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Sleep is very important for our body. I think you know that if you do not get enough sleep regularly, then you should not even dream about feeling well. In childhood we were often told, sleep baby, sleep, because while you sleep you grow up. But adults need sleep as well as children. The academic essay service is going to represent you interesting facts about sleep. It is the fact adult life is full of problems and most of the time goes to work, rather than to rest. Nevertheless, you need to learn to make short breaks between busy schedules. Our online quick essay editor will help you to free up your schedule.

Something about dreams

It is often said that if you dream that you fall somewhere, or fly, then it means that a person grows up in a dream. I don’t know is it true, but in childhood I had such dreams and now they stopped, maybe forever. If person won’t sleep for a long time soon she or he will have the different problems with health. Our body needs a rest and a full rest it gets only in a dream. Sometimes I want to compare a sleeping person with charging phones or tablets. Our energy is really exhausted if it is not "charged" in time. The detail data about writing company is on the website.

Never underestimate the role of sleep in your life. For example, I had such a period in my life when I worked very hard, and did not give much time for sleeping. This lasted for many months. I was as usual, cheerful and happy girl. But at times fatigue was felt, and when I got sick with a cold, it seemed that the forces completely left me. It took me a long time to recover. I wanted to sleep all day and could not get enough sleep. Although I was already well, but I still felt weak and sleepy. Thus, my body felt rest (although forced) decided to overtake the lost hours of sleep.

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Interesting facts

1) Remember this joke from childhood about color and black-and-white dreams? And really, try to remember if you saw this night a colored or black and white dream? For me it turned out to be an impossible task. No matter how I try to remember, I do not know what dreams I see. It's amazing how people manage to remember such details. I remember that I dreamed, but whether it was in bright colors or not, I do not know. But the fact remains, not all people see colored dreams. Approximately 10% of people dream of black and white pictures.

2) Have you thought about whether blind people see in dreams? Yes, they really see them. There are two categories of blind people: those who were born with such a problem, and those who lost sight due to certain circumstances. The second category of people dreams in pictures, and the first category of people "sees" in dreams only with the help of smells and sounds.

3) You will never dream of the person you did not see in life. It's impossible. No one can dream up a new image of a person. Even if you dream a stranger, it means that you have somewhere met with him in life. Maybe you saw a person for only a second and did not even pay attention to this person, but your subconscious clearly captured the picture.

4) We seldom manage to remember our dreams. As a rule, a person forgets 50% of his dreams within five minutes after he woke up. And in 10 minutes we do not remember dreams at all. Of course, there are exceptions. Especially for children, dreams can catch up with fear and the kids are scared and remember the nightmare for a very long time. There are pleasant dreams when you do not want to wake up, we can remember them throughout the day. There are prophetic dreams, or when the dead are dreaming, such episodes a person can remember for many years (

5) What you dream depends on many factors. For example, if you are asleep and want to drink, you can dream that you are drinking water and you still can’t get drunk. The same thing, if a person wants to go to the toilet, he has to dream the same action that can’t end. All is explained quite simply even during rest our brain continues actively send us signals that we need to do something urgently.

6) I'm sure that all of us know how people can snore while they’re sleeping. Naturally, this primarily indicates their health problems. But, fortunately or unfortunately, people when they snore cannot dream. A lot of energy is going to snore, so there is simply no time left for dreams. I'm joking, of course.

7) They say that it is difficult for a person to live without food, water and sleep. So, the information for the future, without food person can hold out longer than without sleep. Sleep is needed for the body rest. And even if the body is hungry, it still needs rest.

8) Some prisons are famous for their awful tortures. One of the most popular tortures for prisoners is a special sleep deprivation. People who are not allowed to sleep go through incredible torments.

9) We know that car accidents often happen. Often we hear or see the slogans like that: the driver does not get drunk if you ride a car. Interestingly there is the fact that most accidents on the roads are not because the driver was drunk but because he was tired and sleepy. Therefore, you still need to tell the driver not to get sleepy riding the car. But by the way, it's not funny. It's really a big problem. Often men spend many hours riding the car, and if no one is around to support the conversation, then it's very easy to fall asleep.

10) If you do not know what insomnia is, then you are truly a happy person. Various statistics have confirmed that women suffer from insomnia more than men.

11) I'll tell you a little about the sleep of animals. For example, a giraffe feels fine if it sleeps only two hours a day. But the koala can sleep 22 hours a day, however, like some people.

12) One man agreed to an interesting experiment or simply decided to set a wake-up record. He spent a long 18 days 21 hours and 40 minutes without sleeping. But this experiment significantly undermined his health. He had hallucination and real failures in memory. I do not know whether this is worth such a record.

13) And do you know that premature death can come to those people who sleep less than four hours a day or more than ten. So, my dear, jokes with sleep are really very bad (

14) People who have problems with sleeping are really very unhappy. So, doctors say the fact that anorexia (when you hardly eat anything) and bulimia (when people eat too much) cause serious problems with sleep. So eat normal servings and sleep well.

15) Dolphins and ducks sleep very sensitively. Perhaps their way of life requires such attentiveness. They do it very well, because during sleep they turn off only one hemisphere.

16) You can really meet people who sleep with their eyes open. Honestly I myself have never met such people. But they exist and such a dream is a sign of illness. But sometimes sleeping with open eyes can be a sign of severe fatigue. For example, a driver can sleep in such a way. The brain turns off so quickly that the eyes just do not have time to close. But this dream usually lasts from a few seconds to several minutes, then a slightly rested brain closes our eyes and relaxes the body - at this moment the driver again begins to feel the wheel in his hands, and the student with his head falls on the workbook.

17) Ideally, to fall asleep a person needs about ten minutes to fifteen. If you just put your head on the pillow and immediately fell asleep, this indicates that you are not getting enough sleep regularly. We know the perfect service to proofread your essay.

18) Sleep can be in two phases: fast and slow. Each phase has its own characteristics and features. For example, the slow phase of sleep restores all the forces. If you wake someone during the slow phase, the person will be very sleepy for a long time, it will be difficult for him to come to himself and understand what is happening. But dreams we have only during the fast phase of sleep. If you sleep and see in dreams, then the brain does not rest at all. My granny often said if you had a dream then you did not get enough sleep.

19) If you wake a person during the fast sleep phase, then he will remember more details than in the phase of slow sleep.

20) And the last fact will be about our perfect men. I do not know if this statement will be pleasant to girls, but guys are more likely to have different erotic dreams.

I hope from this essay you learned a lot of new and interesting. You can order essays on different topics, look through the services on our site.

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