Loneliness And Its Influence On The Body


We all know the feeling of total loneliness. It is individual for everyone. Someone really is isolated from society, and someone suffers from the loneliness syndrome in the crowd. Both of these manifestations of loneliness are associated with a negative in everyone. Man was created by personality and his main need is to communicate, so when there is no one near, we in the majority simply start suffering.

Today academic writing for graduate student decided to talk about different manifestations of loneliness, about its symptoms and impact on the human body. In general, loneliness - it's not so bad. But in everything there must be a measure. If you need a moment of rest, you can not cope with a large number of assignments at a university or college, then you can use the services of our website. We are a successful company which can perform written work of different levels of complexity. Students always resort to our services and are very satisfied with the results and marks. We work quickly, honestly and inexpensively, so we invite you to use the services of the company.

What is loneliness in general?

So, I would like to talk in general about such a phenomenon as loneliness. From time to time we need to be alone. We get tired of noisy colleagues, friends who chat incessantly, caring parents, and we just want to sit in silence, listen to music, watch a film. My dear friends, such kind of loneliness is normal. All people are inclined to this state and very well when there is such an opportunity. Having rested from everything and everyone, we feel much better, ready to start working and communicating.

Loneliness helps us think about our actions, decisions, about life in general. We analyze many mistakes, draw conclusions, make new decisions and start moving forward. Sometimes loneliness is a good way for self-analysis and self-knowledge. This kind of loneliness is not punishment, not isolation.

But if the period of loneliness is too long, you will start to feel bad. Whether you like it or not. This fact is confirmed by a lot of scientific researches and experiments. True, I would never want to become a part or witness of such experiments, because people who are directly involved often suffer from different consequences. This service to proofread your essay will be perfect for you.

Singles often experience inner dissatisfaction, sadness, irritability, they are sad and frustrated over trifles. Such people are literally deprived of all the joys of life. At first they derive pleasure and strength in silence, tranquility and the ability to do whatever they want. But, believe me, it quickly tires and bother. And then most of the singles are ready to give much, for the warm touch of a friendly hand or for the cheerful cry of children.

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Loneliness and our health

Many scientists came to the conclusion that chronically lonely people:

  • are suffering from high blood pressure;

  • are more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease (dementia);

  • have a terrible feeling of dissatisfaction with themselves;

  • are more susceptible to infectious diseases;

  • can have the mental instability. I'm in a good mood now, but after a minute I'm already crying. And why I’m crying I can’t explain myself.

  • have trouble with sleeping;

  • are always lack of attention.

It is difficult to explain all these things and processes, but it is connected with the work of the human brain, the production of stress hormones and so on. I do not want to go into psychology and biology, but in this essay we are talking about facts that have long been known to mankind. Loneliness in a long form is detrimental to life expectancy, both men and women. Different researches have shown that loneliness can have the same bad effect on a person as smoking.Yes, there are exceptions to each rule, and there is a category of people who were created for a lonely life in which they are very productive. But I'm not sure if they are happy in the evenings, when the light in the house is off, the bed is cold and there is nobody to make you a cup of coffee.

While we feel loneliness, time goes very differently. Let me tell you about one person who did research underground. He was so carried away by his work that he spent two months there. When he returned, it took him five minutes to tell others, oh, just 120 seconds had passed.

Loneliness in the crowd

I'm sure that this feeling is familiar to almost everyone. Every day you are in a team, you can sit in a company of friends, talk, laugh, joke and at the same time have an experience of terrible emptiness inside. People in different ways decide to avoid this kind of loneliness. And the reasons for his feeling may also be different. For example, parting with a loved one, when everything around reminds of happiness.

Someone tries to escape from themselves and begins to actively travel, whoever wants to drown their thoughts in alcohol. But no way will help, because you can not escape from yourself, and the state of sobering up will come. Remember, loneliness can’t disappear by itself. The only way to help yourself is to face the truth honestly, understand the causes of sadness and pain, and do everything possible to get rid of them.

