Keep It Straight: Spine, Health And Emotional Connection


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Keep the spine straight: how the spine is connected with our health and emotions

If modern medicine implies treatment of diseased organs and systems separately, then alternative holistic medicine advises exactly the opposite: to cure the human body as a single system. The tendency of modern science is to combine these two directions. The experts in this field tell what may happen and how the diagnostics based on the spine works today.

If a teeth aches, people go to the dentist. Naturally, they do not go to the cardiologist, although (and this is a scientific fact) bacteria that cause caries also provoke dangerous for life disease called endocarditis, i.e. inflammation of the inner lining of the heart.

Beginning with the early years we attend different doctors to treat appropriate organs that is why there is a conviction in our subconscious that each organ suffers from its own diseases and it should be cured independently and separately from the rest of the body.

If we think more and look wider, then we can come to an obvious conclusion: organs located in a few centimeters from each other can not work independently, consequently they can not suffer from a disease independently. And in case of any illness the whole organism should be cured, and not a separately taken organ, an eye, spleen or whatever else.

There is a strong carcass is our body that units all the organs and systems into a single unit. Spine is the body base, to which almost all inner organs are attached. Roughly speaking, they hang on the spine. The nerves go along the spine, by which brain controls the work of inner organs and gets feedback from them. Accordingly, if initially there are disorders in the spine, then nerves that go to inner organs may transfer incorrect information and consequently organ will suffer. The opposite statement is also truthful: if any organ is diseased, it may influence the state of the spine.

Diagnostics based on spine

In medical practice there is so-called segmentary innervation map. It demonstrates which vertebrae with which organs are connected.

  • Cervical vertebrae – from the first till the seventh – are connected with the health of hearing and sight organs, speech apparatus and brain condition. Overexertion of muscles in the area of cervical vertebrae can cause headaches. Exercises aimed at the relaxation of the neck area allow to relieve a headache (even very strong one) and correct sight.
  • The seventh cervical vertebra is a large nerve centre that is responsible for the health of thyroid gland. The area of the seventh as well as the first, second and third thoracic vertebrae is connected with the heart health. Pay attention to the old people, who have kind of a “hill” at the base of the neck. With a probability of 99% they have problems with heart, such as pressure jumps, angina or arrhythmia attacks. If a young man has such a spine deformation, then it is a warning sign, it is time to take care of the spine health and check the heart.
  • The fourth – the eighth thoracic vertebrae are connected with the work of digestive system. For example, regular coffee drinking may cause feeling of heaviness in the thoracic region. And the point is that the stomach can not digest the product well and transfers the signal about discomfort to the thoracic spine.
  • The ninth – twelfth thoracic vertebrae are responsible for the correct work of urinary system. Having faced this problem for the first time, man as a rule can not define on his own whether he has stretched a muscle or a kidney aches or something else. In any case, pain in the thoracic bottom is a reason to go to urologist.
  • The top of the lumbar is connected with the large intestine. For example, usual backache can disappear when intestinal dysbiosis is cured. It also works vise versa. Regular stomachaches may pass if one starts doing exercises for spine recovery.
  • Lumbar bottom gets signals from genital organs. Different “male” as well as “female” inflammatory diseases may cause discomfort in the lumbar bottom area.

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Anatomy in Chinese

Chinese doctors have discovered interrelation between human spine with inner organs a couple of millennia before the invention of X-rays. Basing on so-called theory of acupuncture, human body has a sport to influence each organ, which is located close to our spine. If one feels pain in a spot, it allows to suppose the presence of certain disease type. In order to treat it, particular spot requires being activated using needles, for example, or massage. Anatomical views about connection between vertebrae with upper organs to a large extent have matched with segmentary innervation map.

Besides, Chinese scientists of ancient times ( have come to proved today conclusion that human emotions are being realized through human body. Scientists systemized emotions, after what discovered what type of worrying what organ destroys.

  • Third vertebra is connected with lungs work. Emotion, which is being accumulated in mentioned area and disturbs breathing, is sadness.
  • From fourth to fifth vertebrae spine area is directly connected to heart. Major enemy of heart is anger along with aggression (
  • Ninth, also tenth vertebrae area is being related to liver with gallbladder. Malice along with acrimony destroy these organs at large extend.
  • Eleventh thoracic vertebra has relation to spleen. Spleen suffers extremely when a person keeps one thought during a long period of time, also when he / she is inclined to relive his failures again and again.
  • The second lumbar vertebra is connected with the kidneys work. Fear has the greatest influence on work of kidneys.

Massage as a cure

There is a very simple technique of oriental massage, which any person can learn at home and help his relative restore their strengths and health. The above described points are opposite the mentioned vertebrae at the two fingers distance. And at the two fingers distance from them, according to Chinese tradition, there are points that are responsible for the destructive emotions, which are being accumulated in these organs. In such a way, doing massage with the fingertips along the spine it is possible to improve the work of the whole body. Massage movements should be gentle: press with your fingers the area along the spine moving from top to bottom. During the massage a person should not feel pain. If any point is painful, do not press it harder, but on the contrary ease the push.

Of course, it would be very naïve to hope that as a massage result an acute disease can disappear, or let’s say, liver affected by cirrhosis can be restored. For deep diseases that exist for many years there are more powerful treatment techniques. However, for the prevention of diseases of internal organs and for general body health improvement such a massage is an easy and effective means. Except the influence of the spine and organs, it also has impact on the nervous system. Thanks to it after quality massage people get a feeling of two week rest from all the worries and troubles. Cooperate with our team, order our services and the feeling of a good rest will be doubled. There is no longer need to worry about anything. Entrust us your papers and live your happy and carefree life.

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