Important Role Of Animals In History


Important Role Of Animals In HistoryAnimals play an important role in our life and in the nature. It is difficult to imagine the Earth without wild and domestic animals. Some of them provide us with food while others help to destroy pests for agriculture. There are some group of animals which are friends to people and other groups which we need to be afraid of. Today we are going to introduce you animals who unknowingly changed the course of historically important events. Maybe these cases will seem funny or strange to you but it's actually happened in reality.

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TOP 8 Animals Who Changed The History

1) Laika – the first dog astronaut. It happened in 1957 and the dog was two years old. People were afraid to fly into space, as it was something new and unknown. But the spaceships have already appeared and in the Soviet Union people decided to conduct an experiment and send the dog into space. Nobody expected that the dog will come back. The dog died after five-seven hours from the beginning of the flight as it was too hot inside the spaceship. But scientists expected Laika will be alive for the week.

Later in three years another dogs called Belka and Strelka also were in space. But they had another destiny – circle the Earth and come back. And after this successful trip Yuri Gagarin in 1961 became the first person who visited the space. It was great success and only in 8 years the American man flew to the moon. About the man who reached the stars you can read also on our website:

2) The pigeon called Cher Ami. If you want to translate this name from French it means – dear friend. It was 1918 year and the US soldiers fought with the French. It was very popular to use the carrier pigeons if the commanders needed to send the important messengers. And Cher Ami was on of such pigeons. One day the major and 500 soldiers were surrounded and they have no food and a little of ammunition. The battalion came under the fire. Many Americans were killed or wounded on the first day. Two pigeon were sent to the American Army and they had the notes with approximate coordinates. But the birds were killed at once. Only Cher Ami was still alive but seriously wounded. The bird was shot in the chest, has lost an eye and leg, but brought a note. For 25 minutes it flew 25 miles. The doctors saved the bird but the pigeon also saved 194 soldiers.

3) The monkey who killed the king. At the beginning of October the Greece King Alexander was walking in the garden with his dog. Suddenly he saw how the dog was fighting with the monkey and the man decided to break up. At the same moment another monkey bit him. The wounds were dangerous and the doctors could not save the king. But if you read Alexander’s biography you will better understand the words of Winston Churchill: “It is perhaps no exaggeration to remark that a quarter of a million persons died of this monkey’s bite.”

4) The dog contributed to the fact that the first Protestant church appeared in England. It is funny and serious story at the same time. The King Henry VIII wanted a son and heir but his first wife Catherine of Aragon has problems. All her children were died besides the princess Mary. The king loved another woman and he decided that his current marriage is cursed by God. The Catherine should go away but before it the Pope Clement had to annul the marriage. When the ambassadors from Henry came to the Pope he put the big toe to be kissed in reverence. But the ambassador did not have time to do it as his dog bit the Pope. After this accident the ambassador said that the toe was desecrated and refused to kiss it. The Pope was angry and did not annul the marriage. But the King Henry had another idea how to achieve the desired. He simply declared himself the head of the new Church of England. And those priests who wanted to be alive had to support him and to annul the marriage. Now you know that England Protestant Church was born thanks to the dog bite.

5) The white cat called Snow helped to find the killer. One woman disappeared and soon people found her car with blood. Later in a few months her body was found. The first man who was suspected was the suspect was her previous common-law husband. But nobody could prove his guilt. When in the forest men's jacket stained with blood was found, one the investigator found on the jacket also white cat hairs. He thought that it could be a pet hair as the family had white cat Snow. But how he could prove it? At that time it was very difficult to explore the DNA of animal origin as it was almost new techniques. But when the investigator found the laboratory where people helped him he saw that the DNA results were the same as Snow had. The law husband was sentenced. And since that time many other accusations were based on animal DNA.

6) Lamb Montosel flying in the sky. At 1783 people were interested if people can fly at high altitudes like birds? People want to try it but everybody was afraid. And when people built the balloon they decided to put there the cock, the lamb Montosel and the duck. These three passengers were the first balloonists on the Earth. A huge crowd was watching the action. The duck was just like a check sample as you know that ducks can fly in the sky. The cock was there because he was a bird but could not fly. But the lamb was the main hero of the day as people think that if the Montosel will come back alive then everything will be okay with people. The balloon was very nice and decorated. It flew 1.5 kilometers and climbed to an altitude of 450 meters and landed successfully. When people saw the Montosel, the lamb was calmly munching grass. The experiment was a success.

7) The plague and the rats. On October 1347 happened the great accident in the whole Europe. To Sicily sailed twelve Genoese ships laden with spices. But with the sailors rats also came ashore. And only in a week the terrible plague has spread in the city. People heard about this disease but they don’t know what it is. People died one by one and the corpses were everywhere as everybody was afraid to touch them and to bury. The houses with died hosts was opened and everybody who want could came in and take everything. But nobody wanted. All the Genoese people left the city but the disease was everywhere. The ships with the rats sailed to other ports where nobody knew about the plague. Actually rats were not carriers of disease, but fleas, which were in rats. The Black Death in the 14th century played a great role in the civilization. Many people died, not enough workers and those people who survived would qualify for a better life. All this meant that the Middle Ages in the West finished and the era of capitalism began.

8) Geese guarding Rome. If not for the geese, the mighty Rome would disappear in the 4th century BC. Hordes of the Galls came to the city and the citizens hid in the Capitol. And Galls did not know how to capture the fortress. They tried but each time defeated. But one day the luck was with them. They noticed traces of man climbing to the castle. And they decided if one person could come then the others also could. At night the enemies approached the Capitol. The watchman and the dogs were asleep, and Galls were moving very quietly. But suddenly the geese at the temple of the goddess Juno heard the people and raised the cry. They were so much noisy that woke the people and the battle was repelled. The Rome was saved and the geese became very popular and people created the holiday to glorify these birds. When was the anniversary of saving the city, the priests made a procession through the city. They were carrying the goose under their arms and leading a dog on a leash. Geese were praised but the dogs were beaten with sticks for the fact that they fell asleep.

Napoleon Bonaparte said that history is written by the winners. The people think in the same way nowadays. In fact, a lot of non-human creatures have influenced the course of human history. The names of some animals that changed history, did not survive, while others have become world-famous stars. Whether they are famous or anonymous, those feathered and furry creations were pioneers, soldiers, teachers, lawbreakers and heroes in our human history. And some of them even got into the history books. Hope this essay was interesting and useful for you. If you have no time for the writing papers, you can always ask our company for the help. We can cope with every kind of the writing task as our writers know how to write different types of the essay. If you are interested in the appendix essay, check the information here:

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