Now also the expression of loneliness in the network has become fashionable. Yes, virtual life is not so good and attractive as it seems. People see the life of other people and intuitively compare it with their lives. Many feel unsuccessful, unhappy from the fact that they have fewer likes and online fans. Try to limit the virtual world to a minimum. Believe me, there are more falsehood than truth, and smiles on the photos in Instagram do not prove the presence of happiness in everyday life. Avoid loneliness if it is possible.

Top 7 facts how loneliness influences the body

And now I want to give you 7 facts of the impact of loneliness on the human body. Do not be surprised, sometimes they can be funny. And notice, we are talking about loneliness, not only as a negative or a problem, at times it is really useful.

1) If you are alone, then you are less likely to gain weight. It is said that happy newlyweds gain weight for four years after the wedding. This is logical, because a person relaxes, does not put anyone else to like it, does not exhaust himself with diets and just lives for fun, enjoying attention and believing that he will be loved as he is.

2) Regular sport exercise. It is known that singles are engaged in sports much more often and regularly than married couples. Because, those who live alone have always more free time, there are no children who need constant care and care, there are no domestic duties to other family members.

3) Frequent mood swings. Sometimes a lot of free time is bad for a person. When you do not know what to do with yourself, sad thoughts come to mind. And like just chatting cheerfully on the phone with a friend, but already sitting and crying for unknown reasons. Couples are at times so busy that they do not have time to suffer any garbage.

4) Singles experience less stress due to finances and household chores. If you live alone, you can often provide for yourself. Those who are lonely do not have to worry about what to wear to children, what shirt to buy for a husband and so on. True, some loners find many other reasons to suffer and experience stress. But that's another question.

5) Poor heart health. I do not know why, but physicians confirm the fact that loners are much more likely (approximately 5%) to suffer from various heart diseases than people who are married. Why does this happen? As a layman in medicine, it's very difficult for me to explain. However, it turns out that if a person is nervous, worried, feels emptiness in the soul, or as it says, it hurts the heart (not in the literal sense), then it means that a number of events are actually taking place inside that have a negative impact on health in general. Our moral suffering is reflected in the physical work of the heart, as the most important organ. After all, why are loners suffering from heart disease more often than from others.

6) Singles die more often during heart operations than those who have a family. And indeed, singles have huge chances (71%) to die on the operating table. This fact is very sad, but doctors say that family people are more optimistic, they are confident in their health. Maybe they have someone to take care of and this gives them strength and optimism.

7) Singles smoke more often. This fact is very sad. In smoking many people find joy, this pastime becomes an integral part of their life. It can not be said that family people do not smoke, but they do it much less often. Who knows, smoking can lead to serious heart diseases and early deaths.

And in the end I would like to say that women suffer from loneliness much more often than men. It so happened that the girl is an emotional being, we see problems in many ways where they do not exist, our imagination often plays a bad joke with us. Women are very dramatic, they find it difficult to accept, they often blame themselves for everything and suffer greatly from this. We have an inborn need to talk, lean on the shoulder of a friend, cry in the presence of a girlfriend, get understanding and support.

Men are used to keep everything in themselves (https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/strange-creature-or-how-to-understand-a-man). For them, the company of friends in the first place is just a club for interests, where all are equal all the time. They rarely feel the need to speak out and most often do it in the presence of their wives.

I hope you liked the essay about loneliness. It turns out that this feeling has a positive and negative impact on the human body. But remember, dear friends, that everything needs a measure, and if something is a lot - it is not useful. Do not be excessively addicted to loneliness, depression and such things. Men need to take into account the characteristics of the structure of the female character and world perception. And vice versa about the different women (https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/why-women-do-not-like-each-other). Whatever happens there, if you suddenly feel terribly lonely - do not despair! In life there are different periods, which consist of ups and downs. Who knows, maybe right now you need to slow down, pause and think. Remember, it will not always be so!

Let life go on as usual, do not screw off the help of friends, be yourself friendly, cheerful and open for communication. Then loneliness will not be a terrible problem for you. From time to time you can take time out and rest from everyone, but never abuse it and do not reject those who really want to help you. For example, if now you are tired and want to organize a day off, let us help you. Academic essays online service in a short period of time will cope with your written homework, and you will get rest and excellent marks.

In any case, remain yourself and remember that whatever you want people to do to you so you try to deal with them. No one can ever abolish this law of life.

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