experience prevail against common sense and logic.
  • Meditate. Have you ever seen a nervous, frightened yogi? Take an example from these cool guys. Meditation is a smart way to overcome anxiety. It activates parts of the brain, which are responsible for good emotions and self-control. In this way, it helps to eliminate a negative undertone of the fear.
  • Medicine. When fears are caused by health problems, think about medical treatment. Nowadays, hormone therapy and sedatives successfully cope with panic attacks and constant anxiety.

Life in the constant fear looks like existence with tied hands. And what are you afraid of? Share your thoughts with our team. Don’t forget that the danger of fears lies in their consequences:

  1. Blocked creative abilities. Apparently, talent can’t be revealed and developed within frames of the doubts. Free imagination and art skills hardly coexist with inner issues.
  2. Losing a lucky chance. Facing favorable situations, we don’t always see good opportunities. And even when we notice them, we don’t always take them. The fear of changes prevents us from doing it.
  3. Diminished intellectual skills. How many inventions were made when people stepped over their fears? And it’s not only about the fear of death while geographical discoveries, for instance. It’s about a fear to derogate from generally accepted standards.
  4. A fear can grow into a chronic phobia. A moderate level of anxiety is helpful for a person. Yet, it can become so strong that you can’t control it. Obsessive-compulsive disorders, in turn, can cause serious diseases.

In general, fears make your life less eventful. A lot of ways are opening in front of each person all the time. It’s up to you, whether to choose a new one or to stop in fear on that place where you are now.

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