Top 20 Ways To Calm Down When Things Are Bad


Top 20 Ways To Calm DownThere are some situations in our life when it seems to us that everything is bad and everybody is against us. You have problems at work, with your manager, in the family, with friends, and even the weather is cold and rainy for the last few days. In such cases even the best and the biggest optimists are discouraged. People think that worse cannot already be and you are not able to answer for the question: what to do when all the things are bad. It was the main reason why our editing academic papers decided to write this essay. We know that during the studies you can also have many problems and difficulties. It is better to use our services and order the necessary one paper to save your time. To start you need just to calm down and begin to speculate sensibly. You can also use the online help. Think if everything is really so bad as you think and only then start looking for a way out of crisis.

Top 20 useful tips

From the very beginning you need to remember that after a black stripe necessarily will be white, night necessarily ends at dawn, and good always triumphs over evil. And if you show enough patience, fortitude and wisdom, you will not notice how it is formed.

1) To divide all your problems into separate groups. You should separate the problems which you can solve yourself and those, where you need to ask somebody for the help. And there is third type of problems which are unsolvable at this moment. You can avoid them (to leave the job with the horrible team and director) or simply wait when the problem ends (the rainy weather, for example).

2) You should be able to see something good in everything. Even if the car poured mud at you and your dress is dirty now and you are hurrying at the important meeting. But keep calm and thank God that you are still alive and you were not hit by this car. If you have a lot of life problems, you can smile because your pet is glad to see you, because your child is healthy, the sun is shining brightly and you can see the nature. For example, you can’t write the essay for Monday. Pay some money and wait for the excellent result.

Also in this section:

3) Start to play sports. A lot of scientists have proved that physical exercise can help to fight with stress. Start to go to the gym, go to the pool, run in the evenings, enjoy a yoga or dancing etc. It takes a lot of time, you will be busy and when all the problems will be solved you won’t be exhausted and tired but in a good trim and the whole world will be at your feet.

4) Do good things. You can go to the hospital or to the children's home and you will see that other people have more problems than you. You will immediately understand for what things you should be thankful. We are just people and we get used to everything we have. Sometimes we need to change the situation and feel things differently.

5) Contact with water. Do you want to know the simple secret of free hypnosis and psychotherapy? But don’t be surprise with the answer – start to wash dishes! The water can make miracles. The noise of running water has a calming effect and relieves fatigue. Except washing dishes, you can take a bath, go to the swimming pool, and swim in the sea or lake. I promise you that after such procedures you will feel better.

6) Weep. Yes, crying is also helps in situations with stress. With tears a lot of toxic substances (which were formed under the influence of stress hormones) are also leaving the body. You cannot cry about everything, then think about the most terrible problem and specially weep over it. You are going to feel better as this method was checked be thousands of people.

7) Enjoy you surrounding. Sometimes it is very helpful to sit in a popular café or on the bench on the busy street full of people. Look at all these people, they are always in a hurry, worried and focused on themselves. You don’t need to talk with them, just sit and soak up these surroundings. You won’t feel alone in this crazy world.

8) Every day you should have to do list. It is better to write it at the evening. This list is very useful and the main aim of it to make you busy for the whole day. If the person see what to do at the same minute and what to do next, he/she won’t have free time for thinking about your failures and suffer nonsense.

9) Never stop, give up and continue moving forward. Even if you are moving with small steps, never mind. Your task is not to stand still. Step by step you will reach your goals and dreams come true. Even if is difficult to believe in it and even if you don’t see the end of this dark period in life. Repeat to yourself that not always all will be in the same way, and move forward.

10) Indulge. Everybody has such moments is life when you understand that’s all, I cannot do it anymore, I give up! In reality everything is not as bad. You just need the special week end while you can do only those things you want. Sleep till midnight, watch films, go for a walk, go horse riding, read the favorite novel, eat a kilo of sweets, invite friends, read the favorite book which you have read in childhood (  In one world – relax!

11) Clean the flat or house. If you didn’t know, the cleaning has a magical effect. If you throw away all the excess out of the house, it seems that you are exempt not only the shelves, but also all the life.

12) Don’t use social media for some time. Have a rest of all news, events and other bullshit. You won’t die without these things. Stop looking through the pictures in the Instagram and reading Facebook’s posts.  It takes a lot of time and sometimes is really depressing. And never start the day with checking your emails!

13) Talk to your relatives. Sometimes if you have problems it means that it is high time to visit your parents and to speak about everything. They will cheer you up and say that everything will be okay. You see, this phrase was exactly what you needed to hear!

14) Have a rest in nature. I am not talking about the noisy picnics or cycling with friends. You can go to the forest alone. Sit on the grass. Listen to the birds singing. Enjoy the fresh air. Gather a bouquet of wildflowers. Lay in the sun. Smile and you will see that the life is wonderful. Silence and nature help to better than medicines.

15) Go to the church. They say that most people remember about God only when they have difficulties. Unfortunately, it is true. But don’t be like others. Visit the church and maybe there you will find the sedation. Pray the God in the church building and believe in the results. The life will change and problems will disappear, as the God is Almighty.

16) Communicate with those people who had the same problems and overcame them. They can give you advice, cheer you up and share the experience. They will understand you surely and you can trust them.

17) Start cooking. For many people kitchen is the difficult place but try to change this stereotype. I’m sure your relatives and children will be happy to eat homemade delicious food. Sometimes cooking can help to keep calm.

18) Decorate your room. Change something, change the design, buy a lot of perfect new small beer. Buy new linens and set of dishes.

19) Help other people. Don’t concentrate only on your difficulties. Look around and you will notice a lot of people who need a help. Help you grandma, visit your sick friend or give sweets to the neighbor's child.

20) New experience. It is always scared to do those things you have never done before. But you are not are chicken aren’t you? New emotions and impressions is something magical. And always face your fears even if you are sure you can’t - And don’t forget to give us your writing tasks .

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