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Imagine, you inspired tell in rapture about your traveling accompanying story with demonstration of gigabyte photos. Your eyes are burning and heart is ready to jump out of your chest with excitement. However, your friends just smile politely and look at watches all the time. What can we say…? It is obvious that your photos do not transfer that excitement, which a traveler experiences observing foreign lands. Or maybe you just do not know how to take such photos correctly? Experts of our website have looked deeper in this matter and now we will try to help you what is wrong. Let’s have a look what tips on photo shooting “correctness” can be given. For this purpose our online paper writing service has prepared for you professionally written essay on travel photo taking.

So-called “travel photography” direction exists. So, let’s get inspired by realizing that travel photo is something serious, but touristic photo is what others do. Let’s try to be different.

How to tell about your journey

Not to let impressions be lost or forgotten, photo camera always accompanies us in our journeys. Basing on information provided by Nikon company team, professionals of custom writing service have prepared several tips for beginning photographers, so that each photo keeps only positive emotions and impressions.

Anything can be hardly compared with journeys as a source of new impressions. Wherever we go, they are on the watch for us at every step. Our task is to catch them. Often palette of such “trophies” is so much replete and bright that it is almost impossible to keep it in memory.

Telling a story

Problem of many amateur travel photos is lack or absolute absence of idea. Photo taking, when photo camera works without breaks like a machine gun, is called “motor” by professionals. Later on a flash card there is huge number of shots of the same type, by which sometimes it is impossible to understand what country or city it is.

Do not rush to take photo of everything what surrounds you. Look around and find a plot. Photographer should not just only show, but also tell, compose a full story. Genre of role does not matter: either portrait, or landscape, or still life, or Interior photography can be filled with sense. Key to success is richness of bright details, which help to transfer local colouring. More information about success staff you can find in our essay – However, it all does not mean that you need to add such details purposely on your own, for example, suggesting to an Indian to arm himself with a tomahawk. Sense of art of photographer is to keep equipment ready at any moment, when a character decides on his own to take a tomahawk.

Lack of a plot

There is difference between of statement of fact, for example, here I am in Rome, here I am in Paris, on the Eiffel Tower background, and between a photo that has plot. It is amazing when photo tells a story about your trip even when you keep silence. How to achieve this? How to take photos with plot and ideas? Probably, there is only one recipe: think on what story will your pictures tell and take photos with this very thought.

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Remember about light

Weather conditions and time of day have their impact on quality of shooting. For example, in autumn air is cold and transparent, what increases picture sharpness, but in summer it is better to take photos at dawn or sunset, when light “enlivens” picture. When sun is in zenith, shots are too contrasting without shadows and semitones.

To get a beautiful photo of a landscape, nature or a city, shooting should be performed from 7 am till 11 am or after 4 pm and until sunset. At these very hours sun rays are most mild and gentle. They will help to transfer natural colours, and side sun light will create shadows, which will add volume to objects. This is especially important if you take photos in city. Besides, having met sunset in an exotic country, you will manage not only to take great pictures, but also to experience new impressions observing how an unknown city begins its day.

Build composition

From composition point of view a high place of photo taking will help to capture view of a city or a landscape maximally widely and fully. Climb to a roof or an observation deck, mountain or a small hill, so that terrain is in full view. Landscape will be volume, meanwhile multidimensional composition will make image more expressive.

A saturated foreground is very important when you make marine photo shooting. Plants, driftwood, stones are just what you need. If your photo camera is waterproof, it becomes possible to build an unusual photo composition by placing lens under water fully or half under water. Want to read more about something unusual? Then our advice is essay on people with an unusual destiny ( You will definitely like it. We also advise you to purchase special polarization filter, which will remove patches of reflected light, thus will facilitate further correction of photos.

Great city pictures are taken when you go deep inside it avoiding beaten tourist tracks. At first sight, there is nothing easier than taking photos of architecture. Even auto mode can cope with fixed non-moving objects. However, to make architecture look on photo as much impressing as it looks in real life, it is really essential to build composition correctly.

Travel shooting most important point is ability to go beyond usual frames, to look for not banal foreshortening and states. Now we will also present some other basic statements on how to take photos nontrivially.

1) Thirds rule

  • Main object of a photo is placed on point of thirds crossing.
  • Other objects of a photo direct their glance at main object.
  • Main object should differ from background in its colour or tone.

2) Symmetry

Compositions with slight deviations from symmetry are more expressive: eyes all the time find many differences, compare and analyze.

3) Contrast

Use opposites in form, colour, sizes, lines, texture or mass. It will allow to enhance meaning of all elements on a photo.

4) Light in architecture composition

Side lightning of a building emphasizes its relief. Try to create a light and shadow picture by placing camera optical axis perpendicular to sun light.

Let’s no longer discuss how to take photos of any object correctly. Just remember, we are ready to provide you with professionally created papers written by highly qualified team of our site. Also, we offer many other kinds of services, about which you can get more information on our website. Specialists of Livecustomwriting have presented this essay on travel photo for you just to accelerate your search for new views. If someone teaches you to take pictures, if someone writes for you a book on “correct shooting”, then you will take photos as you are taught. But maybe it would be better to learn it by yourself? We have given you point to start, the rest is your own actions.

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