Top 10 Health Myths Everyone Still Believes


Top 10 Health Myths Everyone Still BelievesEvery person understands that health is the most precious thing that we have. Once somebody said, that people are strange creatures as they earn money losing health, and later spend their money to restore the health. It is sounds absurd but it is true. If we are ill we understand that nothing can be better than health. Maybe that is why people take care of themselves and try to follow different tips and believe everything they heard or read about health.

In our everyday life we are guided by a lot of the rules and sometimes we don’t even think that well-known rules or statements can be false. These rules are passed down from generation to generation. Nowadays we can find a lot of advices how to care for your health on the Internet or in the press or hear on TV. For example, did you hear that every person should drink about 8 glasses of water every day? But it is not necessary as we receive water with the food. So if you are not thirsty it has no reason to force yourself to drink water.

Today our custom research paper service decided to introduce you the most popular myths about our health. It is your own decision to believe them or not.

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Top 10 Myths About Our Health

1) To stop a nosebleed it is better to tilt the head back. It is the automatic reaction when you have a nosebleed. But in reality such actions have no sense. Conversely it can bring harm to you. Throwing the head back, you let the blood fall into the throat and then maybe even start vomiting. It is better to pinch the nose with your hand, sit and bend forward.

2) Reading in poor light - spoils the eyesight. It is false statement. If the light is too poor then your eyes are tired more quickly. But you can’t receive the constant negative effect. But if you are looking at the sun or a laser beam then it can ruin human vision.

3) Shampoo and conditioner can change the tips of your hair. This myth underlines advertising (more information about advertisements - Women believe in it and always try to choose the most popular shampoo which will help their hair. Hair pins consists of dead protein cells and it is impossible to reestablish them. Conditioners and shampoos can make them smooth for a short period of time. It is better to cut the damaged hair tips.

4) Clicking fingers can cause arthritis. I think that everybody has friends who like to click fingers. Some enjoy it, others it irritates. You are mistaken if you think that as a result the person will have shaking hands. Remember that clicking your fingers you don’t hurt yourself. This sound just means that the nitrogen leaves the joints.

5) The vitamin C will protect you from catching a cold. This vitamin improves the immune system but it does not protect you from the cold and remove all the symptoms. When the person catches the cold the immune system tries to overcome the disease and you fell yourself so badly.

6) When you sit down on the public toilet you can catch a disease. This is the main statement of parents. But it is not true as you can be infected with sexually transmitted diseases only through sexual contact, by inheritance or as a result of blood transfusion.

7) Chocolate and fried food causes acne. Do you still believe in this myth? Be wise, if it were true then everybody would be without acne (simply abandoning this food). People suffer from acne for different reasons. It can be the age-related changes, using of poor quality cosmetics, excessive sweating etc.

8) Alcohol warms the blood. People believe this myth for ages. During winter times it is popular to buy a mulled wine to keep warm in the cold. Alcohol dilates blood vessels and that is why more blood flows to your skin. And it seems to us that it becomes warmer. But in reality in this case our body loses the warmth much quicker. So try not to drink the alcohol when it is cold outside. Here ( you can read more about alcohol.

9) The blood in the veins has blue color. The blood color depends on the oxygen it includes. If the blood has a lot of oxygen then it becomes bright red and dark red – when it has not enough oxygen. But never blue color.

10) If you touch the frog you can have the warts. Never! The frogs have no warts at all. The unevenness on their skin is their cervical glands. The warts are caused by the different viruses.

You have read the essay about different myths about our health. And I hope that now you have made the correct conclusions. You should not believe everything that you hear. Some students who cannot write your tasks themselves sometimes think maybe someone write my essay for me? And they decided to order the papers at our company.

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