Something You Did Not Know About The Great Wall Of China


Today academic essay writing service invites you to plunge into the history of the world a little and move to Ancient China. So sit comfortable and be ready to read the exciting essay about one of the most popular feature or attraction of China – the Great Wall. There are many architectural monuments all over the world and each of them has the own history of creation. I think there is no person who did not know about the main Chine’s attraction, its popular wall. It is the symbol and main attraction point for tourists in China. The first brick, which gave the start to the construction of the wall, was laid in the 8th century BC. Most recently, is not it?

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The Great Wall Of China

When the Chinese began to build a wall they needed more than a million builders. As for me, a good team of workers. But to tell the truth it were not the ordinary builders. Mostly, these were poor people like the prisoners of war and peasants ( The history says that many people died of starvation and unbearable physical labor. The next fact is really awful - bodies of all the dead were walled into the wall. It is terrible to walk along the wall and know that inside are walled up human bones. But the Chinese did not do this because they were cruel. As the ancient people believed that the souls of the deceased would be the defenders of the country's main structure. The building works were finished in the 1644. This year, the last emperor of the Ming dynasty ended his reign. The length of the wall is about 8 thousand kilometers and its height is three and a half meters. On the Internet or even press you can read the funny facts that it is possible to see the Great Wall of China from the moon. But, of course, it is a popular fiction created in order to attract curious tourists.

Of course, nothing lasts forever on this earth and the wall is no exception. The main attraction of China is constantly being repaired and reconstructed. But people can repair just the several parts of the wall others are ruined year by year. They need huge sums of money to reconstruct the whole historical object. Our academic assignment writing company can help you with your home tasks.

Top 10 Interesting Facts

1) You can see the picture of the great Wall of Chinese on the visa of this country but you never find this picture on a currency denomination. Chinese are proud of this wall but why they don’t print it on currency is difficult to explain.

2) This Chinese architecture monument visited not just the ordinary tourists. Even two of American presidents decided to see it. It was Barack Obama and George Bush.

3) The famous British athlete William Lindsay ran almost two and a half thousand kilometers in competitions in 1987.

4) The wall has many stairs and all the stairs have different heights. Therefore it is very difficult to descend from the wall.

5) This fact will be very interesting for those people, who like to bring from the trips fascinating souvenirs. If you decide to steal the one stone from this wall be ready to pay the great amount of money for this thing at the customs when you will come back home. It is not a joke for a brick is a fine of 770 dollars. So think twice before breaking the law.

6) While people built this wall they have no popular modern equipment or instruments. They were always tired and exactly at that time they invented a wheelbarrow for transporting weights ( It is one of the most useful building tools.

7) Visiting this landmark you can see and feel the amazing acoustics of this object. We don’t know the secret of its structure, but if you say the phrase on one side of the wall, then it can be heard by other people from the opposite side. They just need to lean the ear against the bricks.

8) No matter how stunning and amazing the Great Wall of China is, it is not listed in the list of wonders of the world. It is interesting for me why not?

9) This architecture object is popular among different directors. You can often see the wall in the filming of different clips and movies. For the last time you can see it in the Justin Bieber’s music clip.

10) Look at the wall at night is also very interesting. Beautiful illumination on some parts of the wall is truly mesmerizing and creates a magical effect.

These were the main facts about the popular Great Wall of China. I hope you liked this essay. China is the country full of mysterious objects and stories. By the way, it is really worth visiting. Don’t miss such an opportunity. Traveling always give you the new experience, many new friends, and of course, guarantee you the great advantages. Take the perfect company and start conquering the world at the next vacations. Chinese culture is something unforgettable and really wonderful. If you want at our custom essay writing service you can find many interesting essays on different topics. We look forward to see you among our happy customers. All the papers you receive in time and we guarantee the high quality.

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